Alpha King


Lara O'Cornell is Alpha Dominic's daughter. The Alpha who has the 5th strongest and largest pack in the world. But being the big bad alpha's daughter Lara never shifted. She 20 years old now but her wolf hasn't came out yet.

But that did not bother Lara. She trained hard and was one of the best fighter in her pack.

Lara had everything. She had good friends, a loving family, pack members who respected her but there was one thing she did not have and that was a mate.

Aiden Damon Red.

The Alpha king.

The ruler of the werewolf kingdom.

Aiden is a amazing king but he also can be ruthless. He is strong, stronger than anything out there. He is loyal, protective, possessive, rude, ruthless.

The king has it all. He has respect, love, kingdom, family to protect. But there was one thing he didn't have and have been trying to find and that was his mate.

What will happen when they both find out that they both are mates. Soul mates.

Will the king except her. Or will he reject the gift from the moon goddess?.

What happens when everyone figures out that Lara

isn't who they thought she is.

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Chapter 1
Lune. There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. "MOON" For us, the werewolves moon is really important. My mother always told me to show respect to the moon. As she and all the pack members believed it was our creator and called it "The Moon Goddess." Mom told me the moon goddess is the reason we lived and survived all these years. And that is the reason why my pack members pray to the moon goddess every day. So that our pack could survive, stay strong, get rid of rogues. So that you guys know, rogues are vicious. "We hate them" I mean, I know hate is a strong word and all but, yeah we hate them. The one thing everyone should remember is that we don't ever disrespect her. The moon goddess goes a little "Kray Kray" It's NOT a pretty scene. So what have we learned today? 1: Respect the moon goddess. 2: protect pack and pack members. 3: Keep the moon goddess happy. I mean I get all that. But, why am I not a werewolf?. I mean, I have done all of this and more. I 20 years old now and my wolf hasn't come out yet. Sometimes I feel like it's not fair, but sometimes I think that it's all really my fault. Maybe the moon goddesses favorite child I guess. I'm not sure but it hurts. I'm the alpha's daughter and I'm supposed to be strong and mighty. But the reality is that I am not strong, I'm not mighty, not fast, not anything. And the worst part of it all is. I will never find a mate. I even doubt he is out there. "Mate." They are important. Well for a werewolf they are. Mates protect each other, give each other undivided attention, they are the gifts from the moon goddess, and also mate bond is extremely strong. My dad found his mate when he was 18. I still remember I was 4 years old when he told me about how is met his mate. ( Flashback.) My dad had gone for a morning run in this wolf form. Running as fast as is paws could take him. Feeling the wind in his fur. OKAY. I'm not exaggerating or anything. That's how my old man said it. And for a 4 years old who has curly hair and who sucks her thumb and was extremely scared of lightning who always hides behind her dad. For this girl, all this was a huge deal. Okay. So where was I, OOH YEAH. So after a while of running, he heard a cry of a wolf, he followed the sound and came across a lake. My dad told me when he was getting closer to the sound, he could smell a strong scent of cinnamon and rose and the scent kept getting stronger and stronger with every step he took. And that's when he saw her. His mate, soul mate. (that's what he said). And after a few seconds of staring at his mate he heard her whine, that's when he saw her bleeding from her shoulder, and then he rushed to her, she whined at first and then when she caught his scent, she let him come near her. My dad inspected the wound and then licked it to heel faster. Eewww, that's what I said when my dad told me the story for the very 1st time. And then from that day, he did not leave his mate's side until she was completely healed. Flashback end. But then I kept on asking him what happened after that, just because I wanted to know more. I tried showing him my puppy dog eyes so that he could continue his story but my dad started to get all sweaty and weird and started panicking as I kept waiting for him to continue. Still staring at my dad and that's when mom came to dad's rescue. Dad gave her a pleading eye and mom finished the story (gave me the censored version.) "Thank you moon goddess." and mom ended the story by saying "they live happily ever after." After that my dad started breathing again. I know that because he was not blue anymore. But the thing was dad found mom 20 years ago and they both are still crazy in love with each other. Dad's possessive level keeps going higher and higher by the second. That's the best part of mates. The worst part is that I will never be able to experience that. And we are back to phase one again. But the one thing I am really thankful to moon goddess was that she had given me an amazing family. My dad would kill for me, and my mom would kill dad if he wouldn't kill for me. And I'm dead serious. As the daughter of the alpha everyone respects me a lot. I am not treated differently, nobody is allowed to bully anyone in our pack. The rules are strict here and it has to be followed strictly. This was the reason why we are the 5th biggest and strongest pack. Rules are rules, never to be broken. And training in hard-core. Trust me it's crazy. And I get training from the 2nd in command, the beta. My dad's best friend and also my Godfather. He trains me hard because I'm not a werewolf and I never shifted but he has trained me really well so I can protect myself and don't ever have to depend on anyone. And for all this, I Will always be thankful to the moon goddess. I finally open my eyes. I was sitting on the roof looking at the moon. I have been sitting here for so long. I didn't even realize it was already this dark now. I have been stuck in my thoughts for so long, I didn't even realize anything. "Lara, dinner is ready sweetheart" I was not really hungry but If I told my mom that I did not want to eat, she would go all Luna crazy on me and start telling me how it's important to eat on time, stay on a healthy diet. And then ask my dad to butt in and as always just by looking at my mom and her red angry face, my dad would start shaking like a leaf. And let me tell you everything goes downhill from there. So just to avoid all that, I'm just going to go and eat. "I'll be there in a minute mom." I finally climb in my window and made my way to the kitchen. Just before I could reach the dining hall, I bumped into something Or someone. When I looked down the only thing I saw are big red eyes, and my heart just melted. It was my 5 years old little sister Tessa, she is the cutest thing I have ever seen. EVER. "Hey, baby what happened ?." I asked my baby sister concerned and knelt down so I could reach her level. "Do I have to go punch someone?." I tried to lighten the mood and make her smile. She immediately did so and started giggling. Seeing her laugh makes me the happiest person alive. And when she starts crying and more specifically because of someone I would beat the living s**t out of them. Well me, mom and dad too. "Okay, Tessa now tell me why where you crying?. " I asked her. "Damien called me ugly and said mommy brought me from a trash can." And the last part was a whisper. It made me laugh at first because I know Damien liked Tessa. I mean who would not. But Tessa like Leo he was the trainers' son and a little jerk. I'm guessing my baby has a thing for bad boys. Damien is only mean to her when she is mean to him. I'm a hundred percent sure Tessa did something. But I'm gonna let it pass now. I got up and picked her up, she was still sniffing and turning a little red. Aww. "Tessa you know that's not true. And we have a video to prove it." "Ewwwwwww." Tessa tosses and turns around my arms. And also yes mom showed her the video where mom was giving birth to Tessa. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life. I was scared to death. And Tessa started screaming when she saw it the first time. "Come on let's go eat." "Okay," Tessa said. Tessa and I make the way towards the dining room. All the pack members are present, it's was strange we only had pack dinner on Sundays. but it's Wednesday today, I and Tessa sit in our usual place. My parents are not here yet. "Hey, Lara." that was Jonathan. He is a good friend of mine. And also I had a huge crush on him when I was 4. Yep, I was a hundred percent sure that we both were mates. but he already has a mate, and she is amazing. Jonathan is gonna be a dad very soon. so that's good. "Hey, how are you?." "I'm good, it just that I'm kinda scared, you know, of Emma." he said. "What did she do?. " Tessa asked him. "she threw a lamp at me, and was gonna go all wolf on me." He was shaking when he said that. I was trying really hard to control my laughter, really hard. but Tessa could not, and she busted out laughing. "That's funny." Tessa said continuing to laugh at him. "Tessa you cannot say that, apologies now." I tried to give her a big adult look. "I'm sorry John." she gave him cute Tessa eyes. I'm pretty sure he melted right there. "its okay sweetie, it was kinda funny though." That's when he started laughing and Tessa joined him too. He picked Tessa up and sat her on her chair. He was always gentle with everyone, and kind too. Emma was a lucky girl, I'm actually really happy for her. "Good evening everyone." My dad and mom both said at the same time. we all turned to look at them, they had a smile on their face. they looked so cute together. Dad came up to me and kissed my forehead. "Good evening sweetheart. " He said and smiled at me. And went to tickle Tessa as her giggles were filled all over the dining room. Dad finally stopped and kissed her forehead, wishing her a good morning. Mom did the same thing to both of us. "Okay everyone let's start eating." All the Omega's started serving us food. We all thanked them and started eating our food. "Okay, so we have some important news to tell everyone." My dad started. "Alpha king is going to visit us tomorrow." ...... There was pin-drop silence in the dining hall, nobody moved, nobody blinked, and I'm pretty sure that no one was breathing too. and then my mom continued. "Our sources tell us that we are about to be attacked. but that is pretty much what we know." After mom stopped dad started to explain. "We have no idea of their plan, the rouges have witches by their side, it will not be easy for our pack."When my dad said witches everybody gasped. Tessa held my hand really thigh. "its okay Tessa everyone will be safe, I promise." I was not gonna let anything happen to her. "That is why we need the Alpha king's help, he is ready to do it, we just have to have a meeting first." my dad said to everyone. It was a lot for all of us to process. but everyone agreed, we all are ready to fight for our pack, "Okay, so Sabine I want you and your team to make fancy dishes for the Alpha King and for the pack members who will be joining him." Mom said this to the head of the kitchen, she is an omega. but she makes amazing food. everyone loves the cakes she makes for us on our birthdays and of events. we are very lucky to have her. Sabine smile to my mom. "yes of course Luna." "And if want any help just ask me." mom said. Dad got up from his seat. "So I want everyone to start preparing for his arrival. do all the things necessary. I have to go talk to some Alphas. Have a nice day everyone. " Dad said and started to leave the room. "And you two." Dad pointed to both me a Tessa and said. "Behave yourself okay, I have my eyes on you." I and Tessa laughed at dad as dad looked at us and started laughing too and walked to his office. Everyone left, started doing what they had to do, I finally got up and started walking to my room, only one thing was running in my mind. That it was gonna be a scary day tomorrow. We all finally meet the Alpha King. ______________________________________________________________________________

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