Chapter 3

484 Words
***Trigger warning: This chapter has physical and s****l violence! Readers beware!*** Dinner seemed to last forever as the creepy man continued his assault on the inner most sacred part of me. Once he was finished violating me dessert had arrived, and before he could be given any silverware he dived right in hands first. His eyes grew wide with shock and another slap to the face floored me yet again. “No slave is supposed to taste as sweet as you do” he hissed in my ear and returned to his seat “Go and gather your things we are leaving after dinner” the creepy man said I was so glad and grateful to get away from everyone in the room. I felt so shameful at what my body has been through in the last 24 hours. “I can’t take anymore of this for you, you need to escape” Valerie said “What, no I can’t” is the first words I have spoken to my so called wolf. “I will help you” she said “How” I asked her “Just make it to the woods and I will do the rest” she said “What does that even mean” I said “Tonight is a full moon and the first night you will be able to shift. Just be careful” she said I went up to my room to gather some of my belongings, but what I really did when I got to my room was make rope out of the bed sheets. After that I escaped out the window down the make shift rope. I didn’t have enough to reach the bottom so I had to jump. In the process of me making the jump I sprained my ankle. “Bear through the pain, you will heal. Get up and go you don’t have much time” Valerie said Listening to my inner self or wolf I got up and limped as fast as I could to get to the woods. Once I got there I couldn’t stop running even though my wolf wanted me to stop, even though my feet was bleeding from all the sticks and stones that covered the ground I still didn’t stop. My wolf finally was able to get me to stop and once I did all I heard and felt were screams and pain as my bones cracked and shifted out of place to form paws of a wolf. After I fully shifted my wolf took off running through the woods. She didn’t stop not once, it felt like we were running for what seemed like hours before she ran out of energy, and it was nearly daylight. She took refuge up near a huge oak tree, and passed out due to exhaustion. “Veronica, hold on we are bing saved” Valerie called out
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