Part 2

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Leah stared at the article in front of her; her mouth parted open. Just then her eyes fell on the date. It was two days old paper. How did she miss it? She huffed, trying not to let out a groan. Nothing was working out in her favour. "This is like two days old." Rubbing her face, she stared at her friend, "How am I going to find a decent job at this rate?" She slammed the paper on the coffee table. Her friend flinched taking the newspaper away from her reach. Kat eyed her for a second before she set the coffee cup down, "You know what I think there might be an opening in a place I work..." "Really?" "Hmm, I'm sure you'll fit right in." "Okay! Maybe I can finally see those huge elevators you geek about so much." Leah teased, wriggling her eyebrows in her friend's direction. Kat rolled her eyes, "Don't get too excited now. Let me just check if the interviews are still going The omega held her breath as her friend unlocked the phone, scrolling at such an inhuman speed that Leah's eyes hurt from following that motion. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, praying that she would get a chance to interview. "Yes, here!" Kat exclaimed, zooming on the screen. Leah leaned towards her, narrowing her eyes at the screen to get a good look at the picture. "What am I applying for?" The omega asked, confused because she couldn't see the screen clearly. Her friend was taking more than half of the screen. "It is an opening for a personal assistant position for my bosses. They are tough to please" Kat huffed something under her breath while adjusting her black-rimmed glasses neatly. "What documents do I need for the interview? Leah questioned, her hands sliding towards the plate to pick the cookie. She let out a low moan as the sweet choco chips hit her tongue. "You need a passport, a resume and a copy of your certificates along with it. And oh... you have to be dressed formally." Kat read out all the instructions, eyes focused on the screen. "Kat..." She nudged her friend, who was still staring at the screen. Was she okay? "Leah, I'm telling you this is a great opportunity! I mean you don't know our bosses, that's why you are not freaking out. They are insanely gorgeous and so powerful like I would do anything to have them in my bed..." Kat dreamily sighed, holding the mobile tighter in her hand. Leah scrunched her nose at that. "Is it appropriate to talk like this about your bosses? Didn't they make you go over s****l harassment clauses in the office?" Leah asked, an amused smile on her face to which Kat flicked her arm. The omega winced because she's delicate like that or maybe because Kat's slaps are brutal. She decides to go with the second one. "Very funny. Anyways I would have applied for this job, but it would be such demotion." She groaned, rubbing her face. "That's what you think is wrong about applying? Wow" "Okay, smarty pants quit it. I don't want to hear anymore." Kat glared at her and stood up, taking the coffee mug along with her. "I was just wondering out loud" Leah weakly argued. "Don't. Anyways I'll fill out your application form today, and you can come to the interview tomorrow. Yeah?" Leah panicked, but Kat couldn't see that as her friends back was turned towards her. "Tomorrow is too soon" Leah fumbled while gripping her mug tight. She wanted to work, but tomorrow was so close, and that didn't sit right with her. "Yeah well tomorrow is the last day of the interview so..." Kat said, turning towards her. "But what about dress code? I don't own any professional clothing. I cant show up in Prada for the interview!"  Leah exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air. The only skirt she owned was that black mini skirt which reached till her thighs. Kat giggles, "Yeah, imagine if you do that!" "That's not very helpful." "Fine. You can wear mine. They will be a bit loose, but no one will notice that" Leah twisted her lips at that. Would it be that bad to wear her high waisted tops and jeans? "Don't worry; it'll be alright. Just prepare your resume and print it out by evening." Kat patted her shoulder after giving her a quick hug. She picked her keys from the stand and turned towards Leah. "I left some change on the fridge for printing and there twenty bills on my desk in case you want to order something." Leah nodded her head, a small smile on her face. "Okay, I'll see you in the evening then. Bye," Kat waved and walked out of the room. Leah sighed as soon as the door was shut. She had a resume to make. *** Technically, Leah was in a dress code, but it made her look ridiculous. Kat was curvy, and Leah was on two sizes smaller than her so naturally, she was swimming in clothes. It was so last minute that she did not have any options left. The omega chewed on her lips, staring at the reflection of herself. Kats white blouse had long sleeves which dangled off her arms and made her feel like an old tee. The long formal black pants were sliding off her legs, but fortunately the belt was doing an excellent job holding her outfit together. Kat already left for work because she needed to do some critical work, so it was only Leah. Leah took another look at the mirror, trying to push the loose strands of her hair. Her face was a bit radiant, maybe because she used papaya extracts while taking a bath and that extra scrubbing in the shower did wonders. After locking the main door, she called for a cab. *** As soon as she got out of the cab, Leah let out a sigh. It was a long ride. She stood at the gates, admiring the view from far. Her eyes fell on the sign on the top, a little furrow in between her brows. The letters RT were bold and in cursive, staring down at her. For a second she thought like she had seen it somewhere before. Or heard about it. Shaking her head, she trudged towards the security. She did not have time to stand there and wonder about it. After completing the procedures required, she got handed the card, which took her to the main floor. The receptionist greeted her and asked to wait with others in the waiting room. Leah followed the direction. Leah's mouth parted open as she noticed the crowded area. Did everyone come to interview for the same job? She gulped, staring at their well-groomed faces. Every omega were dressed as if it was their mating night. Prim and proper. One of them from the crowd was reading out something; her words were so sophisticated and posh that it made Leah doubt herself. She was an amateur compared to her. Walking ahead, she plopped on the empty chair beside some dark-haired beta. As soon as she crossed her legs together, they all stared at her, narrowing their eyes and scrutinising her like she was a piece of meat. Leah tried to ignore them, focusing on staring at the flowers on the table. "Look at that dreadful blouse!" A snicker made Leah sit up. She tugged on the sleeves. "It's more like a tee shirt." "Is she aware that it's an interview?" Another one of them sharply whispered while the other two giggled. What was so funny? Leah thought while adjusting her baggy clothes. It went on for a while, and she was unable to handle their whispers any longer. Standing up abruptly, she stepped away from the waiting room. They were so ruthless and didn't even care about hurting her feelings. What did she expect? They looked like vultures, tearing down each other for the job. Leah furiously strode towards the elevator, deciding that she had enough of them. As she leaned forward to press the button, uncaring that it was a private one, it dinged. The sound was loud enough for her to jump and stumble back, holding the wall by her side. Leah winced as her leg jerked back at the sudden action.  The omega felt wobbly and plaint at the sharp pain in her leg to the extent that she lost her footing. Leah fell forward, but instead of hitting the ground, she slumped against something hard. It took her a few seconds to realise that it was not a wall but a person. The strong musk scent hitting her nose made her eyes roll back. "Mate" A whimper slipped out of her mouth as she froze in her place. Her wolf was going wild knowing entirely that the person in front was her mate. Leah swallowed harshly as the reality settled in. She found her mate. An Alpha Mate. Leah tilted her head only to look at her mate, standing mere inches away from her. As soon as her dark brown eyes met his blue eyes, azure blue to be exact, she felt her breath hitch in her throat. Was he for real? She thought, unable to take her eyes off him. ***
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