Part 3.

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Leah has heard about Greek Gods and their beauty many times, but she never she would witness one in person. Adonis was the prettiest of all. The omega had no idea how he looked, but the person in front of her could easily pass as Adonis. With his cerulean blue eyes, sharp-pointed roman nose he was breathtaking. He had the most perfect jawline, one that could cut diamonds and the most angular face she had ever seen. She was so lost in his beauty that she didn’t hear him clear his throat. The Alpha narrowed his eyes at her, his nose flared. "Can't you watch where you are going? i***t" He barked, taking a step back with his face scrunched, almost disgusted to be standing in front of her. The way he moved away so quickly stung her. What did she do? It was not her fault that he came out of nowhere. "It was an accident." She weakly defended herself, staring at his tie instead of meeting his eyes. He had an expensive taste. It was clear from the designer print. "Did I f*****g ask?" He snapped at her, his jaw tight. The omega flinched at his tone, suddenly aware of the people passing by and giving them weird looks. Surely she knew how that looked. An omega scolded by an Alpha. Why was the Alpha behaving in that manner anyway? It was just an accident! Did someone piss in his breakfast? The thought made her bite back a giggle. Only if he knew the thing, she was thinking. "I'm sorry" She mumbled quietly, raising her head to look at him finally. The Alphas eyes widened a bit as their eyes met, and he stilled. Did he realise that she’s his mate? The thought caused her to hold her breath. She waited for a while. Nothing happened. He did not acknowledge their bond at all. Instead, the Alpha composed his face, his eyes cold and distant. It made her omega whimper. "You sorry means nothing to me” The guy hissed, brushed a hand across the lapels of his blazer and straightened them before buttoning his coat. When she didn’t move out of his way, he pinned her with a look, impatience written all over his face. Leah felt her face burn with embarrassment? Why was she so awestruck by him? Was it because of their bond? "I..." She stuttered, her heart racing in her chest as she was trying to apologise to him. He rudely interrupted by placing his hand in front of her and gesturing her to be quiet. Leah tilted her head, furrowing her brows in confusion. "Save it, rogue." He spat with a glare directed at her before storming off in another direction. Leah opened and closed her mouth like a fish, staring at his retreating back. How dare he insult her like that? Who did he think he is? Angry tears clouded her vision, and she swallowed her tears. How can anyone be so hateful and upset over something so silly? Rogue was someone who didn’t have a pack, and he used that as an insult. It was true that she’s a rogue but only because her pack abandoned her. They did not give her a choice. Just thinking about it made shudder. Her own Alpha made her remember about the tragic past. But she wasn’t going to cry. If anything she was going to make him regret insulting her. There was no way she was letting an Alpha walk over her. Determined, the omega took a deep breath and walked back to the room. She had every right to interview for that job, just like those other omegas. That will show him what she is capable of. As she walked back, the whispers started again, but this time she didn't care. Her eyes fell on a magazine on the table, so she picked it up and started reading. The most exciting thing was it talked about omegas health. Something most of them shy away from. Mainly because the Alphas can’t accept the fact that someone else can be their equal. "Leah Matthews" A voice called, breaking her trance. Leah tilted her head and noticed a blonde woman, a beta standing in the corner of the room. Her dress was posh and screaming that she belonged here. It made Leah's cheeks warm. Maybe she should have thought twice before agreeing to wear her best friends clothes. The omega quickly closed the magazine, trying to hurry up towards the door. "Next is Leah Matthews. Is she here?" The same voice called out again. "Yes, yes, I’m here” Leah stumbled, trying to make her way towards the door hastily. The other omegas suppressed their giggles at her clumsiness. She followed the blonde woman inside the corridor, her nerves all over the place. Suddenly she was aware that it was her interview and she would be sitting in front of random people. "Hi, I am Caroline Grey. I will be taking you to the interview room in a minute.” The beta smiled warmly. “Okay,” Leah breathed, rubbing her clammy hands against the fabric of her skirt. “I work as the Secretary here and this here,” She pointed towards the distant glass door, “It's my cabin.” "Oh," That's all Leah could say. She hated making small talk. “Right. Follow me" Caroline motioned as soon as they noticed another candidate walk right out of there. Leah and Caroline exchanged a look, a sigh escaping their lips. The omega followed Caroline towards the large glass door, her throat dry all of a sudden. You got this! She assured herself, walking further. "This is where I leave you. Good luck." Caroline mumbled, giving her a weak smile and walked out. The sound of heels clinking away made her breath hitch. This was it! Taking a deep breath, she pushed at the door and entered the room. *** As soon as she stepped inside the room, she was hit by the same smell, the strong vanilla and musk scent. Her eyes rolled back. Was her mate inside the room? She wondered, her heart thumping like crazy. She blinked her eyes to get rid of the hazy fog in front of her eyes. When the chair fully came into her view, her eyes widened. It was the same Alpha as before. The Alpha had his head bent down, oblivious to the surrounding, but the moment she stepped in he snapped his head at her. A growl tore his throat as he stood up, the chair banging against the wall at the impact. His canines were sharp, digging into the corner of his mouth. "Mate" The Alpha rumbled, the sound echoing around the walls. Leah couldn't help but notice that his blue eyes turned darker borderline violet. A shiver ran through her spine. Did he finally recognise her? The omega couldn’t contain her excitement and met his eyes. Just then, her eyes fell on his blazer, and she frowned. Wasn't he wearing a black colour blazer? She vaguely remembered it. Why did he suddenly change his clothes? She shook her head. It must be the lighting. "My mate." He slurred. His chest was rose and fell rapidly as if he was restraining himself from turning into his wolf form. And she knew that it must be excruciating and challenging. Alphas have a hard time not leaning into the demands of their wolves. "Mine" He chanted, curling his fingers. The omega deliciously purred at the way his lips rolled out those words. Before she could take a step in his direction, she heard some shuffling from outside, loud footsteps echoing towards the room. "E you have to see-" The voice made her still. She heard it before, just minutes ago. Leah raised her head and turned around to look at the intruder. A gasp slipped out of her lips as she stared at the Alpha standing at the edge of the door. It was not possible! Her eyes immediately went towards his blazer, and she noticed that he was wearing the same tie and black blazer. She blinked her eyes rapidly. The Alpha standing in the door had a frown etched on his face, his arms crossed together. He was impatiently tapping his feet against the floor. They were two of them. Two Alphas. Of all the omegas, why did she have to end up with twins? This was not going to end well—two identical Alpha mates. "You are two Alphas," She dumbly mumbled, her eyes wide. Someone snorted loudly. The omega didn’t have to look at the person to know which one of them made the sound. It was that black blazer impatient Alpha who couldn’t even recognise her. The omega was rooted in her spot, staring at E in front of her. He had a pained look on his face, his sharp claws piercing his skin. Leah was hesitant about it, but she took a sharp breath and stepped closer him, wrapping her frail arms around him. ***
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