1 It Can't Be

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************POV Speaking will be indicated by bold text************ Amelia POV "How are you feeling Amelia" Freya asks. "I've been having pain a lot lately, I'm just hoping that everything is ok with the pup." "The doctor told me yesterday that he looked good, but I just don't understand all this pain." "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about after all it is your first." A few minutes later Atlas comes in and kisses me. "How's the two most important people today" he says before he bends down kissing my belly. I have two months to go before our pup is here. I can't wait to hold him. "I haven't had any pain today, so that's a good thing." A look flashes across his face that I can't quite make out, but then it's gone. "You should be resting." "I can't lay in bed all the time Atlas besides Freya needed the company." "Your brother is with the warriors and she is lonely." "You and the pup are more important than you entertaining Freya." He helps me stand and leads me back to our room. Once I'm tucked in bed, he kisses me softly. "I have to attend to some matters since Elias is away but I will bring you dinner." "How did I get so lucky to have you as my mate?" That same look seems to flash across his face, but again its gone as quick as it came. "I'm the lucky one" he says before he leaves. Atlas POV I return to my office and Freya is waiting for me. "Really me being lonely isn't important." "Don't act like a child Freya." She walks over and drops to her knees in front of me. She frees my er**tion and takes me deep into her mouth. I thread my hands into her hair pumping my hard c**k into her mouth. Silas hates me having s*x with Freya, but he knows my heart belongs to Amelia so he leaves me alone. I pick her up laying her on the desk. I snap the panties from her body before I slam deep inside her body. Honestly, the only thing that makes this worth it is that she is Elias's mate, because Amelia feels so much better. "Oh my goddess Atlas, you feel so much better than Elias." "F**k me hard" she screams and I pump harder. I wrap my hand around her neck as I think about the pain this causes my brother. Amelia POV I'm resting in bed when the pain that I have become all too familiar with starts again. "Amelia, maybe you should go get checked out again." "Star, I don't understand why I'm having all this pain." "I never had a pup but I know people who did and they didn't have this pain." "I don't know Amelia but I don't like it." "I feel like something bad is happening." "I'm sure our pup is fine, I'll go so it can put both our minds at ease." I love my wolf she is my best friend. I place my hand on my bump and say a prayer to the goddess that our pup is safe. I link Atlas but he has a block up. I know he is busy but the pain is more intense this time and I want to go have the pup checked. I should just stay at the pack hospital with as many times as I've been there. I manage to get myself up and slowly make my way to Atlas's office. As I approach the door, I can hear moans and I feel sick to my stomach. He wouldn't do that to me, he is my mate. These pains haven't had anything to do with my pregnancy. He has been being unfaithful since I got pregnant. I really believed he loved me. The pain strikes me and I can't hold back the groan of pain. I manage to move myself down the hallway toward the room I shared with my ba**ard of a mate. I hear the door open and footsteps coming toward me. "Amelia" he says as he wraps his arms around me. It's all I can do not to punch him in the face. "Amelia my goddess, let's get you to the hospital" a familiar female voice comes from behind me. I turn to see Freya with a look of concern on her face. He is f**king the Luna, his own brother's mate. "I'm fine, the pain is already getting better." I shake Atlas off, "by all means get back to what you were doing, I'm sure it was important since you blocked me." I see a moment of regret on my mate's face before he answers "of course it was important but I promise I won't block you again." "Let me help you back to the room." "Don't bother I'm fine." I walk the rest of the way down the hallway and I don't look back once. They both make me sick. I will no longer be his mate or this pack's Beta female. He cared nothing for me or our pup. They both knew the pain they were causing me and they still continued to betray me. I hope they will be happy together. I think about poor Elias. He has always been such a kind and loving alpha. I can't believe that his brother and mate would betray him this way. He must have felt the pain. I can't believe I was so stupid." "You are not stupid, we trusted our mate" Star says with anger in her voice. I should have known but I never thought Atlas would do this to me. He has been the best mate since we found him at the mating ball. I even went against my father's wishes, since Atlas was only a Beta. He wanted me to mate with an Alpha, but I wanted my fated mate. I didn't care about rank. I wouldn't have cared if he was an omega. Once I reach our room, I head into the closet and pull out a gym bag. I fill it with clothes and essentials. Pregnant or not, I will not be staying here. I need to speak with Elias before I leave this pack. He deserves to know what is happening. Once I have everything ready, I stick my head out of the bedroom door. When I see no one, I start down the hallway. I link that ba**ard "Atlas I'm going over to be checked by the doctor." "Do you need me to come love?" I cringe at his pet name. "Absolutely not, I'm sure you have to finish the job you were doing." "Ok love, let me know what the doctor says about our pup." "I love you." I cut the link because I will never say those words to him again. I make my way to Elias's office. I know he was out with the warriors, so I'm hoping he made it back. Atlas POV "Freya she almost caught us, that could have ended very badly." She pushes her breasts against my chest. "She's too stupid to realize anything." "She was acting differently." "Like she was upset, I pray she doesn't suspect anything." "She is too worried about your pup to think about anything else." "Besides it won't matter anyway soon." "What exactly does that mean Freya?" "After you kill Elias, you'll be Alpha and I'll be Luna." I push her back from me. "Freya, Amelia is my mate." "I have no intentions of breaking my bond with her." "She is carrying my pup." "Are you f**king kidding me Atlas?" "So, what the hell are you f**king me for." "I was f**king you for fun, but I love Amelia." She smiles and laughs with all the evil she has in her. "Well then maybe I should tell her exactly what the hell has been going on between us." Amelia POV I come to Elias's door and knock. "Come in, Amelia" he says and when I walk in he smiles. He stands coming over to hug me. He pulls back resting his hand on my belly. "How is my nephew today and his mommy?" He looks at my face and concern flashes on his. I can feel the tears streaking down my cheeks. "Amelia what happened?" He leads me over to a chair and bends down in front of me. "Amelia what happened, is it the pup?" I try to compose myself before I speak. "No, it's about your brother and Freya." "What did my brother do to make you cry?" I feel like I have glass in my mouth as I try to speak. I'm about to shatter him as much as I was just shattered. "It's ok Amelia, tell me and I'll kick his a**." I wish it was just a fight and everything would go back to how it was yesterday. "Your brother is cheating on me" I manage to croak out. He stands up "that can't be, he wouldn't do that." "This has to be a misunderstanding." "He is cheating on me with Freya." I watch Elias's eyes turn black before they return to their warm brown color. I see the moment he realizes that I'm not wrong. He must have been feeling the pain too. "How could they do this?" "I wish I knew Elias, but I can't stay here knowing what they have done." He looks at the bag I dropped by the door. "Where will you go?" "If you leave the pack, you'll be a rogue with no protection." "I won't survive if I stay here seeing the two of them every day." "I'll go to the human city and live if I have to." "What if they're not here then you can stay." "Elias, I need to leave." I watch Elias walk over to a safe on the wall and take out a stack of money and a set of keys. He comes over handing both to me. "Elias" I get out before he stops me. "Amelia, despite all this you are my sister and that is my nephew." "I am taking care of you." I stand up pulling him into a hug. "I'm sorry Elias, I can't believe this is happening." "You have nothing to apologize for but I do know two people who are going to be very sorry soon." "Those keys are to a car in the garage that can't be tracked." "I, Elias Charles Canfield, release you, Amelia Marie Canfield from the Darkmoon Pack." I kiss his cheek before I head downstairs. I pass a few pack members but no one stops me thankfully. I throw the bag into the back seat and drive toward the gate. The guard immediately opens the gate and waves as I drive through. I pray my brother-in-law can be happy again and those two get what they deserve. Elias POV I watch Amelia walk out the door of my office. I have been so stupid. Azar has been driving me crazy that the pain I've been having was from Freya, but I wouldn't believe it. We have been together since we were teenagers. We are fated mates for goddess's sake. How could she betray me with my brother? "I told you she was being unfaithful." "Now is not the time for I told you so Azar." "What are you going to do with the two of them?" "Snap their necks I hope." "Azar as much as they deserve that I can't." "I will be banishing them from the pack." I link Freya first. "Freya come to my office now." I don't even give her a chance to respond before I cut the link. "Atlas bring your a** to my office now." Again, I cut the link. I'm pacing back and forth waiting for them both to arrive when I feel a pain that is a thousand times worse, then the pains I've been feeling. "Azar, what is this pain?" "Our mate is dead." Before I can even absorb what he just said Atlas walks in with a smile on his face. "What's the matter Elias, are you having some pain?" "What have you done Atlas?" Atlas POV When we both got the link from Elias, I could tell by his tone he was pissed. My eyes land back on Freya who is standing there with a smile on her face. "Your sweet little mate is going to hate you after I tell her everything, but right now I have to go talk to my mate." I see red and grab her by her hair. Pulling her to me and wrapping my arm around her neck. She starts to claw at my arm. "You will never speak to my mate and just so you know, she is much better than you ever were" I say before I snap her neck. This is perfect. I will get rid of them both and then Amelia and I will take our rightful place in our pack. My brother was never worthy of being this pack's Alpha. I grab a dagger out of my desk drawer and lock the office door behind me. I head to my pathetic brother's office. When I walk in, he is bent over from the pain of his mate's death. "What have you done, Atlas?" "I've made things right brother." "Now Amelia and I will take over the pack." "You and that wh*re you were mated to will be dead." He smiles "what the hell are you smiling about, your about to die?" "I may die but you will never have your mate or pup." I growl grabbing him but he is still weak from Freya's death. "Where is Amelia?" "Long gone and I pray you never find her again." "She knows what you were doing with Freya." I growl and Silas is at the surface. "I want my mate you prick." "You and your wolf can go f**k yourself." I raise the dagger plunging it into his heart. I watch the light leave his eyes before I drop him on the floor. I have to find Amelia, but first I need to deal with this. She is mine and I will make her forgive me. I will have my mate, my pup, and my pack.
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