Chapter 1

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********Trigger warning: This chapter has s****l violence! Readers beware!*** I cleaned the big house all day long today, and was super tired by the time I made it to my room I shared with other house slaves. I didn’t even have the energy to grab some water to wash with after coming from the outhouse. I didn’t know what was going on due to us cleaning in places we’ve never cleaned before. None of that stayed on my mind to long as I went straight to sleep once my head hit the bed. My name is Veronica Miller, and I am a black salve to a horrible master. I was born into this life, my mom died while giving birth to me, and my father was sold when I was two years old. I learned how to read and write from other slaves alike. I was born with brown skin that was light enough to work in the big house. I have big breast that I try to keep contained, with a small waist due to not having enough nutrients and a booty to go with my small frame. I turned 16 a month ago, and for my 16 birthday my master told me he was doing the right thing when he took my virginity. That night I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it anymore until I heard her when I was crying myself to sleep. She said her name was Valerie and that she was a wolf and she would help me. I thought it was all in my mind until I kept hearing her even until this day. She tries to get me to talk to her, but I’m too scared at what would happen if anyone found out about her and me. The next day we were awakened early to start cleaning and cooking for guests we had arriving tomorrow. I didn’t like when guests came over it never ended well. I got up and freshened up a little bit I couldn’t stand to be nasty especially when I would be working the whole day. I got to the kitchen a little late and the house mother is a b***h to high heavens. She was always on time so why did I expect anything less from her. “Why are you late? I know you weren’t the one picked by master last night” she said to me very nasty “I’m sorry I woke up late” I lied and said “Well, start cleaning the dishes and next I want you to scrub this floor until it is clean enough to eat off of” she said looking me up and down I started cleaning the dishes, and talking to the other girls when one of the men that stood guard in the fields walked in. He groped us one by one as he walked past each of us. When he made it to me he pressed his nasty hard on against my backside pinning me to the sink while grabbing my breast forcefully. I hated that I couldn’t do anything I had to stand here and take this torture. I couldn’t wait until this assault of my body was over as I stood there with tears in my eyes silently praying for this to be over. He stopped the moment someone walked in the kitchen, and I was so glad for that person whoever it was. I quickly wiped my face and finished the dishes. I couldn’t let this incident get me out of my element.I had to remain brave during all of this.
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