2 Gone

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Atlas POV I head to my office, ensuring that no one is on the Alpha floor to see me. I carry Freya's body to Elias's office and lay her on the floor. I make sure to cause several stab wounds on Elias's chest at Freya's height. There is a puddle of blood beneath him. I don't want any questions about the height of the stab wound so I place the dagger in the wound I made like she stabbed him one last time when he was on the floor. She would be too short to cause that wound if he was standing. With the number of wounds and blood, nothing should be suspected. Once she is covered in his blood, I mimic snapping her neck again so I'm covered in the blood too. I link the warriors with panic in my voice and put a look of shock on my face. "Do you really believe you're this good of an actor" Silas says. "Shut the f**k up Silas." "We are going to get everything we deserve." "We better get Amelia back you a**hole." "Of course, we will, she is our mate and the future Luna." The door bursts open and warriors pour in. I stand with my hands covered in blood and Freya at my feet. "Beta Atlas what happened," Neil the head warrior says as he walks over to Elias's body. "She killed my brother, how could she kill my brother." "How could she kill her own mate?" I drop my head into my hands. "Oh, my goddess you suck at this" Silas laughs. "Atlas, did she say anything before you killed her?" "She wanted me to be her mate." "She went on and on how Amelia wasn't worthy of me and how Elias was not worthy to be Alpha of this pack." "My brother was always an amazing Alpha and mate." "He's gone, how can he be gone." Neal lays his hand on my shoulder. "I know how devastated you are right now Alpha but the pack needs you." I pick my head up from my hands. "How can I take this title, my brother isn't even cold." "The pack needs you to be strong and your brother would have wanted you to be the leader this pack needs in his absence." "You were the Beta which means you are now the Alpha." "We can talk about this later, I have to find my mate." "I fear Freya may have poisoned her mind or hurt her." "Prepare my brother for a warrior's burial." "Yes Alpha", Neal says. I turn from the room and as I head down the hall, I smile to myself. I am the Alpha. I reach our bedroom and when I walk in Amelia's scent is very faint. I look around "where the f**k did she go?" "I don't know but you had better find our mate" Silas growls. "I know she is angry but she wouldn't leave the pack." She was born in this pack. She wouldn't jeopardize our pup by leaving the territory. I head outside the pack house and shift running for the gate. When I reach it I shift back and the guard approaches me. "I'm so sorry sir." "I appreciate your sympathy but that is not why I'm here." "Have you seen my mate?" He looks surprised by my question. "Yes sir, she left an hour ago." "The Alpha told me to let her pass in one of his vehicles." Where the f**k could she be going? "You just had to f**k that b**ch didn't you." I push Silas down. I will get her back. I head back toward the pack house to get the warriors out to find her. Amelia POV As I drive away from the only home I have ever known, the tears run down my cheeks. "I'm so sorry Amelia, I should have known what was going on." "Star, don't do that." "Don't you dare blame yourself for anything." "He chose to violate our bond and hurt me and our pup." "What are we going to do, Elias was right?" "We will be considered a rogue now that we don't have a pack." "We have each other and our pup." "That's what important right now." "We will drive far away from the pack until we find a human city and hopefully, we can make a life there." "If we stay away from wolf packs, we won't have to worry about being considered a threat." "Human cities are considered neutral territory." I know not being part of a pack hurts Star but right now our pup's safety is the most important thing. "Amelia, you didn't even tell your parents you were leaving." Honestly, with everything that happened, I wasn't thinking about anything but getting away from Atlas. I think back to how much my mother and father love Atlas. Why wouldn't they, he has been the perfect mate? "As soon as we get somewhere safe, I will get a phone and call them." "Are you going to tell them everything?" "I have to but I won't tell them where we are right now." "I won't put them in the that position." I feel like we have been driving for at least three hours when I pull into a mini mart. When I head inside, I go to the booster phones first. I grab some food and drinks. I really am not hungry, but I have to eat for my pup. I pay for everything and head to the car. I lay my hand on my bump. We hadn't decided on names so I've just been calling him bean. "Mommy is going to keep you safe bean, no matter what." I get the phone set up and take a deep breath before I dial. The phone rings three times before I hear my mother's sweet voice. "Hello" she says. "Hi mom, it's Amelia." "Amelia why are you calling me" she chuckles. "Mom, I had to leave the pack today." "Amelia what are you talking about?" "Where are you?" "I can't tell you that right now but I need you to know what happened." "Amelia you're scaring me, where is Atlas?" "Atlas is probably screwing Freya as we speak." "Amelia Marie Canfield what the hell are you talking about?" "Atlas has been cheating on me with Freya the whole time I've been pregnant." "All the pain I've been having is the pain of infidelity." "That can't be, you must be mistaken." "Mom, I heard them, they were screwing in Atlas's office." "Amelia, you can't just leave the pack." "What about your pup?" "I will not stay there and pretend that everything is alright." "He has been screwing her and causing me pain for months." "I could have lost our pup from all the stress I've been under." "I just wanted you to know why I left." "Amelia please come back and we can figure something out together." "I love you mom." "Please tell dad I love him too." I hang up and stick the phone in my bag. I force myself to eat a sandwich and drink water before I drive a few more miles into a human city. As I drive, I look for a hotel or someplace I can stay until I can find a permanent place. I'll have to find a job which I'm sure will be difficult being as pregnant as I am. Elias gave me quite a bit of money, so I won't have to struggle until I can find some place to work. I pull into a Holiday Inn and park the car. I'm glad Elias gave me a car that can't be traced. It will make my life easier to have a way to get around. I walk in and a pretty girl is standing behind the counter. "Hello Miss, can I help you?" "I was wondering if I can book a room for a week?" "Let me check on our rooms, but I'm sure we can make that happen." She has a very bubbly personality and seems very kind. "Looks like you're in luck, we have a room available for the week." "Can I have your information?" I think for a moment before I give her my name. "My name is Julia Robertson." She looks at me funny before a smile crosses her face. "Ok Ms. Robertson you'll be in room 311." She hands me the key card and I throw my bag over my shoulder. "Woah wait a minute, I'll help you with that bag" she says as she looks at my belly. "I'm good I got it." "Not on my watch are you carrying that bag up to your room." I smile and she takes the bag walking me upstairs. "How far along are you?" I think about if for a minute before I answer. "I'm about seven months." Werewolf pregnancies are only about five months so I only have two months to go. That's why I told her seven months. "Are you new in town?" "I haven't seen you around here." "I am actually." "I apologize I never asked you your name and you're helping me." "My name is Lily" she sticks out her hand and we shake. We stop in front of a door that has the numbers 311 on it. "Here you go" she takes the card swiping it and setting my bag inside. "If you need anything just dial zero on the phone and you'll get the front desk." "Thank you for your kindness, Lily." "You are very welcome, I hope I see you around." She leaves and I close the door. I decide to take a shower and then take a nap. Atlas POV I head to Amelia's parent's house, praying that they know where she went. I knock and when the door swings open my mother-in-law is standing there with anger all over her face. "Linda, where is Amelia?" "How could you Atlas, she loved you?" "Linda, listen to me whatever she thinks happened is not true." "I would never betray Amelia, I love her." "She heard you and the Luna." Now what do I say. "I promise you Linda I never touched Freya." "She was trying to take me from Amelia." "She must have known Amelia would hear her because I was not with her." "She just killed my brother because she wanted me and wanted Elias gone." Linda's eyes grow wide at the news of Elias's death. "The Alpha is dead." I nod and she wraps me in her arms. "How could that woman be so evil?" "I don't know but when I found her over my brother's dead body, I sent her to the moon goddess." My father-in-law, John, walks in and we explain everything that happened. Linda tells me about the phone call and how Amelia refused to tell her where she is. "We have to get her back Atlas and make her see that this is all Freya's doing." "I will not rest until she is by my side and our pup is safe." "If she calls you again, please let me know immediately." "Maybe if I can talk to her, I can make her understand that I would never betray her." I hug them both and head back to the pack house. "How the hell are you going to find her" Silas says. "We have the complete pack resources and I will call every surrounding Alpha until we find her." "I know Amelia she is smart enough to know that packs will perceive her as a threat." "We will check all the surrounding human cities and find her." I head up to the office that is now mine. They have taken Elias's body to be prepared for burial tomorrow. The blood spot still marks the pristine carpet. I take a seat in the chair and lean back. Soon I will have everything that should have been mine from the beginning. Elias was too soft and trusting. I will be a far better leader and once I have my Luna, everything will be perfect.
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