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I read the message and was about to rush and I saw the person I didn't want to confront at the moment. He took menacing steps towards me and within a second he trapped me between the locker and his chiseled chest. 

"Who do you think you are? You think you can get me in trouble; the Xavier Blackwood?" I tried to maintain a neutral face but inside I was getting scared because of the proximity. I didn't utter a word. 

"Do not defy me, Celestina." He warned me with gritted voice. 

"I already did." I couldn't control myself anymore. I was supposed to maintain a low profile but my personality can't change. 

"Don't challenge me, Celestina. You don't know me." Xavier whispered to me, I could feel his breath on my lips and I stayed between him and the locker.

"Yes, I do. You are an egoistic, arrogant, good-for-nothing boy." I whispered to him in the same voice as his. He let out a sinister laugh that was enough to raise goosebumps all over my body.

"Hmm. Let's see what a good for nothing, boy can do..." Xavier brought his lips near mine....


Xavier Blackwood; the Alpha of Blackwood Red Moon Pack. At just the age of 18, he was already one of the strongest werewolf in the world. With heightened senses, speed and strength he was indeed a worthy alpha for the pack. Xavier was still 18 years old, so his bad boy personality was at its peak. In Fall Rivers High school; he was the popular boy with charms and he got his eye on the new girl. Celestina was another target for bullying but that didn't last long. He will find out about his own past and bigger aspects of the supernatural world. 

Celestina Lucius is a strong girl with extraordinary supernatural powers but all her senses seem to shut down whenever she is near Xavier Blackwood. Celestina wanted to run away from the place that brought the biggest tragedy in her life, destroying everything to shreds. She came across a town; Fall Rivers. It gave her a sense of security but to only find a greater supernatural aspect of the world from which she ran from, in the first place. Here, she will find her origination and her life's destiny. 

Let's join Celestina and Xavier in their journey to defy the past, royalties and bumping heads with each other, supernatural high school, and the whole town of crazy. Join the ride of the journey of how the bad boy fell for the badass girl. 

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