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This book is the sequel of the ‘What am I, a monster?’, but it can be read as a stand-alone as well.


Serena was an average werewolf who was just a tiny bit different from the rest of her pack members. At least she thought she was average, but everyone else looked at her and treated her like she was some kind of heroine who will save the world one day.

She was born with white hair colour, which looked a lot like the Moon Goddess’ hair, according to old books so everyone thought that she was sent by the Goddess herself to look out for all the werewolves and help them in need.

Everyone respected her, loved her or feared her, except one person, Mason. He hated her because his friend, Cayden spent all his free time with her and because she was always the centre of attention wherever they were. Oh.. and she had a crush on her best friend, who was also Cayden.

Mason thought Serena was fake, but what happens when they are stuck together for three weeks? Will he see the good in her or will he continue hating her? Will Cayden reciprocate her feelings or will she need to endure the pain of loosing her best friend?

Follow them and find out...

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Chapter 1

*** Serena’s POV ***


Have you ever felt like you will collapse under the pressure of people expecting too much from you?

Well…I feel like that all the time.

When I go to the supermarket or when I am at school… When I hang out with my friends, when I spend time with my family or when I just try to relax in my room away from everyone… I feel like I will fail them all. I feel terrified about what is going to happen when they will all realise that I was right about what I have been telling them my whole life… That I am just a normal werewolf. I am not as special as everyone thinks I am. I feel totally normal and I know they are wrong in thinking that I am some kind of heroine who will save the world when she grows up only because I look… unusual.

Yeah, I do look different. My hair is totally white, so people think that part of the Moon Goddess is within me because, as the legend says, she has unnaturally long and shiny white hair as well, just like mine.

It's true, my hair is very long and white and shiny, but there is nothing special about me. I am just an average girl with average grades, but sometimes people treat me like I am the Moon Goddess herself. It is annoying as hell if you ask me. Everyone needs their privacy, but I don’t even know what that feels like, since everyone knows me in the pack better than I know myself.

At least they act like they do, but I just smile at them every time they corner me and try to escape them as quickly as possible without being rude. My mom made sure that I was always polite and kind to everyone. Even if they annoyed the hell out of me with their stupid questions like ‘What will happen to us when we die?’ They think I know the answers to all their questions that the Moon Goddess might know. So you see… sometimes it’s not easy not to yell at them to leave me the f*ck alone already.

Sometimes I just want to be invisible so they can’t see me anywhere I go. I wish I could just walk through our territory without being stopped by someone. The only place I can be alone in peace is my room or our cabin, which is located in a small clearing and it’s surrounded by trees. It’s a pity that it’s a bit far from here, but maybe that’s why it’s private, since it’s outside of our territory. Dad built it for mom when I was one year old.

He always tells me about their time before I was born and I like to listen to their stories. Dad said mom used to go to the small clearing whenever she was upset or she wanted to be alone, so he built a cabin there for her. My favourite part of the place is the pond. It’s just a small one , but the water is very clear so you can see a lot of different kinds of animals enjoying the water. It’s really calming and relaxing.

Sadly, I can only go there if I ask my parents to take me. I don’t have a wolf yet, so the only other possibility to go there is if I take the bus. That’s why I don't go there as often as I would like to do. It’s too far to go by bike, but I didn’t need to wait too long anymore.

“Sera…” I wish I was there right now…

“Seraaa…” I snapped out of my thoughts when my cousin, Iris, called my name impatiently.

“What?” I asked as I turned towards her.

“Mrs. Donovan was talking to you.” She pointed at the worried-looking old lady behind the counter.

“I am sorry, I was just daydreaming. What did you say?” I asked her with an embarrassed chuckle and Mrs. Donovan smiled at me.

“It’s okay, dear. I was just saying how beautiful you are and how lucky our pack is to have you.” She said kindly and I just nodded my head with a smile. I used to correct people by saying that I am just a normal person like everybody else in the pack when they praise me too much, but I gave up already a long time ago. It’s just a waste of time when they don’t even listen to my words.

“Thank you, Mrs. Donovan. You are so kind. We need to hurry now. Have a nice day.” I told her politely while I started to drag Iris out of the bookstore. She wanted to buy a book for her literature class, but I didn’t want to be there any longer.

“Stop dragging me for Goddess’ sake.” She hissed as soon as we left the shop.

“Did you get the book?” I asked her.

“Yeah, not thanks to you.” She said sarcastically while she rolled her eyes and fixed her clothes.

Iris was beautiful with long brown hair and big brown eyes. She was only a few months younger than me, but that few months were enough to make her start school a year later. Of course, we weren’t happy about that, since we wanted to start it together, but that is what it is.

“Whatever, let’s go back to the packhouse. I promised Cayden that I would hang out with him later,” I said, and we started to walk back.

“It’s so weird that you have a crush on him,” Iris said, and I shook my head at her. It really sounded weird to someone who doesn’t really know us, but for me, it’s pretty normal.

“No, it’s not. He has been my best friend since we were little and I like him. It’s not weird at all,” I told her. We had this conversation already a few times, but she doesn’t really like to hang out with Cayden so she always brings it up.

“Come on, admit it. You are my cousin and he is my cousin too. I know you two are not blood related, but still… it’s weird. Besides, he is a year younger than you.” She said while she wrinkled her nose in disgust.

Cayden’s father, Gamma Cameron, and Iris’ mother, Auntie Caroline, are twins, so that makes the two of them cousins, while my mom’s brother, Uncle Dante, or Beta Dante as everyone calls him, is the father of Iris, so we are cousins as well. Can you follow me? Oh, and our parents are all childhood friends too, so we are all pretty close.

“Iris, just drop it.” I told her while I rolled my eyes at her. It was pointless arguing with her. I know he is younger than me, but I realised that I like him more than just a friend a few months ago. He is taller than me and that one-year difference is nothing to me.

“Alright, I will shut up. I will let you be alone with him then.” She said with a sigh and I grinned at her. I know I need to wait for my mate anyway, I just want to spend time with him and who knows, maybe we will turn out to be mates. If he likes me as well, I would let him kiss me, mates or not.

“Thanks, Iris. You are the best.” I squeezed her arm lightly and she smiled at me before we continued walking home.

The packhouse was huge and it was the home for …about two hundred werewolves and I really like to live there...

I mean… scratch that. Who am I kidding? I hate to live here and it’s only because I can’t walk in the corridor without being stopped by someone. I don’t know why they feel the urge to praise me every time they see me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice of them, but some people just seem fake. Those are the a*s l*ckers as we named them with Cayden. We realised that they thought I would be someone powerful in the future, so they started to be nice to me, only to make sure that they had a good place in the pack hierarchy and I hate that.

We walked upstairs as fast as we could to avoid running into someone and luckily we got to Iris’ floor without interruption.

“See you tomorrow.” Iris said and I waved at her before walking up to the top floor. We have the whole top floor only to ourselves, since my parents are the Alpha and the Luna of the pack and I love our home.

On the floor below live the Beta’s and the Gamma’s family, so that means Iris and Cayden are neighbours. Iris' little brother will be the next Beta, but he is only ten years old, so he still has time and Cayden will be the next Gamma.

I opened the door of our home and I was right away greeted by my arguing brothers, Damien and Dylan. They are twins and they look totally alike. They are 14 years old and they have light brown hair and grey eyes just like mom’s, while I have got dad’s blue eyes with this weird hair colour. Sometimes I feel like a freak when I look in the mirror.

“Five more minutes.” I heard Dylan saying.

“It’s my turn Dylan, don’t be an a*s.” Damien whined and grabbed the controller from Dylan’s hand. They started fighting for it, so I closed the door behind me with a loud thud, which finally got their attention. They both looked at me and ran to me right away.

“Sera, he broke the other controller and not me, but he is the one playing more now.” Damien complained while Dylan rolled his eyes.

“Not true. It didn’t work well when I used it last time, because you dropped it. Remember?” Dylan said as he pointed his finger at Damien.

“Guys, this is the fifth Xbox controller that you broke in the last three months.” I said and walked past them into the kitchen to drink something.

“Yeah, that’s why mom doesn’t want to buy a new one anymore,” Damien said sadly.

I poured a glass of orange juice and looked at them both. They looked so pitiful as they were standing there with their heads hanging low while they were pouting. So adorable.

“Fine…” I let out a big sigh. “You won.” I added, and handed them some money from my savings. Their faces lit up like a Christmas tree and that made me smile as well. I know they did it on purpose to make me give into them and find a solution, but I didn’t mind. They are my little brothers and I love them dearly. It doesn’t matter how annoying they can be sometimes, the family is the most important.

“Oh my god, really?” Dylan asked excitedly and I nodded my head with a smile.

“You are the best sister ever.” Damien said, and they both pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.

“Alright, guys. I can’t breathe.” I managed to say and they finally let me go. They were only fourteen, while I was almost sixteen, but they were already a head taller than me, not to mention how strong they were.

“Sorry.” They said in unison with huge grins and it was already worth it to give them my savings.

“Here is some more money. Buy two of those silicon protective covers as well, so they won’t break so easily next time. Hopefully,” I said, and handed them more money.

“Thank you, Sera.” Dylan said happily.

“We love you so much,” they said in unison and I let out a laugh.

“I love you both too. Now go.” I said, and they ran out through the front door happily.

I let out a laugh again before taking a sip of my orange juice while looking around. My parents were busy with their pack duties, so the house was empty and quiet. I like to be at home alone, but I have things to do, so I can’t enjoy the peace.

I placed the glass on the sink and headed out to go down to the floor below so I could hang out with Cayden.

I knocked on the door twice and walked in like I used to. The living room was empty, so I headed straight towards his room. I knocked once again and opened the door without waiting for his permission.

“Hi.” I said cheerfully, but my smile faded as soon as I saw him playing video games with... Mason, to my disappointment.

‘So much for being alone with Cayden, huh?’

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