Chapter 1

627 Words
Midnight Guardian Pack  3/25/203 22:47 Celestria     I woke up with a start. A howl had awoken me from my slumber. I immediately know what it means. Rogues. I jump out of bed and run to my closet to get my armor, crossbow, and swords. Yes, even though I am a wolf I still have weapons. After I am ready,  I run out of my room and through the front door to the border. On my way, I get a pack wide mind link that says the alpha and luna are on the verge of death. I run even faster but when I get there I see my mother take her last breath and my father falling to the ground. I run over to him and fall to the ground next to him with tears spilling out of my eyes. I put his head in my lap and say  "Daddy please don't leave me, I'm not ready to be queen." "You will be okay my princess as long as you remember that we will always love and be with you, goodbye" and with that, he took his last breath. I let out a pain filled howl letting the pack know that their leaders are dead. Slowly the air filled with heartbreaking howls.     I silently sobbed for what felt like days. After a few minutes, I lift my head to see the 5 rogues laughing. In that instant, my tears turn to rage I attack and kill four of them without mercy but the last one I knock out so I can question him later. I mindlink the pack letting them know that it is safe. I ask some of the warriors around me to pick up and burn the dead rogues, lock the other rogue in a cell, and take the bodies of the king and queen to the pack doctor who will prepare them for the funeral. After I walk back the castle, I mindlink all of the alphas to tell them that the King and Queen are dead and that I am holding a meeting in two days for the alpha and luna of every pack. I’m not able to sleep, so I started to plan the funeral that will happen around noon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Crimson Howlers Pack   3/26/203 00:37 Theo     I was in the middle of doing some pack work when I felt someone trying to mindlink me. The only ones that breakthrough my blocked mindlink are the King, Queen, and Princess. So, when I felt that pull I called my dad and opened up the mindlink. I have only been the alpha for one month so when I got the mindlink about a meeting for the alpha and luna of every pack at the castle, I decided to take my dad with me. Since it takes about one day to reach the Royal Pack territory we are going to be leaving around noon today. I decided that it would be best to take the SUV instead of running the whole way because then we would have to avoid the human towns and it would take longer   The border of the Royal Pack (4 miles from the Castle)    3/27/203 19:53     When we arrived at the border we were stopped by border patrol. The closer we got my wolf, Ace started freaking out. After about fifteen minutes, we arrived at the golden gate in front of the castle, Ace was freaking out so much that I had to block him out of my mind. A few minutes after getting out of my SUV, the front door opens to reveal Princess Celestria and a scent that is a mixture of almond blossoms and sandalwood. At that moment I knew why my wolf was so excited.   

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