Chapter 1

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Lucifron was the son of the King's General, and next in line to command the royal troops. He was stoic and devoid of emotions. He used his days to train and become even stronger than his father, and he occupied his free time in the company of his only friends, with whom he managed to open his soul. Hanna with her fire dragon, Argenta. Nymphe with her elemental water dragon, Hydra. Dalkor and Valdar, the only fated fireheart couple between them, with their elemental fire dragons, Reese and Kai. Abraxas and Iposa, the twins, with their fire dragons Lethon and Azure. Those were the only ones that he managed to show some affection, and they loved him as much as he loved them. It was in one of those laser moments, when the dragons played together on the beach, that something unexpected happened. A boat reaches the shore.Never before did they see a ship reaching the shores of Dragon Island. They simply go through the island, invisible to everyone's eyes. When the boat docks on the beach, the young friends approach, wanting to know the reason for such an event. From inside the small motorboat, a werewolf jumps out and ties the boat to the beach with a small anchor. Seeing the young people approach, he smiles and waves, then walks towards them. - Good morning, my name is Reed, I'm the Beta of Darkmoon Silver Guardians Pack, and I'm on a mission to talk to King Boris, King of the Dragons of the South. The young dragons look at each other. What could a pack of wolves want with the dragons? Werewolves aren't the most aggressive supernaturals out there. Vampires and witches were much worse, but wolves make wars too easy, and are too possessive. Even so, dragons were, without a doubt, the most intelligent, honest and good-hearted species that existed. - My name is Hanna, and I'm the daughter of Boris. I can take you to him. - Are you Princess Hanna? I've heard a lot about you. Hanna remembers what happened to her in the past and becomes defensive. - Who told you about me? - The King of Alphas and my future alpha, Ryan. - Ryan? - Hanna says, with a grin. – How's Ryan? - Ryan is fine and happy. He and his mates are the dads of 3 beautiful pups. - Wait! Mates? Pups? You have to tell me everything. The beta sits his ass in the sand and starts talking. - I can tell you everything before I speak to King Boris. The subject that brings me here's important, but we have time. Ryan went through a lot of danger and pain, but he ended up accepting his two mates. Mark, my alpha's son, and Kevin, the former Beta, are fated mates to Ryan. They now have 1 pup who's 9 months old and two cute 6 months old, twins. He is very happy. My alpha will pass the title to the 3 future alphas, and for that purpose, he will throw a big party. All old and new friends were invited. So what brings me here is to deliver an invitation to attend the party. My Alpha thinks Ryan will be super happy. - You called Ryan the king of the alphas. Can you explain this to me? - I think Ryan and his mates could explain it better, but I can say that this was the wish of the Moon Goddess herself. The Ryan you knew is now the most powerful alpha in the world. The young dragon gasped in surprise. - Can you take me to the king now? I have to go back to the mainland and try to get to Darkmoon as fast as I can. After all, I'm second in command. Hanna and her friends accompany Reed to the throne room, where Boris was dealing with tasks related to the clan's daily life. - Dad, we have a visitor. - Visit? – Boris says, surprised. – but I didn't receive any message about a delegation? - He arrived by boat. This is Beta Reed, from Ryan's pack – she says with a smile. - Ryan's pack? But Ryan had a pack? I'm confused. Reed steps forward, and bows. - King Boris, Dragon King of the South, it's with great honor that I bring you this invitation. Boris raises an eyebrow, but holds out his hand, and the daughter takes the invitation from Beta's hand and runs to hand it to her father. “Alpha Dylon of the Darkmoon Silver Guardians Pack, is honored to invite the great King Boris of the Dragons of the South, and his daughter Princess Hanna, as well as all of their young friends, to Alpha's title change party, which will take place on the next full moon. The Kings of Alphas, Ryan, Mark and Kevin, look forward to seeing you at the event.” - King of the Alphas? - Yes, my lord. Ryan was blessed by the divine Moon Goddess. He's the strongest and most powerful werewolf and a born alpha. His the king of all Alphas, along with his two mates. - Well, well. There's a story Ryan's going to have to tell me himself. You can report that the Southern Dragons will attend. Reed bows and is escorted back to the boat by one of the palace guards. - Dad, Ryan and his mates have three pups. I'm so happy, my friend is okay. - Well Hanna, you and your friends need to get ready. The party's in three days. The wolves will be surprised when they see eight big dragons arrive. Lucifron was bord. He likes Ryan, but the reason why he had to miss a train day was unbelievable for him. Surely, Ryan wouldn't miss him, but he couldn't go against the king's decision.
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