I am watching since you called me over.

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A young girl who was in her early twenties walked confidently and elegantly towards the master bedroom of the villa. She had been at home when her boyfriend called her to bring him some clothes and that was what she was doing without even asking any questions. Not that she loved him or anything, moreover the marriage was arranged and she didn't have a say in what was going on. When she reached the hall, she glanced around and saw two glasses one of which had a red lipstick stain on it. She kept walking and soon, as she neared the master bedroom, she could hear moans and grunts but that didn't discourage her from opening the door and entering the bedroom where she found her 'boyfriend' on the bed naked with her younger sister underneath him also naked. It was clear what they were doing but she didn't seem affected. She agreed to bring the clothes here for one reason and that was what was on her mind. Though she could have easily done that without having to come here, she wanted to avoid suspicion which would lead to one of the things she hated most: unwanted attention. After standing there for a few minutes, she cleared her throat to alert the still busy couple of her presence. They stopped at looked at her. Her boyfriend was the one to react first. "I see you have come, hope you don't mind what you just witnessed, it was just a matter of time before you got to know about it anyway". He said arrogantly expecting to see her start crying anytime soon but that didn't happen. Instead she said nonchalantly and unhurriedly while leaning on the door frame with her arms crossed. Just this simple action of hers made her look saucy and cool " I don't mind at all, you guys can continue what you were doing I would just sit here and record this you know, so that the world would know how great you are in bed" "No need to do that, you can put the clothes on the sofa and leave, as you can see, we were in the middle of an unfinished business when you come." He knew that she was putting up a though front and that she would break down soon, or so he thought. " Put the clothes down? I don't think so, you called me over knowing perfectly that I was in the middle of class and now you want me to go? No, that's not how it works, I'm watching since you invited me over, I would be the guest while you two be my host(s). You know, it is the responsibility of the host to entertain the guest(s) so please hurry up, I have somewhere to go." This was the answer that she gave, one that left the couple speechless Kojo Danso was shocked he thought she would make a crying mess out of herself like most girls did when they found their partners cheating on them but no, as usual, she was acting as if she didn't care. " Sister, I'm so sorry, I just fell for brother Kojo, I don't know when it happened. l was planning to tell you, really, I was, I never expected you to find out like this." Abena Boateng, who had kept quiet till now spoke in a low voice. She lowered her voice deliberately so that it would sound as if she was really sorry but there was no sign of remorse in her eyes. Tears dropped down her cheeks as she spoke. Yaa Boateng knew what she was doing and couldn't help but feel disgusted and ashamed that this girl was her sister. She knew that this side of her's was what made men protective towards her. As if to prove her point, Kojo Danso immediately said "Abena, you don't have to apologise, it was I who fell in love with you and not vice versa. Which man in his right senses wouldn't want a beautiful and sweet girl like you, you don't have to cry because of her, she doesn't deserve it. Now please wipe your tears". But Abena Boateng wouldn't stop here, she again said in a shaky voice " B.... but brother Kojo, I don't want sister to be mad at me, I know she loves you and I betrayed her. Please let me apologise". "Abena, I don't have time for you and your shenanigans. I already have what I came here for. Good bye for now Second Young Master Danso. Adois, Miss Boateng." She said as she walked out of the room. Now that she had got the what she had come here for, all she now has to do is wait till next month then she would give the world the biggest surprise ever. * Meanwhile* In an office at the other side of town, a meeting was being held and it was obvious that the employer wasn't pleased with the results of his employees. There was a frown on his perfectly sculptured face but that didn't hide his handsomeness either. The place had turned so cold that one could technically see the icicles form on the wall but that wasn't the only thing that disturbed the employees, the fact that the whole place was so quiet that the only sound heard was that of the boss and his assistant's breath. Apart from them no one dared to breath for fear that if they did, the breath might accidentally trigger the thicking bomb aka their boss. After what seemed like two centuries of silence but was actually two minutes, the boss spoke up with a voice derived of any emotions to his assistant "Fire everyone here and replace them by the end of the week. I can't work with incompetent people". With that he got up and quickly the ex- employees to did. They bowed as he walked out of the room and didn't straighten themselves until they heard his private elevator door close. They couldn't help but breath a sign of relieve, even though they knew they had been fired. At least they could still get works from other companies even though they knew the was little to no chance of them being employed by any other company again especially when it was already on their resumes that they were sacked by the great Kwame Ankomah due to incompetence . Hi guys, this is your author Brother Ling. I am not really a Chinese but I love the name so I'm borrowing it. Hope you don't mind. I am thirteen and wold be fourteen next . This is my first book
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