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I've tried to avoid looking in the mirror for as long as I can remember and today is no different. The alarm goes off at four in the morning, like every day and everyone in our cramped room rushes to get dressed and start our day of servitude early. Like Deltas, the servile breed, this is routine. Our pack is not one of the largest or the most powerful, but it is one of the most numerous that has been able to survive undetected for more than fifty years in human territory, and that is not just any achievement. Part of that success lies in us Deltas (although they would never admit it), those criminal wolves stripped of their ranks, the weak and sick, and those lonely who have nowhere else to go who end up being the servants of the most powerful wolves. For my part I am special, I am not exactly one thing or the other. I am not ill and I have never broken the sacred vows, my only crime has been to be born. When I was three years old, on a routine outing I was found by two betas, abandoned in the middle of the Cross Forest in Canada in the middle of winter and completely alone, with nothing but the clothes I was wearing. Those scouts felt the Wolf essence in me and took me to their camp, but it didn't take them long to realize that there was something unusual about me. His first clue was my eyes, they are not yellow like those of an Alpha, golden like those of a Beta, gray like those of an Omega or brown like those of a Delta; no, my eyes are a strange iridescent green color, a color so vibrant that it is impossible to hide and the main reason why I avoid looking at myself in any reflection I find; they are the proof that I am not normal, which alerts anyone that I do not fit in, that I am not one of them. With my strange eyes, the inability to transform into a wolf, but my strong supernatural essence present, I grew up in the pack as a Delta, raised to be a servant but never fitting in with them either. The Delta all had their history, they were Betas or Omegas who had committed such a terrible crime that they were forced into a life of servitude as punishment. Or they were born sick, unable to fight or reason but to cook and wash the bathrooms. Still, everyone could transform, after all, the transformation was what distinguished you as a Wolf. I, while having the essence to prove my lycanthropic nature, was a rarity and for a pack that survives by going unnoticed, the unusual is striking and therefore dangerous. That is why since I was little I learned to hide, I always keep my head down with my dark and messy hair forming a protective curtain between the world and me so that my striking eyes are not observed, although despite my efforts I still receive more than one suspicious look when I walk through the facilities; no matter the rank, no one trusts me. Even so and despite everything, I have learned to spend my days quietly, working hard to pay for small moments of freedom and this is how after eight hours of working in the kitchen preparing breakfast and cleaning my assigned sections, I have an hour of I rest before I have to go to school. Our pack consists of 126 members, truly an achievement when you consider that we live in a building (registered as an institute of private education) in the middle of a humane residential area. Such a large building always needs constant attention from the Deltas, especially to maintain the illusion of a private institute that humans have become so accustomed to. But at noon I have my little break and I go to the place that I like the most; the forest. I know what you are thinking, Wasn't this baby abandoned in a forest? Well yes, I was but I have no memory of it. Also, the forest is the only place where I can be alone, away from mockery and suspicious looks But best of all, I won't be completely alone. As I walk away from the building and into the woods, the trees get bigger and bigger. The noise of the people is replaced by the pleasant silence of nature, with only my boots crunching the leaves that pave the frozen winter ground. Adjusting the jacket tighter around me, I go even further into the forest. The route is so familiar that my steps take me alone, leaving my mind free to admire the landscape and also free to think about it. Will you be waiting for me? I've hardly seen him in the last three days. With my heart pounding in anticipation, I come to a small natural cave made of stone, our hiding place, and it only takes me a second to know it's there. "Did you miss me, Lissy?" His playful voice asks and I can't help but melt at that silly nickname. My name is Lia, not that Jason, my best friend, did not know if, after all, he had been there when his father, the Alpha, named me after his men found me without family and memories. "You?" I asked incredulously as if his presence wasn't enough to make my knees lose strength. "Nah, I was already wishing you wouldn't come back so I had the place to myself." -Ah, yes? -Finally, he comes out of the shadows and I can see it in all the splendor of his; Jeans that are worn but cost more than I could ever dream of, a white shirt and a simple leather jacket as if the cold didn't affect him at all. And that silky blonde hair that more than once she had fantasized about being able to caress ... not that she never would in reality. To Jason, I am nothing more than the baby he grew up with, the Delta that he befriended despite everyone trying to separate us. In his eyes, I am still that scrawny girl with strange eyes who came to consider part of his family. Nothing more than that, no matter how I feel about him. "Yes"  answered, still amused with our silly game. "I even thought about decorating it and everything. All the walls are painted pink and with Hello Kitty stickers everywhere so that no one wants to steal them from me" He laughs out loud at that, but her laugh, even though it is music to my ears, sounds strange today. Sad. False even. When he's done he looks at me again and I know something is wrong. Before I can ask him what's going on, he speaks. "I'm sorry Lia, I know we haven't seen each other in days but I can't stay today." My heart falls at his words. "I just wanted to tell you in person. My father keeps me very busy, you know with the Alpha ceremony and all that ... His words are drowned in the little cave but he doesn't need to say more. I've always known it and when Alpha Rogers announced it three months ago I knew my time with Jason was coming to an end. The Alpha ceremony is celebrated when all candidates to be the next Alpha begin their preparation for the succession. There are seven candidates with the Alpha gene in the pack, but Jason is the son of the current Alpha and the strongest of the candidates, he will surely win. In addition, part of the ceremony is that each candidate chooses his Mate, that companion with whom he will spend his whole life. And even if Jason saw me that way (which he doesn't) there is no way an Alpha would ever choose a Delta, it was simply unthinkable. Feeling my heart slowly break, I turn around hiding my face, a habit when I feel vulnerable, and speak in the clearest voice I can. "It's fine I understand it. Anyway, I should be back in a few minutes, I have a double shift today." I lie with surprising ease, although I doubt that Jason still believes it. He has always been very good at knowing when I am lying. "Lia ... I ..." I hear him come up behind me and hesitate. His body heat is so powerful that I immediately lose the cold. Touch me. Hug me. Please do not leave me. He finally takes a step back and the air behind me turns cold. " I'll talk to my father about your shifts, you can't work more than everyone in that place" He tries to see my face, but I start walking in another direction as I wish him a good day, my voice unable to hold back the tears. Jason sighs and after a second I hear his footsteps heading back towards the building. Unable to contain me anymore, I start to run as tears fall down my cheeks and I feel the cold wind hit my face, but I don't care. I go deeper into the forest than I ever have, each step further away from a life I cannot escape. A life of servitude, of being an outcast. A lifetime of seeing the boy I love marry and be happy with a mate that will not be me. When my muscles burn and my lungs scream for a break, I flop against a tree, hugging myself, trying to make the tears stop, but they don't. I hate crying. I couldn't tell how long I was there, sitting against the tree trying to calm myself down. It could have been twenty minutes or two hours and for the first time in my life, I didn't give a damn if I was being late for class or how ugly the punishment would be. I had the feeling that I could hardly care anymore. Suddenly, I hear a branch break near me and I turn around quickly, expecting to see Jason there. Jason who wouldn't let me go because he knew how much he was hurting me, that he came to hug me and promise me that everything would be okay. But there was Jason, in his place was a stranger and the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life. And his green eyes of his, strangely vibrant on me, were the same as mine.
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