Chapter 2

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ulv If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf. I'm not a morning person, and I will never be, till the day I die. Getting up early in the morning is like a curse to me. And it should be against the law. AGAINST THE LAW. Nothing pisses me off more than this. And right now I'm up at 5 in the morning. Freaking 5. I know we are about to meet the Alpha king and all. But this is not fair, I wanna sleep, I want my bed, pretty sure I'm gonna cry too. "Lara wake up." Tessa entered the room and started yelling for me to wake up. "Wake up, wake up, wake up." "Tessa stop, stop bouncing on my bed." "Nope, daddy said to keep doing it until you get up and brush your teeth." Okay. Thanks, dad. I knew Tessa wouldn't stop bouncing, so I had to finally catch her. Right now she is sleeping right next to me. I mean not actually sleeping, more like hitting me and yelling at me to let go. "Lara you better let go of me or I will punch you reawy reawy hard." This was the cutest thing I have heard all day. And I know I just got up, but this is so cute. "Aww, Tessi are you threatening me ?." She didn't say anything for a while, "no Lara I was not the-ther-yhreatbing you." Okay that's it there is nothing in the world that can ever beat the cuteness of my baby sister. FREAKING EVER. "Huh really is it?." Tessa knew what was coming to her, she tried to get out of my grip and make a run for it. But I didn't let her go. Instead, I tickled her. "Hahaha Lara-stop, hahhaahah mommy." Tessa started screaming for mom. "Mommy help, hahhaah ." "What is happening here?." "Lara sweetie aren't you suppose to be getting ready ?." "And Tessa I just did your hair, come on we have to fix it, again." I let go of Tessa. "Bye Lara." "Bye Tess." I finally did get up and made my way to the washroom. Did my usual stuff, and right now I'm trying to find an outfit to go for today. " Okay, I have nothing, nothing AT ALL". I just decided to put on some cute black jeans and a cute top for now and left my room and went to my parent's room. Mom has amazing clothes actually and is really freaking fit for her age. It's crazy actually. "Okay, this is cute, No no this one, okay this one it is." I could hear cars for lots of cars. I reached my window to take a glimpse of what's happening and yep there were cars, 27 of them to be exact and All black, huge looking cars. Now I'm really scared. I went back to my room to change. I was about to take my shirt out. But. Something hit me, straight to my heart, it was like a pull, It made me feel unconscious for some time, I was walking to the living area now. Taking my steps very slowly, I am not able to understand what's happening around me. I just kept walking and just walking. Couldn't hear anything. I reached the main living room and stopped. Still looking at my feet, gaining my consciousness again. I could hear everything now. My parents were talking to someone. I look up to see what was happening. Everyone stopped talking, my vision was still blurry. But I know someone stood up from the seat. "Sweetie are you already?." My dad asked me. "Mate." I heard someone say. mom walked closer to me. "I..I ." I completely looked up and saw a person standing right in front of me.  I just kept staring at him and the guy who stood up, he did the same. We never broke eye contact. "What did you say?." My dad asked the guy. I have never seen anyone like him. I literally missed a heartbeat. His eyes, his hair, his lips every captivating me, everyone was silent again. He was still looking at me or more like staring at me. "Alpha?." My dad tried to get his attention.and so did the guy behind the Alpha. "Alpha?". He called him again and the Alpha turned. for a second and then looked at me again, He took a step closer to me, but I took a step back. He stopped, he had a sad look on his face. I couldn't take it anymore. This was all too much for me. And I was not even sure what was happening to me. "I..I need to take a walk." I made a run for it after saying that. I speed walked to the forest, didn't stop, didn't turn back. Just kept walking. "Lara wait." I turned to see, it was Jonathan. "Hey" "Okay so wanna tell me why alpha told me to go after you?" "Em" "Okay let's just go to our den. Tell me everything there." I didn't argue with him. He shifted into his wolf form, I sat on his back. We left the packed house. And made our way to the den. We reached there a while later. He shifted back and we made our way to the rock. It was a beautiful view. I loved the sound of water, It made everything easy for me "Okay, so you wanna tell me what happened?" Jonathan looked at me and asked. I was looking straight ahead of me. At the waterfalls. "I felt something when I saw him." It came out more like a whisper. "What?." He was really trying really hard to focus on what I was trying to say to him. "I just felt something ." " who did you see Lara?." I didn't answer him this time. He was still looking at me, waiting for an explanation. "I think. I think I have a mate." I looked at Jonathan when I said it. It was taking him a lot of time to process it. Because there was a lot of blinking, heavy breathing, and a pinch of gasping. I signed just wanted to hear was he had to say. After a long pause. "Did something from inside of you tell you this?." "No." "He said that." "I am her mate." I and Jonathan both turned around to look at the alpha king standing right behind us.
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