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  Vladimir Nonikov has been Russia and European continent's tyrant high alpha. He rules European continent with iron fists. He's a dictator. Everyone fears him. Those alphas who opposes him were either assassinated or the pack will be attacked by his hired rogues.    The council has set their eyes on the tyrant alpha. Especially when he drove other shifters into hiding even though it is proclaimed by the queen that every shifter should not hide and live in vain.    After the defeat of a know rogue leader Marcus Ford, the council released a mission regarding high alpha Vladimir. A mission to put an end on his reign. And the best person for the mission? Believe it or not. The council sent Lykos and Lynox Stanford. Their wits and mischievous minds can outwit the evil alpha. The way their mind works when they think of their pranks make them the best choice for the mission.    Without a doubt, they did. Slowly they penetrated the high alpha's domain. Destroying him from within. They gathered those who are against alpha Vladimir. Even making his comrades turn against him. Slowly, they crated a huge number of rebels. With careful planning and execution, and the help of the rebels, they have overthrown alpha Vladimir. Chasing him out of the continent to live as a wanted rogue.    With the news of success against the former high alpha spread across the continent and across the seas, the European alphas unanimously voted for the twins to be made the high alphas of the European Continent.  Now that a strong and huge continental territory is under their rule, they have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Responsibility that they should share with their mate.
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