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It was a magnificent island, hidden from common mortals by ancient magic. Any human ship that passed by could cross it, as if only water existed there. Any plane that passes over only sees water there. That island, only visible to the eyes of supernaturals, was the kingdom of Boris, the dragon king of the south, and his clan. There were forests that lined the beautiful beaches all around the island. In the center of the island, amazing gardens and many houses, where the dragon clan families lived. There were training grounds for the different species of dragons and, at the center of it all, a magnificent palace, made of stone and crystal, which shone in all its splendor under the rays of the sun. Boris was a benevolent king, loved by his clan, and, of the 4 Dragon Kings existing in the world, certainly the most respected. The old dragon king of the world, had no heirs, and everyone was betting that Boris would be his successor. Boris had no ambitions, but he would accept the position if, within 100 or 200 years, he was called to it, but considering that the life expectancy of a dragon exceeds many centuries of life, he expected the old king to live for many more. In the present, Boris has only one wish, to see his only daughter, Hanna, happy, after having lost her for a long time. She had come back a few months ago, after a small werewolf had freed her from the clutches of witches and rogues. He knew Hanna was traumatized, but she hid it, so he did everything to see her smile. That included throwing parties and treating her friends as if they were royal. One day, she will find her fated fireheart, and Boris hopes that her fireheart was a dragon in the clã, or that he will join the clã. He can't lose her. All dragons have an incomplete fire in their heart, but when they find their fated fireheart, that fire never goes out, and they love forever. They only love one dragon in all their long lives. Even after death, they won't be able to love another dragon. That's what happened to Boris. His fated fireheart departed for the stars, shining above him, in the sky, leaving him alone and with Hanna, when she was still a child. Never again did his heart love another dragon, and in it, there was only room for the love he had for his daughter. In her, he saw his mother's fire glow. But this is not the story of King Boris or Princess Hanna. This is the story of one of her friends, Lucifron, and his dragon Zog, the red fire dragon, and his fated and unexpected fireheart.
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