Christmas Ball

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Warning: s****l Content Harper’s POV     We left the house in Caleb’s truck and arrived at the Christmas Ball at the event center within minutes. We got out of the truck and Caleb put his hat on finally. With that hat added to his uniform, I ended up stopping and admiring him for a moment. He grinned and walked up to me and got really close to my ear.     “Do you like it?” He whispered.     “Nah. You just look sexy as hell,” I tell him seductively.     He chuckled at me and took my free hand in his. We walked into the event center to find Christmas decorations everywhere and nothing but adults drinking beer and wine. There was Christmas music playing in the ballroom with tables set up for dinner.      Caleb leans in and asks, “I wonder where Santa is?”    “Why? Are you finally going to sit on his lap?”     “No. I’m going to have you sit on his lap.”    “No, thank you. I would rather sit on yours,” I said, looking at him mischievously.     “Little one, you're skating on thin ice,” he warned me.     “Nope. It’s Friday,” I said.     “Damn it,” he groaned.     I giggled as we walked over to the bar area. Caleb got a beer and I got some punch. We walked around saying ‘hi’ to some people we knew until we found Peter and Hannah. The four of us got a table and sat down to talk and have some fun.     “So how is everything?” I asked Hannah.     “Good. We have been busy with the boys and work. How are y’all?” Hannah asks.     “Same. Between work and the kids, I barely have time to breathe," I told her.      “But you handle everything like a boss, little one,” Caleb cuts in.     “Thank you," I told him with a smile.     Caleb smiles at me while taking a drink of his beer. I don't know if he realizes just how much that meant to me. I felt like I was falling short with the kids a lot of the time, yet still was overwhelmed.     “Still not drinking any beer?” Hannah asks.     “Yeah. I’m still breastfeeding but those two are getting so heavy I’m thinking of pushing them to formula sooner.”    “I wouldn’t complain about that!” Caleb says happily.     “I know you wouldn’t,” I said looking at him with a smile and squinted eyes.     Hannah laughs before asking, “are you working on anything new?”     “I’m working on two new things,” I say with a smile.     “One of them is a horror romance book that I advise a ten out of ten don’t read,” Caleb cuts in.     I gasp and look at him with frowned eyebrows, an open mouth and my hand over my chest. I could hear Petter and Hannah both laugh at us.     “How dare you, sir. I ten out of ten do not recommend anything you suggest.”    “The s**t you don’t," he retorted.     I grumbled at him letting him have this one. He chuckled at me before taking my hand in his and kissing the back of it. I looked at him with squinted eyes, trying not to smile. He kissed my hand once more and I ended up smiling. I could never stay icy because he was always a blazing hot fire.     It wasn’t long and everyone was finding their seats and our meal was served. We were having herb-roasted chicken, green beans and honey roasted potatoes. The food tasted amazing. Our table talked non-stop while we ate dinner.     When we were done, service collected all the plates. Caleb got another beer and brought me some more punch. Music started up again and I noticed a dance floor that some couples were walking towards and dancing.     After a few songs, Caleb finished his beer and leaned in to talk in my ear, “let’s go dance so I can show off how sexy my wife is.”    I smile and nod my head. We got up from our seats and Caleb took my hand in his. He led me to the dance floor and pulled me close. One of his hands on the small of my back kept me close while the other hand held one of mine. My other hand was upon his strong shoulder playing with his dress uniform. We danced in time with the music, paying attention to just one another.     In a low voice, I said, “I wish we were at home so I could do some terrible things to you.”    His eyebrows practically hit his hairline as he looked down at me with a smile on his lips.     “Mrs. Harrison, I think you need to calm down before you get yourself into something you can’t handle.”     “Oh, you know I can handle it,” I said with a smile.     “Do you want to leave right now?”    “Nah. Not yet,” I said and I saw his irritated expression.     I was slowly driving him crazy and I loved it. Once the song was over we sat back down at our table. We talked with everyone for twenty more minutes or so, before I was ready to leave. We said goodbye and headed to the parking lot. We climbed in the truck and Caleb started it up. He didn’t drive off towards the house but sat there staring at me.     I looked over at him and smiled before asking, “yes?”    “You are being extra bratty tonight. Give me your hand,” he said, holding his hand out to me.     I put my hand in his and he brought it to his lap, placing it right on top of his member that seemed to be thickening already. I smiled at what I was doing to my man and rubbed my hand up and down his member. I looked up at his face to see his eyes holding a passionate need.     “If you ever doubt what you do to me, little one, remember this right now.”    “I don’t doubt it or our connection. I’ve just been hormonal and a little off,” I said irritated with myself.     “I know and you know that you're all I want and need in life.”    I nodded my head and said, “let’s go home.”    I took my hand from his lap and looked out the window as he drove us home. We haven’t had s*x since before the twins were born so this was an opportunity to finally reconnect. I had them sleeping in our room to keep them close for feeding until they were sleeping through the night. Part of me thought that was a huge mistake but it was just easier on me.     They have been upstairs in their new room for a few days now and we have been so tired that s*x was the last thing on our minds. Not tonight. Tonight was going to be different.     We got home and we got out of the truck. I took Caleb’s hand in mine as we walked towards the front door. As soon as we were in the house he pinned me against the wall, pressing his body against mine to keep me in place.     He captured my lips with his in a hot and wild kiss of need. Our tongues danced together in each other’s mouths. I moaned at the feeling of him being right there and wanting me so badly. He ripped his mouth away from mine. I snapped open my eyes to see him staring at me, so much fire in his gaze. I hope I can tame it with tonight’s passion.     “Since it’s Friday, what would you like to do to me, little one?” He asked in a heavy voice.     “I need you at the kitchen table in your chair,” I said, breathing heavily.     He raised an eyebrow at me before he started to back off. He took my hand and we went to the dining room. He released my hand, took his chair out from under the table and then sat down while watching me.     I slowly unbuttoned his dress uniform jacket and placed it on the tabletop. He placed his hands on his thighs while I undid his tie. I placed his tie on the edge of the table and started to unbutton his shirt., kissing his lips as I made my way down the buttons.     Once it was open, I started to slip it off knowing the cuffs were still buttoned. When I got down to them and stopped he looked up at me confused.     “You’re going to leave it like that?” he asked.     “Nope. I’m going to tie your hands up with it,” I answered.     He said nothing more as I loosely tied his hands behind the chair’s back. He relaxed in his seat with his legs open while I did what I wanted. I picked his tie back up and undid it before moving to tie it around his head to blindfold him. As I tied it I felt him shift in his seat. Was I making him uncomfortable? I moved to stand in front of him to assess him while he’s not able to see.     “Are you uncomfortable?” I asked.     “No. I’m massively turned on and would love to know what you're about to do to me,” he said with a grin on his face.     I smiled and looked at his crotch to see his member fully erect and screaming to be set free. That’s why he was shifting in his seat.     “You’ll feel what I’m about to do to you,” I answered him.    He hummed at my answer. I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. He was shifting his head around to listen to what I was doing. I left my heels on and walked up to him. I placed both of my hands on the middle of both of his thighs before taking his lips in a seductive kiss. As I kissed his lips, I moved my hands up his thighs to undo his pants and set his member free.     I broke our kiss to watch his member spring out for me. I took it in my hand and started to stroke it. Caleb took in a deep yet shaky breath of air. I dropped to my knees and took the head of his member in my mouth, sucking on just it while I worked my hand up and down the rest of him. I feel him shake under me as he lets his head fall back on the chair. I look up to see his adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows his saliva and gasps for air.     I soon push my hand down to the base of his member and start to bob my head up and down while sucking on him. He starts to wiggle in his seat which throws me off and I pull my mouth from him. I keep lightly stroking him with my hand and look up at his face.     “I’m going to end up cumming if you keep that up, little one,” he struggles out.     “We can’t have that too soon now can we?” I rasped thickly.     I stood up and let go of his member. I put his legs together and straddled him, pushing my red panties off to the side and bringing his member’s tip to my ready folds. One arm was around his shoulders as I sank down slowly on him. I moaned out as he groaned at the feeling of me surrounding him.     I got my footing and wrapped my arms around his neck as I started to slowly glide up and down on his member. My light moans of pleasure filled the dining room as I worked us towards completion.     “You feel no different than before,” Caleb muttered in my ear.     I started to work harder trying to find an orgasm. He was struggling to hold back his own climax underneath me. I could feel him trying to work his blindfold off his eyes against my shoulder and arm.     “I want to watch you shatter,” he groaned.     I tore the blindfold off his eyes and dropped it to the floor, all while keeping my pace. He blinked a few times to adjust to the light then settled his gaze on me.     “God you’re beautiful,” he breathed out.     All while he is giving me words of encouragement, I’m finding it hard not to orgasm. It hits and I cry out in his lap while holding his gaze. His honey-drop eyes find satisfaction in watching me break.     I’m still moving up and down on him when suddenly I watch as his hands come from behind his back and wrap around me. I stop and look at him in shock knowing I’m about to lose control of the situation. He smirks at me before standing up with me wrapped around him. He lays me down on the table before undoing the cuffs of his shirt and shedding it.     His hands find my hips and he starts to thrust into me. I’m trying to hold onto the table as I start to moan. It’s not long and he’s thrusting into me at half power while I’m laid out on the table in my skimpy lingerie.     “Is that all you got?” I breathed out.     He looked at me as he didn’t change his pace and I smiled wickedly at him. He narrowed his eyes at me and started pounding into me harder. I tried to keep from crying out in pleasure as he’s slamming into me. He seemed determined to show me why not to egg him on. I knew what it would get me and I wanted it. We haven’t had this in so long and it was now time to have it.     He kept up his pace while holding back his release to try and give me another orgasm. I wanted to egg him once more so I would get what I wanted.     “Are you done yet?” I moaned out.     This earned me a new level of pounding as he held onto my hips and underwear. He was now giving me everything that he had and I wasn’t holding back my moans any longer. With the powerful thrusts, my orgasm climbed and wreaked havoc on me, leaving me gasping, screaming and shaking in pleasure on the table. I felt my boobs spray milk inside of my bra as I climaxed. Caleb gave me one last thrust and he cried out with his own orgasm.     Both of us were now covered in sweat and I was still shaking from our encounter. Our breathing was labored and we were both exhausted.    “Are you ok?” Caleb asked me while he panted.     I nodded and croaked out, “yes.”    I had screamed so loud that it now hurt to use my voice. I wonder if I will be able to talk tomorrow.     “Why are you crying then?” he asked.     I wiped at my face, “I didn’t even know I was.”    “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked again.    “No, babe. You didn’t.”     “Then tell me why you're crying?” he pressed as he wiped my face.     “I just orgasmed that hard I guess.”     “Was it that good for you?” he questioned.     “Yes. Wasn’t it good for you?”    “Of course it was. It was beyond amazing. Where the hell did you come up with that?”    "I saw it on pornhub years ago and have always wanted to do that to someone," I answered.      "I'm happy it was me you used it on," he told me with a smile.     We both had our breath back by now as he stood there in the dining room with his member still inside me. He leaned down and kissed my lips gently.     “Let’s go shower again before we call it a night, little one.”    I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He carried me through the house and into the bathroom. He started the shower. I clung to him as he kicked his dress shoes off. We were able to shed all our clothes except for our underwear before stepping into the shower. Once we were in the shower he pulled me off him and placed me on the tile floor. I took my underwear off and tossed them to the bathroom floor. Caleb did the same with his boxers.     He cleaned me off and I cleaned him. He kissed my skin while I kissed his. We stood in the shower holding one another for a few minutes enjoying one another like we used to. We didn't get a lot of time to shower together anymore.     I stood there and thought about how I had gotten upset with him and accused him of cheating on me with some lady at the office. If he had, why would he still love me the way he does? f*****g hormones. His voice breaks my thoughts as we stand in the shower.     “We need to have a date night at least once a month where we get take out and go to a hotel room.”     “That’s a great idea. s*x before dinner?” I asked.     “Dessert is always better before you eat dinner,” he says with a grin.     I kissed his lips before we turned the shower off and stepped out to dry off. I put on panties and a breastfeeding bra just in case I leaked milk while we slept. Caleb grabbed some boxers and pulled them on. We walked into our room and climbed into bed. I heard Daisy walk into our room and lay down in her bed. She had beds all over the house so she could sleep comfortably wherever she wanted. Since we were the only ones in the house tonight she chose to sleep with us.     “Are you really thinking of switching Torin and Kieran to formula soon?” Caleb asked while bringing me up close to his chest.     I was facing him in bed and placed my hand on his chest before looking up at his face. My head was on my pillow while he was on his.     “Yeah. It’s getting difficult to feed them. Plus, I know it would be nice to get back to some kind of normal,” I said.     “I support you with what you want to do. If it would be easier and make you happier then do it. I’ve noticed how it irritates you to wear a bra constantly. Also, it would be nice to play with those amazing t**s again.”    I laugh at him and say, “it is very inconvenient and uncomfortable. I would really like to feel sexy again," I huffed out.     “Little one, you are sexy. Always.”    “Thank you.”    “I mean that.”    “I know you do. I love you.”    "I love you too," he said.     I kissed his lips tenderly before we settled into the bed just as we were. Sleep consumed me quickly with the peace and happiness I had found momentarily.
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