Chapter 2: Second chance

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Anna POV Yes, I was supposed to be dead and buried underneath the sea but that did not happen. I guess my parents were ready to welcome me on the other side and sent a guardian angel to come to aid me. I don't how it happened but I woke up in an unfamiliar place hooked up to machines. To say I was bummed was an understatement because I was expecting to wake up in heaven beside my parents. I felt pain all over my body and my head was throbbing. I was disoriented and the worst part I did not know where I was or who had me. Soon all my questions were answered when my white knight came into the room. Through my slightly blurry vision, I saw an adonis in front of me. What caught my eye were his striking grey eyes. His face was a masterpiece and surely a panty-dropper and his wild curly black hair made my hand itch with the need to run through his locks. He smiled when he saw that I was awake but I was still confused. At first, I thought he was a doctor but judging by his casual attire I doubted it. " You are finally awake!" he exclaimed with joy. I struggled to try to sit up but the IV needle was hurting and I did not have enough strength for movement. He placed his hand gently on my shoulder to stop me. " No relax, you are not well enough to be making any movements" I listened to his voice like I was under hypnosis. I should have been panicking with fear that I was with a stranger in an unknown place but I did not. Something inside told me that I could trust him but I was not going to believe in him as of yet. My instincts failed me one time and I was not about to have an omnibus of that moment. Then again, he would not have saved me if he wanted to kill me so it had to be something else. I stared at him in scrutiny trying to find something alarming but nothing was amiss to me. " Who are you and why am I here?" I asked him with a straight face. He sighed and took a seat on the bed beside my legs. " My name is Felix Hunt you can consider me your guardian angel" was his response. There was something familiar about him but I could not grasp what it was. From there on I started to bombard him with questions about how he found me and where he had brought me. He patiently answered me and told me that we were still in Paris in his villa. He did not want to take me to the hospital because it was unsafe so he turned the room I was in into a hospital ward. He did so much for me despite being a stranger and when I asked why he saved me he was cryptic about it. And then he told me that I was out for 4 months in a coma. Not more surprising than the fact that I cheat death by an inch. Felix Hunt was a caring and kind person but mysterious and serious at times. After a few days of waking up, I searched my stomach for the bullet wound and I found a scar. Luckily I did not suffer severe internal injuries. Felix offered to let me have a scar removed but I refused. I wanted the scar to remain with me and serve as a reminder of the betrayal I suffered. That is when my new life began but to the world I was dead. It was all over the news that I fell into the sea and drowned. A search party was sent to the Deauville sea but nothing was found. And that bastard Eric appeared shedding crocodile tears as if he cared and loved me. I stayed with Felix because I had nowhere to go after I found out that my uncle and Eric hatched a conspiracy to kill me. I was meant to die but I didn't and they would attempt to kill me again if they found out I failed. Felix helped me find out the secrets I did not know about. My uncle was banished from the family many years ago when he was in his twenties. He shamed the family and got involved with the wrong crowd. Although he was the eldest, my grandfather declared him unfit and not worthy to take over the family company. He was the prodigal black sheep of the family and after he disappeared he was never heard of again until my parents died. We continued to stay in Felix's Villa in Paris so no one would see me anywhere else. Felix had businesses to handle so he had to come and go most of the time but I was not left alone. I was introduced to his close friends and security detail, Hiram Dickinson and Marinette Chevez. Haram became a big brother I never had and protected me always while Marinette became my best friend. They all became my family and supported me through the difficult times. I found myself missing my parents a little less and I thanked them from above for not letting me die that day. 4 years passed by and I kept uncovering the truth. My uncle was after the thing he was denied years ago, SC Group. I was the sole heir to the company and family property and the only living Simpson beside him and to acquire that he had to snuff me out. But that only would not have cut it. It was going to be obvious that he had killed me so he created a smokescreen by getting married to Eric. The Eric I found out that he was in cohorts with. And that their business relationship was not a mere coincidence. It turns out that Eric was my uncle's foster son. He adopted him and groomed him to be his sidekick in all his dubious plans. I fell into a well-woven web of lies and I should have understood it the moment he was being persistent about being my friend when no one else was. All that made me question if what my uncle attempted to do to me had succeeded with my parents. I had a gnawing suspicion that this went beyond me and that he might have caused the accident that claimed the lives of my parents. He had the motive and motivation to do it but I could not find out anything about it. Felix, Hiram, and Marinette helped me find out everything. Felix was truly a godsend and through the years our friendship developed into something more. We had an intense connection but both of us never established something more intimate. The tension between us was so heavy but we restrained ourselves. I did not want to think about a relationship when I had a goal in mind. I needed to make my uncle pay for his misdeeds and I wanted to find out if he was involved in my parent's accident. Right now was not the right time but I shared the same feelings he had. The good thing about it was we were not awkward about our unspecified relationship. We were so close that people would mistake us for lovers. Even Hiram and Marinette teased us for it. I was about to rise from the dead and wage war with a murderer and I didn't want to get distracted. Felix offered to be my shield as I launched attacks at the enemy and he was obstinate not to have any other way. This was not about the inheritance but to serve justice and retribution to those who have wronged me. I couldn't let my uncle and Eric succeed in living their lives normally without paying for their crimes. I am sure that if I dug deeper I would find more skeletons in the closet that would help me reign terror in their lives. After 4 long years of living dead, it was time to come back to the world of the living.
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