Chapter 2

1170 Words
***Trigger warning: This chapter has physical and s****l violence! Readers beware!*** After the assault I cleaned the dishes, and the breakfast dishes as they came in from the dining room. After I ensured no one would be coming back into the kitchen I got some water and soap and starting to scrub the floors. It took me four hours to properly scrub the floors to the house mother’s liking. When I was done scrubbing the floors I had to go and make sure the bathrooms were sparkling clean. I didn’t know what I did to make the house mother so upset with me, but she had me doing all the house duties while the other girls got off easy cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the work day was over I was so tired I didn’t feel like going to get water to wash up for the night. To make matters worse the master came in and chose me for the night. Could things get any worse than this, I really hoped it didn’t I don’t think I would be able to take anything worse. I couldn’t stand our master he was big fat and smelly. I hated his body on mine, every time he chose me I died a little inside each time. I couldn’t wait for the day when I wouldn’t have to deal with any of this, but that was just a dream of mine that I always had. Once he was done with me he made me sleep on the floor next to his bed. The floor was hard and cold and I didn’t have a blanket to cover up with so I used my hands and arms the best I could to cover my naked shivering body. I was glad when morning came as I put on whatever rags I had left onto my body before departing. I grabbed some water and washed up quickly in the room so I wouldn’t be late I couldn’t do another day of house duties. I made it just in time, and was so thankful I did because the house mother put me on serving duty for the day. It still sucked but it kind of beat cleaning up all day. I had to serve breakfast, lunch and when our dinner guests arrived serve dinner as well. Breakfast went fast and I was glad for it, lunch came around and it dragged on forever. I was so hungry I forgot I hadn’t eaten yesterday. After lunch was over I grabbed a couple of scraps from a plate just to hold myself over. I hoped I didn’t get caught or the punishment would be dire. We were only allowed to eat only after the day was over and everyone else had eaten, and we had to eat the scraps of what came off everyone else’s plate. We stood watch, waiting to refill a cup or take dishes away when dinner time came around. As they enjoyed their starters they started to talk business. Business talk was always bad hence I hated when guests arrived things always ended badly. “So, how many are you willing to get rid of this time?” one of the male guests spoke “It depends on how much you are paying” the master said “Depends on the look and attitude” another male said This man was creepy, I didn’t know what it was I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Before they could finish talking the main course of roast, potatoes, and carrots arrived. They didn’t even start eating good before they started up the conversation again. “Show us what you got” the first man said The master whistled and someone came out to escort the men to the room where the slaves to be sold were held at. “No, I don’t like or want any of them not even the ones remaining” one of them said when they came back “Okay, did you spot someone else that caught your interest” the master asked the creepy man “As a matter of fact I have seen someone who has caught my eye” the creepy man said “Tell me who it is and I will have them brought in immediately” master said “I want her” he said pointing directly at me My master looked to see who he was pointing to and his eyes grew wide with shock “You can’t have my house slaves” master said “Do you often dare deny your guests what they want. I’ll pay you twice as much as he paid for all of them” he said to master My master’s mouth just flew open, and his wife whispered something into his ear. “Okay, you have a deal”she said agreeing with the creepy guy “Before I finalise things I’d like to look her over as he did the others” he said I was terrified, and angry that I was about to be sold just like that. The master snapped his fingers for me to come front and center for the creepy guy. The creepy guy was tall, slender, and he kind of walked with a limp. He slowly walked towards me inspecting me from head to toe. He grabbed my breast while looking directly at me and then he went around, and looked at my backside. He took a handful of my cheeks in his hands and whispered in my ear “Has your master ever stuck his d**k in your ass? I’m sure you would love it especially with an ass like this” I had tears in my eyes at the thought of being violated like that. I knew from there I couldn’t go with this creepy man. He came back around to my front, and I had my eyes down due to us not allowed to look at them. All of sudden he backhanded me and I fell to the floor not expecting the blow to my face. He bent down and whispered in my ear again. “You always look at me, it’s very disrespectful and I don’t like being disrespected. When I sit down you come and sit on my lap” Once he moved and went to sit down I got up immediately and did as I was told. “I need my funds before she is yours” master said The creepy guy looked at the woman next to him, and she paid the master double what the other man paid for three which was 200 bucks. The whole time I sat on his lap he violated me by sticking his finger in and out of my v****a. I hated this so much, and there was nothing I could do. As I looked up I saw the house mother with a smirk on her face. Did she know this would happen?! Is that why she placed me on serving duty?
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