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Unknown POV Who am I? Where am I? Dark. I can't see anything. I feel like falling.  Then there was it. A light. I tried reaching it. I have to reach it.  The small light begun to grow. Until it was blinding me.  •••••••••••••••••••• Lykos  I gasped as the dream ended.  I rubbed my palms on my face as I remember my dream. It was the same dream over and over again.  But what does it even mean? Who is that voice in the dark? It sounds like a woman. The question is, who is she? Why is she there? Then the door opened and my twin brother Lynox walked right in.  "I felt your distress. " he said.  I let out a loud sigh.  "It was the same dream. " I said.  He ran his fingers through her hair.  "What do you think it is? " he asked.  "I don't know. The dream started when we were kids. That dream is not normal. Even Lady Amara cannot figure it out. Bro, it's killing me." I told him.  "I know the feeling. I know mom is trying to figure it out but came out with nothing." he sighed.  "I think we should consult the oracle " he added.  I got out of bed and put in a shirt.  "I say let's ask our sister and niece. " I said.  •••••••••••••••••••  After I got ready for the day, Lynox and I went to our office and have a nice video chat with Zab and Zari.  We told them exactly what is happening to us.  "That's a very cryptic dream brother. " Zab said.  "Don't you think I know that already?" I snarled.  Zab rolled her eyes.  "Drama queen." she mumbled then glared at me. "And don't you dare snarl at me little brother. You may be high alphas now, but I'm still older!" she growled with her eyes turned red.  "Don't you worry uncle Lykos, uncle Lynox. It's not really cryptic. " I heard Zari said.  I shifted my gaze to my niece.  "Care to explain my dear." Lynox said. Zari rolled her eyes. She's really turning into Zab.  "It was your mate calling. " she said.  And our world stood still. Lynox and I looked at each other.  "Mate?" we asked in unison.  Zari nodded.  "Oh! This is fantastic! You're finally meeting your mate! " Zab chirped, and her eyes turned back to pink.  Sometimes I'm scared of her sudden shift of mood. "Just mate? Not mates?" Lynox asked.  "Just mate. One single mate for the both of you. You just have to share. " Zari said.  "Ooooh. Kinky. " Zab said.  Zari looked at her mother.  "Mommy, what is kinky?" she asked.  Zab paled and begun stuttering, trying to find a suitable explanation for her daughter. Lynox and I hanged up, leaving out sister with her dilemma.  "Our mate. " Lynox said.  "We gotta find her. " I said.  "Yes. But before that we have to attend the alpha meeting in the Kremlin. " my brother said.  'Yes we gotta find mate!' My lycan Caspian said. I groaned.  "Oh yeah. Come on. " We stood up and left the confinement of our office. We went straight to the garage where our red Audi R8 is. We hopped in and I drove away towards The kremlin. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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