She's a Street Racer


Aqua Hill; 17 tomboy, bad-ass, street racer. Who knows how to put anyone and everyone in their place, only child. Living with her mother, a complete rebel. She never really was a girly girl which made life so much better, going against every rule and restrictions put by her mother.

Is f****d to live with seven boys not to mention smoking hot boys with old flames and new to ignite. How will her life turn out to be?

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CH#1 Leaving Home
Aqua's POV: Driving through the streets in full speed with your hair flowing behind you is the most amazing feeling ever, isn't it? The roar from the engine and the swishing of the wind it's the best. When my driveway finally came into view, I parked my Harley v-rod 1986 in, took my helmet off, (yeah I'm a bad-ass but safety comes first) shaking my head to settle my hair, I swung my bag on my shoulder as I entered the house. "I'm home!" I yelled and rush into my room not wanting my nagging mother to give me a lecture. I stood in front of my room's door which was marked with a black danger sign with skull and bones. I kicked my door open and entered my room, the walls were blood red and grey with a large bed to the middle, with navy blue comforter. On the left was the dressing table with daily necessities, and towards the right was a poster of Harley hog 1970 and an Aston Martin. Yeah! yeah! yeah! It wasn't a girly room boyish if you ask me, but that's the way I like it. I threw my bag on the bed, took a shower and dressed in a white tank top with black jeans. "AQUA!" Hollered my mother from downstairs I love my mum but she's always on my case. I ran downstairs to listen to my dear mum (Note the sarcasm) with an eye roll. "Yes mum?" I asked. "Have a seat dear." my mum said politely smiling. This is not good, every time my mum goes on a business trip she likes to sit and have a "talk". "Honey I have to go away to Austria for a year and I can't take you with me." She started "It's fine Mom, I really don't want to go either" I said before she could continue, "No sweetie the thing is you can't stay here alone. You have to move and live with a friend of mine." She says. "Mom I'm 17 I'm sure I can take care of myself, remember last month when you went to the US, I stayed home and took care of myself." I replied annoyed. "Yes you did and I'm proud of you, but that was two days. Now I have to go for a year, you can't stay home alone." She Answered. "But mom!" I argued. "End of discussion!!! You're moving to my friends in Manchester, and you're leaving tomorrow." She exclaimed with a straight face. "Ahhhhh!!" I screamed and stormed out of the house slamming the door behind me avoiding the screams of my mother to come back.... I climbed on my bike and fasten the helmet texting my friends to meet me at the "The ring." "I have news." After about a 5 min drive I reached the ring; which is an old abandoned building with skating ramps and boxing ring, where I have fought and won a couple of times. I got off my bike and shut the engine I heard another engine roar I turned about and saw my friend Chris on his Ducati, I know nice choice! He came encircling and parked next to me. "Hey" he said as he came towards me, giving me a 400 megavolt grin. Chris is tanned with a sharp jaw line high cheek bones and muscular looks intimidating but is my best friend. We have been friends since we were 9, and I moved here to Newcastle he has stuck with me in good and bad times his appearance gives a bad-ass vibe which makes us so much closer. "Hey" I replied but not as much enthusiasm. He swung an arm around my shoulder, and we made our way inside the building. "Yo guys! " Yelled my other friend when we entered the building, "Hey Josh" I greeted. "Hello my lady." He said with a fake British accent and a bow, you see he moved here about five years ago from Greece, and we've been friends ever since. He's tall with a lean muscular body and gives a boy next door vibe. "So what's the news?" Chris asked with a raised eyebrow while rubbing his hands in anticipation. "Well, imleavingthecitytommorrow." I spoke in a rush. "What?!???!?" Both of them exclaimed. "Repeat." both of them exclaimed again. Biting my lower lip, I repeated. "I'm leaving the city tomorrow." I explained to them why I'm leaving and for how long. "Well we'll miss you but let's make the best of today, and we promise we'll visit you when we can." Chris said...he's always the positive one in the group and does anything to lift my mood from silly faces to food "Racetrack." We all yelled together. There is an illegal racetrack just near the end of town, where we race often. The race's ranges from cars to bikes, from drag to drift. It's the best place for auto and speed lovers.... I and Chris climbed on our bikes while Josh jumped in his sleek Audi. He believes a car is a better option hence he's always been a car man for a race and so we made our way to the track.... We entered the race track; cars, bikes, men and women in skimpy clothing and tattooed not that I'm against tattoos. I have two of them myself booming music and roars of the engine could be heard. We stopped our rides and stood leaning against them while chatting up plans. "Look who's here to grace us with their presence" A voice spoke from the left, We moved to look at the speaker who turns out to be one of our rivals who has never won a race against me, which pisses him off more than anything is losing against a girl. "Oh here comes the looser." I replied cockily, I love to piss him off...It makes racing so much better. "Huh why don't we decide that over a race sweetheart." he replied furiously. He tried to make a move on me when I just started racing but was disappointed as I didn't go out. "Oh bring it on." Replied Chris before I can, He believes in me completely and knows I'm a better rider than most of the people here.... The race began and ended with my dignity intact, After the race we went to the diner which is pretty much our second home or second meet spot, we always ate here after our races and made our way home.

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