~A week gone~

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DEVARA Where am I? Where is this place? I pondered as I opened my eyes. Everything seems blank in my head. “She is awake. Get the doctor”, an anonymous voice yelled out. Doctor? Why was a doctor needed? Where was I? I combed through the room, which looked foreign to me. I spotted a needle connected to an IV bag that was almost empty in my palm. An odd-looking fellow and a female muttering some phrases in a corner, it was like they were praying and praising their God for keeping me alive. What had happened? I recall running away from the pack villa into the woods. How did I wind up here? I sought to move to sit upright. I couldn't because I felt an intense pain in my shoulders. All I could do was moan out faintly. The odd-looking female rushed to the bed and aided me, while she urged me to be careful, as I hadn't healed up. “Be careful with your shoulders”, She pointed out in a soothing tone as she supported me up. I could sense guilt all over her just from her outward expressions. It almost looked like she was about to break down. “What happened?”, I asked, staring at both of them, attempting to read their body language to figure out the situation, as I had no recollections of what took place previously. All I could recall was racing out of the Alpha mansion like an insane person. “You don't remember? Oh my goodness, does your head feel okay? Where is the fxcking doctor?”, The odd-looking fellow started pacing around, petrified. He swept his hair backward with an almost rough intensity and kept on talking to himself. “Why is no one answering me? How did I get hurt? Ahh…”, I yelled out in misery. My memories were coming back. A truck hit me. No, no, no, it hadn't been a dream. Jason had raped me. The words my parents had said to me came back to my brain like a surge of epinephrine. I shook my head profusely, attempting to grasp the dilemma I had found myself in. At that moment, I wasn't concerned about the injuries on my body or the pain I felt from them. All I could think of was my parents' betrayal and that of Jason. I tried to pull off the IV needle in my palm, but the doctor barged into the room and gripped my hand fast, begging me to stop, and asked If I was alright. Those words were what I had wanted to hear from my parents, but here I was hearing them from a total stranger. I broke down in tears and gripped my chest because it stung. It truly hurt. Why didn't they believe me? Why had they believed him? I sobbed loudly while beating my chest vehemently and fell into the arms of the doctor. She hugged me tightly and comforted me with soothing words, assuring me I was going to be fine and that I needed to stop crying as it wasn't good for my health. I wept out my soul in the doctor's embrace, who was patting my back while the strange man and lady watched. After I had finished crying my heart out, I wiped out my tears and sought the questions I desired answers to. “How long have I been unconscious for?”, I inquired, glancing back and forth at everyone in the room. “Two weeks”, the doctor revealed. My eyes expanded, and my mouth opened up in disbelief as soon as I heard this. “Two weeks? How…”? The strange-looking man interrupted my question and went down on his knees and apologized profusely, asking for my forgiveness and explaining that it was a mistake, that he didn't mean to hit me, and that I came out of nowhere, shocking him. The lady also joined him in the pleading. Judging from how she was crying, he was probably her husband. I looked at them and all I could think of was that none of my family or members of the pack was there. If I had been here for two weeks like they had said, then this place was supposed to be swarming with omega's maid and some pack members. Regardless of what had happened, I was still the Alpha's daughter. “Were you able to contact my family?”, I asked, afraid of their response. What if they had called them, and they had denied having any relationship with me, or they had left me here all alone to suffer because they were still burning with anger over the lies Jason had told them? “We tried to, but a young fellow named Jason said you are not related to them, we tried to convince him to come to the hospital and see for himself, but he refused and warned us not to call the number again”, the man who had hit me with his truck replied. He and his wife's eyes were filled with sadness for me. It was like he knew what I was going through. Who was I kidding? Who wouldn't have sympathy for me? I did not look like I was loved and cared for. I had been running across the freeway like a crazy person. Of course, they would feel sympathy for me. Jason was out to get me because I couldn't understand why he kept doing all these bad things to me? Why would he lie about not knowing me and dismiss them like that? He was always around my parents. Of course, he would be the one to pick up the call, my parents' daily affairs revolved around him. I had to stop with self-pity and figure out a way to be discharged and get out of the hospital. I needed to go back home. I have to clear my name and make sure they believe me. Where was Xena, my wolf, when I called for her? She hasn't shown herself to me ever since the incident. If she had been here, I would have healed faster, I imagined, as I looked at my body and saw the bruises all over my legs and my shoulders. “Doctor, when can I get discharged?”, I asked. “Miss Doe”, the doctor started. Of course, I had been labeled Jane Doe since my name was not known. Jason had dismissed them even before they could ask for my name, that vicious fellow. “Yes?”, I responded, waiting to hear what she had to say. “Before we talk about you getting discharged, I have something to say to you”, She paused. What did she have to disclose to me? It wasn't like any news from her would be worse than my parents' betrayal. Why was she hesitant to reveal what she had to say? Oh, had she found out that I was sexually assaulted? Is she about to ask who did that to me? “While you were unconscious, we were running various tests on you to identify the reason behind your unconsciousness, and yesterday we found out that you were a week and some days pregnant but don't freak out, the baby is fine for now….”, I stopped the doctor from finishing her statement. “Don't freak out? Did you just ask me not to freak out?”, I flared up at the doctor. What was she saying? Does she even know how I got pregnant in the first place? Oh, goddess, why have you cursed me? What crime did I commit for you to be this cruel to me? How could I be with a child? A child who belonged to my rapist, just what I needed. I began shrieking hysterically, yes, laughing at my plight. The tears were no longer coming out. No matter how hard I attempted to cry, I just couldn't. It was like they had abandoned me in my predicament. The only thing I could do was laugh, laugh at myself. It wasn't enough for me to have gotten myself plundered now. I had even gotten myself pregnant. The doctor and the couple looked at me, amazed at my reaction. They must have thought I was going crazy. I plummeted out of bed, not caring about my damaged shoulders. A child was growing in me. This was all the proof I needed to show my parents that I wasn't lying and Jason had raped me. I took off the IV syringe and raced out of the room, still in the hospital robe. The doctor and the married couple chased after me, begging me to stop running. Their screams caught the attention of everyone in the hallway, and they stared at me weirdly as I raced through the hallway. They must wonder what was wrong with me. I felt an immense amount of joy that finally I would be vindicated from Jason's lies, even though my being with a child wasn't something I should be happy about. I ran as fast as my legs could carry, but I halted when my wolf Xena surfaced and yelled at me to stop. [What are you doing, Devara?] Xena, my wolf, questioned. Oh, there she is. She decided to show herself now. Where was she when he was forcing himself on me? Xena could have taken over my body, but she disappeared from me when I needed her the most. She was always doing this to me. It was like she was her person and whenever I whined about it, she said I haven't accepted her fully, which is why we haven't bonded. How does one accept their wolf fully? “[You know I can hear your thoughts unless you lock me out]”, Xena reminded me. “[Now you chose to show up? Xena, you were nowhere when I needed you the most! Jason molested me]”, I yelled out, exhaling heavily. “[You sealed me out. When he called and asked to meet up, you shut me out. I tried to warn you, but you had already shut me out]”, Xena growled. I felt the rage and regret she was going through. I knew she was enraged at herself for letting that happen to me. I couldn't understand how I had such power to shut her out, my thoughts were all over the place. I began panting, and before I could realize it, my knees had already given up on me and I landed flat on my ass, feeling dejected yet again. “[Well, there is no need for you to run down to the pack Villa, your mama, papa, Jason, and star are here. I can smell their presence]”, Xena told me, and I quickly got up. The tiredness had deserted my body. I dashed out in the direction of where they were and saw them talking to the nurse. I immediately called out to Star, my best buddy, and she turned her gaze towards me. I let out a slight smile, and she ran to me. “Oh goddess, Devara, what happened? Who did this to you?”, She inquired as she looked through my body, worried, tears forming in her eyes. “I am fine, they didn't mean to hit me. I just didn't pay attention to the road before I ran through it,” I said tenderly, and reassured her that everything was fine with me. “Don't tell me you are fine. We are werewolves, you should have healed by now”, Star whispered in my ear, as she didn't want the humans around to hear her. “I am okay, Star. You know how it is with Xena and me. She hadn't surfaced until now”, I replied. “[Yeah, blame me]", Xena growled. I lifted my head and directed my gaze at my parents, and I could tell from their countenances that they were going to give me an earful and reprimand me about the accident. I wasn't much done with my worries when mama came and began to vomit her usual vicious words at me. “How could you be so careless and weak? You are a disgrace, Devara. You will do anything to get people to believe your lies. Getting hit by a truck, so we will excuse and overlook you going to a s*x house and accusing sweet Jason of abusing you sexually?”, Mama uttered with so much bitterness mixed into her tone. What mother would find her child in my condition and reproach them instead of asking if they were okay? It was quite amusing to me, if it had been a pack member, Mama would be racing around trying to make sure they were alright, but here she was, scolding and blaming me for a circumstance I had no control over. “Mama”, I called out, but before I could say another word, she gestured her hands towards me, and stopped me from speaking. She claimed she preferred not to hear any stupid excuses I had to give and ordered Star to accompany me to my room, and they would follow behind after they were done settling my hospital bills. Star did as she was ordered and supported me down to my room. She placed me on my bed and I thanked her for it. “Star, how did you all find out about my accident?”, I asked, because I knew there was no way Jason could have informed them about it after what I heard from the couple about how he had reacted when they telephoned him about my calamity. “A truck driver informed us, Devara. We were so scared and were worried that you might have gotten hurt, and it was the truth. Look at you, there are bruises all over your body”, Star broke down as she used her hands to inspect my body. We? Yes, maybe Star was worried about me, but not my parents. They didn't have empathy for it. Star was like a sister to me, and I would say that she was the only good thing that had happened to me ever since I had lost my brother. She was my rock and the one I ran to whenever I was feeling defeated by everything that was going around me. “Star, it's okay. As you can see, I am fine”, I held her hands and told her to stop crying. She continued to cry like she was the one on the bed with injuries all over her body and broken shoulders. “Devara!”, I heard the voice of my Mama calling out to me in fury. What had happened again? Why was she furious? I thought and fixated on the door. “Mama, what is the problem?”, I asked the minute she came into the room. “You tramp, how could you?”, Mama yelled at me. “What do you mean? Why call me such names, mama? What have I done?”, I was puzzled. Why would she call me such an insensitive name? What had provoked it? My pulse increased instantly as I feared what was yet to come. “You are pregnant?”, hearing those words, I relaxed a bit. Finally, the big revelation about Jason was about to take place. “Mama, I was about…”, I kept silent immediately as I saw the colors of mama's eyes changing. This only happened when she was truly pissed and, right now, I directed her anger at me. “You are one month pregnant? No wonder you tried to seduce Jason. You wanted to pin it on him. Thanks to the goddess that we were…”, I cut her off crudely. I didn't wait for her to finish. Something was wrong. The doctor had said I was a week and some days pregnant, so why was mama stating that I was a month pregnant? “Shut up! What are you saying? Yes, I am pregnant, but I am not that far gone. Where is the doctor?", I started searching through the room hunting for her, and I saw her coming in with my papa and Jason beside her. Oh no, what had he done again? Has he connived with the doctor? Why is he tormenting me? I clutched the sheet fiercely, glowering at the man who had made it his life's mission to sabotage my life.
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