Chapter 2

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Today is Filippo's twenty-sixth birthday. Seargeah is planning to spend the day with his sons after an important meeting. He will be leaving tomorrow to visit Modesty and her family. He will be traveling with them to an island in the Bahamas. The island is one of the four islands that Lincoln and Modesty own. Carmela is looking forward to tonight. She has planned a surprise party for Filippo. Tonight is also the night that he will announce his engagement. Carmela has chosen Cecilia Russo. She is the daughter of a local businessman and a friend of Seargeah. Cecilia is twenty-one 5'7" shoulder-length black hair and black eyes. Seargeah is meeting his sons at one of his restaurants after his meeting. Marcello is leaving one of his one-night stands apartments. As soon as he starts the car, it blows up. Errico loves going to the ocean just to walk and look at the sunrise and sets. Today he and his fiancee Laila, are sitting on a blanket watching the water. Errico always said that the water calms him. His cellphone rings, he looks at the screen but doesn't recognize the number. But he answers it. It was a call from an unknown man telling him about his brother's car had been blown up. He and Laila don't waste any time running to the car to go check on Marcello. He is also trying to call his father and Filippo. He starts his car it also blows up. The same thing had happened to Filippo as he is leaving his favorite coffee shop. Seargeah, Leo, and Alonzo are sitting in the car, they are leaving to meet his sons. When his phone rings. He doesn't look at his number. He gets calls all the time from numbers that he doesn't know. So he answers it. "Phone Conversation" Seargeah: Hello Unknown: First there were three sons. Now there are none I would make you suffer, but that wouldn't be any fun. Seargeah: What have you done to my sons? Unknown: (laughs) Seargeah: Who in the hell is this? Unknown: (laughs) Seargeah: You bastard. If you have harmed, my sons, in any way. I will make sure that you will suffer. Even if I die doing it. I promise you. "End of call" "That bastard hung up. Leo, Alonzo you two call Filippo and Errico. I am calling Marcello." Seargeah is dialing a number. All three men weren't able to reach the three men. "s**t" Seargeah yells as Leo starts the car. All three men were blown up. **** "Sempre Orso" (Forever Ours is the name of the Mastroianni's Estate.) When Franco walks into the room Carmela is decorating for the party, she is holding a vase of red roses. She looks up at him, she knew that something was wrong. By the way, he is looking at her. "Franco, no" She shakes her head, looking at him. "Who?" "First you should sit down." He points at a chair "Who?" She yells Franco drops his head. " All four of them. Including Laila, Leo, and Alonzo." Carmela drops the vase. She falls onto the floor, sitting on it crying. She looks up at him. "How?" "They were blown up in their cars." Franco takes out a handkerchief, and he hugs and wipes her face. She shakes her head. "I'm fine. I'm fine. I need a few minutes alone. Have someone clean this up. I have a call to make." She stands up and walks out of the room. As soon as Carmela is in her bedroom She loses it, she burst out crying falling on the bed. **** "Troisi's house" Elexandros is sitting in the den, his sister walks into the room. "Rosalia, you need to get married. The first thing I am going to do when I take over is to marry your ass off. Hell you're not doing anything else. So you can at least have some babies." She turns to look at him. "Not you or anyone else is going to force me to marry anyone that I don't love or have some crying babies. If you want some babies in the family. Then you get married and have some." She walks out of the room. His cellphone rings. He smirks looking at the number on the screen. "Phone Conversation" Elexandros: You better be calling me to say that it's done. Unknown: Yep, the father and the three sons don't exist anymore. Three more people are also taken care of. Elexandros: I don't care about those three. That was their fault, being with those bastards. Remember don't say a damn word to my father or anyone else about this. Unknown: My lips are sealed "End of call" He laughs as he walks over to the bar. "That just leaves Carmela. I don't have to worry about her. Now that Seargeah is gone she will give up without a fight." He mumbles and laughs. Salvatore walks into the den. "What have you in a cheerful mood? "Nothing at all my dear father. How did your meeting go with the shippers?" Elexandros holds his glass up at his father. "Those assholes are still being stubborn as hell. But our shipment will be out on time ." Salvatore sits down. "Good that's good. I have been thinking that now is the time for us to take over Mastroianni's territory." Elexandros smirks. He is only mentioning this to his father. Elexandros already has plans to start a takeover. Salvatore's cellphone rings. "Son don't rush things. We will have their territory soon. We just have to wait until the right time." He takes his phone out of his pocket. He wasn't on it but a few seconds. Elexandros knew that someone is calling him about Mastroianni's men's deaths. He pours himself another glass of brandy. "Damn it seems that Seargeah and his boys pissed someone off. They were all killed in car explosives. It looks like our time is sooner than I thought. Fix me a drink. It's time to celebrate." Salvatore smiles. **** "In New York City" Modesty is straddling Lincoln, both are moaning. He raises his head, kissing her breast. There is a knock on the door. She stops moving, looking at the door. "Who is it." "Mommy, daddy is us," Legacy and Serenity said in unison. "Cupcakes, you two go see Zara. Mommy and I will be down in a few minutes." He is looking at the door, "Okay daddy, but hurry up. We want pancakes." Legacy said before she and her sister leave the door. "It seems that our little tribe is craving for your delicious pancakes" She is sliding up his shaft. Lincoln grips her waist pulling her down on his shaft hard. "Cuore Mio," (My Heart) then we have to be quick." He pushes up inside her hard. Modesty moans as they are moving their bodies. He grips her waist tighter and flips her on her back. Lifts both of her legs over his shoulders thirst her harder, As they're moaning and moving in rhythm until they reach their climax together. Lincoln smiles, looking at her naked body."Damn, Cuore Mio, I wish we had more time this morning. But our Cupcakes want pancakes. You have a meeting in thirty minutes. He looks at the clock on the nightstand. "Tonight you and me right here after the kids are in bed. Don't be late." She gives him a peck on his lips. "I will never be late for you." He picks her up carrying her to the bathroom. The house phone rings as soon as they are walking into the bathroom. He stops by the vanity for her to answer it. She answers it. "Okay, Madre, stay calm. We will be there tonight." She hangs the phone up. "My Papa and brothers were killed." She looks at him. "Oh, Cuore Mio," He still has her in his arms. Lincoln sits her down on the chaise. "What do you need? " he kisses her forehead. Modesty shook her head. "Nothing. I'm okay. Let's get showered. Before our Cupcakes come back." "You're going after the bastards." He picks her up carrying her to the shower. "Yes, I am going to kill everyone that is responsible" She lay her head against his head. "You do whatever you have to do. I will take care of our kids. Just make sure that you be careful, and stay alive. As always, come back home to us." Lincoln is washing her. She nods her head. "Vengeance is mine sayeth Modesty." She whispers.
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