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    I am Princess Celestria Lewis the daughter of King Alpha Oliver and Queen Luna Christi Lewis of the Midnight Guardian Pack. The Midnight Guardian Pack (also known as the Royal Pack) is the largest, strongest, and most feared pack in the world but our pack has a secret we are the last living Lycans (oldest and strongest werewolves alive). I was 16 years old when I experienced the worst thing that could happen to anyone. I watched my parents die and there was nothing I could do.     I am Theo Ross the son of Alpha Emmett and Luna Lauren Ross of the Crimson Howlers Pack. The Crimson Howlers Pack is the second largest pack in the world. I was 18 years old when the best thing that could happen to a werewolf. I found my mate.      History of werewolves:  The story that was told on how we became werewolves was the tale of King Aries, who offended the gods by serving human meat to them at dinner. Selene, the moon goddess,  punished this transgression by transforming Aries and the rest of his family into a lycan. In his wolf form, he could continue his abomination of eating human flesh with less offense. His family left him to roam the Earth alone. Since he was alone he wanted to make more so he mated with real wolves thinking that they would be the same. He was disappointed when they didn’t work, but they weren’t normal wolves.  The more wolves created the less power he had. Over time, the wolves that were the offspring of have evolved, and now, they have the ability to shift from human to beast with unusual speed, strength, reflexes, and senses. Although there are a lot of werewolves around today, they are just a myth to most humans. The humans that know about them are either mated to wolves or they are business partners.     What are lycans? The lycans that are alive today are the offspring of Aries’ children. Lycans are like werewolves but thrice as strong, fast, large, and the mate bond is stronger than that of a normal werewolf. The moment that the mate’s mark and mate with each other, the wolf will become half lycan and will be twice as strong, fast, and large. There is a prophecy that says that the last living lycan will be the strongest, fastest, and largest than a normal lycan. Also, it says that they will be immortal and have children that will be half lycan and half-wolf. They will be immortal, strong, fast, and they will have one lycan and one wolf. It says that if you don't train them when they turn 8 years old to control the lycan and wolf than when they shift for the first time they will lose control of both their lycan and wolf and go on a killing spree over the span of three days killing everyone that gets in their way and it will continue ever full moon until they die. They will not be granted a mate if they lose control.
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