Winter Break

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Friday, December 18th Harper's POV    I’m sitting in the pickup line at the girls' elementary school at the moment. It’s the last day of school before the winter break so it was only a half-day. They were going to be all kinds of crazy on sugar from their party today. Caleb had requested that I just keep them home so they wouldn’t have all that sugar. I told him that would be no fun and they needed to party while they could. His rebuttal was that they could party and make bad decisions in college.     I was listening to my music with the volume down low so I wouldn’t wake the boys up in the backseat. I took the day off of writing to spend time with the kids before they left for the holiday. It was the year that we had them for Thanksgiving but not for Christmas. We would still have the twins though. There was no getting rid of them but I wouldn’t want to. They were too adorable.      It wasn’t a long wait and the girls were climbing into my vehicle. They had their hands full of bags and goodies from class. They dropped their backpacks, coats and goodies to the floorboard of the Suburban. It had gotten warmer throughout the day so a coat wasn’t needed right now. It had started off a little colder than usual but the sun had changed that.     “Hey girls, how was the party?” I asked after they closed the door and got situated.     “It was great, mama,” Ava tells me with a bright smile.     Ava had started calling me mama a little after we all moved into the house. She made sure not to say it in front of Natalee, which I understood.     “We had so much fun and ate so much candy and sweets!” Olivia tells me happily as I start to pull away from their school.     “Yeah, we did!” Ava added.     “Keep that to yourselves or your father will throw a fit,” I tell them.     “We know. That’s why we did it,” Olivia says while giggling.     “Y’all are going to get me in trouble if he finds out,” I told them through my laughter.     They started to giggle even more as I drove towards the middle school through all the crazy traffic. We got to the school and waited in a long line to get the boys. The line moved quickly with everyone ready to start their holiday fun. In no time, I had the car full of kids and chatter. The twins didn’t seem to mind their siblings being loud and laughing as they played in their car seats with Ava in between them. I was happy that I had such happy kids.     We got back home in no time. Caleb had set up lights on the house and in the two of the trees out front for Reese to enjoy. I set up a tree in the living room and had decorations all around the house, including Christmas lights. Caleb told me it was overkill but I said it was festive.      The kids ran into the house and greeted Daisy as they went up to their rooms to put their things away. Daisy chased them up the stairs as usual. I carried the twins inside in their car seats. I got them out of the seats and went to the living room with them both. I had two playmats set up and placed the twins under them. I had placed them under the Christmas tree one night to look up at the lights and ornaments. Everyone got great enjoyment out of that since they were so happy to play there.     I knew that it wouldn’t be long and I would need to feed them. Breastfeeding one baby was fine but breastfeeding two of them was hard. I was glad I would only be doing this for possibly two more months before switching them completely over to formula. I think Caleb was looking forward to me ending breastfeeding so he could play with my boobs again.     I sat there and interacted with the twins for a while before the other kids came downstairs as Daisy followed them with a wagging tail before she headed outside. Everyone piled on a couch with their phones in their hands.     “Is everyone excited for the winter break and Christmas?” I asked.     “Yes,” everyone answered.     “The only thing that’s going to suck is that we won't be here with you and daddy,” Ava says.     “Yeah. We are pretty bummed about that too,” I told her.     I kept talking with all of the kids when Daisy came back inside the house through the doggy door and happily joined us in the living room. She laid on the floor next to the twins and licked the tops of their heads. She loved all her babies.     Soon after Daisy settled down on the rug the twins started to fuss that they were hungry. Archer and Reese went back upstairs to play with Legos while I fed the twins. The girls stayed close by to help me. They were great little helpers and I never pushed them to help, they just wanted to do it.     I sat on the couch with my breastfeeding pillow and held the boys in a football hold so they could eat at the same time from each breast. They were getting too heavy for this and I was now contemplating just switching them to formula sooner. It would be easier on me.     Once they were done eating, Ava took Torin and started patting his back to burp him. Olivia did the same with Kieran so I could cover back up. Soon the boys were full and ready for naps. All of us went upstairs to change the boy’s diapers and get them in their cribs. They were currently sharing a room. We have just moved them up here since they finally started to sleep all night. I was so relieved.     We got Torin and Kieran in their cribs and the rest of us went downstairs to watch some TV until the nanny, Shirley, got to the house to pick them all up for the night. She and her husband love the kids and treat them as extended family. We were all lucky to have found her.     At about three o'clock, Torin and Kieran woke up from their nap. I went up to get them while the others played in the living room. Shirley arrived soon after that to get the kids so Caleb and I could go to the Christmas Ball tonight.     “Hello everyone!” she said as she walked into the house.     “Shirley!” All the kids screamed as they ran up to hug her.     Who would have known that I would hire someone that they would all love so much?  Once they were done and ran off to get their things, I wrapped her in a hug of my own. She was a few inches shorter than me and much thicker. She had a sweet and gentle face with long gray hair that she kept in a bun. She had dark brown eyes that I felt saw the world and all the wisdom in it.     “Why haven’t you started getting ready for tonight?” She asked me.     “I will start here soon. I wanted to get ready with Caleb and not be waiting on him.”     The kids were running down the stairs with their bags ready to go to Shirley’s for the night. Caleb and I were going to a Border Patrol Christmas Ball that Caleb kept grumbling about. He didn’t want to go but we were expected to be there. I thought he was being a big baby and figured I would give him a good reason to go. I had picked out a sexy dress for tonight and had kept it hidden from him as a surprise.      “Looks like almost everyone is ready to go,” Shirley says.     “I’ll go get the twin’s bag ready,” I said.     I went upstairs and grabbed the bag I had packed for Torin and Kieran earlier today. I headed back down to see everyone ready to leave including the boys in their car seats. I got the breast milk bags out from the fridge so they could eat later. Moments after I came from the kitchen, Caleb walked into the house.     “Daddy!” the girls screamed as usual.    He wrapped them up in a hug and kissed the tops of their heads. Daisy was close by beating the wall with her tail as she waited to get attention from Caleb. When the girls came back to grab their things and head out the door to load up in the car, Caleb gave Daisy a few scratches behind her ears. Archer and Reese said hi and bye to Caleb with some high-fives and walked out to my Suburban.        Caleb walked into the living room with a smile and greeted us. He kissed my lips to say hello before grabbing both of the car seats. He helped load the boys in the car and kissed them until they laughed. If he could love them any more than he did I think it would hurt.     We told everyone goodbye as Shirley took my car with all the kids for the night and left her car at our house. I had a feeling she and her husband were about to spoil those kids rotten.     Caleb took my hand and led me back into the house. He stops in the kitchen and starts rummaging through the fridge.     “I’m going to eat something really quick,” he tells me as he takes his belt off and lays it on the counter.     His belt has his gun, a taser and handcuffs on it. I like to call it his utility belt and he gets irritated at me for it. I think it’s funny.     “Ok. I’ll go shower and shave really quick.”     “Do we really have to go to this thing?” he whined.     “Yes. Besides, it might be nice to see me dressed up for once,” I tell him as I walk away.     I quickly shower and shave my legs, folds and armpits. Once I’m done I step out of the shower and dry off. I pull my lingerie on and a robe over that to hide it from Caleb. I blow-dry my long brown hair and brush it out. I start to put on some light makeup when Caleb comes walking into the bathroom. As he started to pass me I felt his hand brush across my butt and give it a light squeeze.     I stop what I’m doing and look at him with a wicked smile. He was watching me and stopped walking. He turned and pressed his body against me. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned into him.     “All I’m saying is, I would rather spend the night here with you without all the kids, little one,” he says softly.     “All we really need to do is go and make an appearance then we can do what we want.”     “I like that.”      “Then take a shower and get ready.”    “Fine,” he rumbled.     He let go of me and moved over to the shower. He turned it on and started shedding his uniform. I hadn’t gone back to putting my makeup on yet. Instead, I stood there and watched him through the mirror. He caught me watching and smirked at me.     Once he was in the shower, I went back to putting on my makeup. I finished quickly and started on my hair. I know Caleb loves my hair down but for a function like this, I was going to put it up.     I heard the shower turn off and Caleb got out to dry off. I was too focused on working with my hair to stare at him this time. I was busy making a loose bun at the back of my head with small strands that would hang out and frame my face.     “What the f**k are you doing?” he asked rushing up to me with his towel wrapped around his waist.     “Putting my hair up,” I answered while still working with my hair.     “No, leave it down,” he whined while grabbing my hands.     “Babe, really?” I chastised him.    “Yes. Just lightly curl it or something and leave it down,” he says, still holding my hands.     I sigh out and say, “ok.”    “Thank you.”     “You’re welcome.”    He let go of my hands with a smile on his face. I turn and grab his towel and rip it off him. I smile up at him and he looks at me with a warning grin.     “I would behave if I were you,” he says.     “It's Friday, ” I reminded him.     “s**t. I should have never agreed to give you a day where you could be a brat and do what you want to me.”     I giggle and say, “I’m not that big of a brat.”    He hums and walks into the closet in our bathroom. I hear him open drawers and grab his dress uniform. He walks back into the bathroom in his boxers. I have to admire how sexy my husband is all the time.     He ignores me as he starts to pull on his dress uniform. I take my hair down and take out my curling iron. I lightly curl my hair in no time while he is still getting his dress uniform on. I leave the bathroom in my robe and hear him call after me.     “Little one, aren’t you going to put your dress on?”     “Yeah. That’s where I’m going.”    I headed down the hall into my home office and opened the closet door to find my dress for tonight hanging there. I dropped my robe to the floor and grabbed my dress. I pulled it on and zipped it up on the side.     My dress was red for the season and floor-length since it was a formal function. The bodice was made with lace over the top of the fabric that made up the whole dress. The straps were off the shoulder and were more for aesthetics than to function as straps. There was a slit in the dress that ended in the middle of my right thigh. You could see all the tattoos on my arms and when I walked you could see the ivy on my right leg.     I pulled my heels on and closed the closet door. I left my office, closed the door and walked down the hall. I heard Caleb moving around in the kitchen and you could hear my heels on the hardwood floor of our house. I entered the kitchen to find Caleb feeding Daisy her dinner. He stopped and stared at me with his mouth hanging open and raised eyebrows. I smiled at his reaction and looked him over quickly.     His dress uniform was all dark green with patches and a yellow cord on his left shoulder. He didn’t have his campaign hat on currently. It was on the countertop but I'm sure he would look damn good with it on.     “Do you like it?” I asked.     “No. I love it. I’m about to enjoy showing you off to all those idiots at work.”     I giggled at him and grabbed a black clutch to put my phone and other things in. Caleb came up behind me and ran his hand over my back before wrapping his arm around me bringing me close. I looked up at him with a smile and turned in his arms to wrap my arms around his neck.     “Little one, you look beautiful in this. I can’t wait to take it off you though.”    I laughed and said, “I have plans for you before we get to that but I’m sure this dress will look great on the floor.”    He chuckled at me before kissing my lips. Those lips always made me weak. I could stand right here and never stop kissing them. Unfortunately, we needed to get to the Christmas Ball so I pulled away from the kiss we were sharing.     He seemed to be just as addicted to me as I was to him. Caleb put his hand at the back of my head and pulled me back into the kiss, holding me as close as I could possibly be.     Our lips moved with one another in perfect sync. I opened up my lips to let him taste me and I got to taste him. I realized that he had been eating pineapple from the fridge with the way he tasted and I knew why. What a bad boy.      When he was satisfied with our kiss he eased up and started backing out of it. I was now drunk from our kiss and breathing heavily. I could tell that he was also. Our lips parted but he kept me in his arms looking down at me with his honey drop eyes. His lips looked swollen from us kissing and I’m sure mine were too.     “Let’s go get this over with so we can get back and get naked.”     I laughed at him and said, “ok.”
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