Chapter 4

787 Words
Unknown POV “Alpha, can I talk to you for a moment please” I asked the alpha upon arrival “Yes, you may. I’ll be right out” he said I waited for about five minutes before alpha came out to the hall way. “Yes, did everything go okay on your trip” he asked “Yes, everything went fine, but there is something you should see” I said “Okay, lead the way” he said I took him to our pack hospital which was located a mile down under the pack house. “Is everyone okay” he asked concerned “Everyone is fine” I assured him We finally made it to the room where the girl that we found naked and hurt in the woods was held. She was still unconscious when we arrived at her room. “Who is this” alpha asked “I don’t know, we found her on our journey back home naked, hurt and alone. I know you can sense her wolf” I said “I definitely can. Stay here with her until she wakes up, and find out where she came from” alpha said I shook my head as I sat down and waited until she woke up. Veronica POV I woke up and I was in a bright white room with beeping machines. Where was I? Did I die and go to heaven? I though to myself, and then I remembered Valerie saying we had been rescued. As I looked around the room I spotted an older lady in a chair by my bed. “Hello, sweetheart” she said to me I was afraid to speak I didn’t know what to say or if I should or should not look at her. “It’s okay, you are safe. You can talk to me” she said I just looked away from her not sure what I was and was not allowed to say or do. After a few moments of me not talking she grabbed my hand in hers. My eyes grew wide with shock and I immediately withdrew my hand from hers. “It’s okay sweetheart I won’t hurt you” she said I’m not sure if it was okay to believe her or not. “I know what you have been through, but they are our people they will not turn their backs on us” Valerie said “These are your people, they may be wolves but you can’t forget white people have not been kind to me” I said to her “I understand that, but can you please give it a try” she said “I cant make any promises, and I will keep a guard up at all times, but I will at least try” I said to her “My name is Grace” she said “I’m the house mother to all of the omegas” she said My eyes grew wide with shock, wow it is the same thing here. “Valerie I don’t know if I can do this” I spoke to my wolf “V, it is not the same please you said you would try” she said “Honey, did I say something wrong” she asked me I shook my head no and she just continued “If you don’t know what an omega is I’ll tell you. They are the ones that keep the house running, they cook, they clean, they decorate, they serve food, they go shopping and most of all they have fun as well” she said with a smile on her face Her smile died down when she noticed I wasn’t smiling. “Look honey, I don’t know what you have been through, but trust me you are not going back to wherever it is you came from” she said After she said those words the doctor came in. “You are awake finally” the doctor said as he came in to check my vitals. “You healed up nicely while you were asleep, but when you came in you were badly injured. Take it easy you still have a little healing to do but you should be as good as new by tomorrow” he said “So does that mean I can leave” I asked him “Yes, you sure can” he said Once he left I got up immediately and tried to leave but the lady stopped me. “If you want, we would be happy for you to join us. You can learn the ways of an omega” she said as she escorted me out of the hospital.
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