2. He's my what?!!

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The next morning I woke up and lay back in bed. My head was thinking about the ways that I was going to handle Eduard and Erik, they need to toughen up their role in the organization, like it or not the other guys would look up to them as their leader. It would take more time for them to finally get with the reality that I would be their leader. I still need to prove my worth to them. I sighed after minutes of thinking then finally get out of bed. My room was a total mess, but I finally found my fuzzy slippers under my dirty laundry. Mm...there it is, I've been looking for you, ooh...and you too. It was a good start of the day, when I finally found my favorite toy, I decide to take it with me into the shower. And play with myself while I rest my back to the glass shower wall. I moaned when the toy gave me the edge that I was waiting for, and finally relaxed, and calmed down as I climax to Mark. You never fail me Mark. Yes, I named my toys, and Mark was one of my favorite. I cleaned him and put him in my favorite drawer with the rest of his friends. Then carry on with my morning shower. I put on my shorts and my favorite oversize men t-shirts that I buy in bulk online. Then put on my fuzzy slippers and headed downstairs to the kitchen. My tummy was calling out for Roza. "Morning Madam...." Roza greeted me. I raised an eyebrow at her. "Roza, you've been feeding me since I was a baby, are you trying a new thing with me? I will be replacing father but I'm still your little Lina. Now...my tummy wants your morning specials, so hit me." I flopped my ass on the breakfast bar and sipped the coffee that she had already prepared for me, I turned my attention to my phone and start opening my emails. Then I heard father speak behind me, in a very serious tone. The kind of tone that he use whenever had important guests in the room. Oh oooo.... "Alina, my daughter why don't you get change. I got business acquaintances that I want you to meet." Father looked at my wardrobe and tugged his smile, knowing I would be embarrassed. I turned my back and saw men in suits while I was in my fuzzys and oversized men t-shirt, I wasn't even wearing a bra, they couldn't even see my shorts, since it was a really short shorts. I was thinking of taking a lazy morning, after my encounter with Mark. And maybe have a second round with him, then start my working day afterwards. "Ermm...right, give me five minutes." I told father as I blush, but then I gave them my sweetest smile, and hurriedly walked back to my room. Damn! Not a very good first impression for your future business partner woman! I cursed at myself as a put on my work pants and my white blouse and top it off with a matching working jacket. Then put my hair in a ponytail and smear my lipgloss to top my makeup. Yeah! That will have to do. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled as I look more business like. Then switched my fuzzys to my heels. Might as well get the day started with the guys. Five minutes later I was clicking my heels heading downstairs to the dining area, where apparently Roza had laid out a full-blown breakfast meal on the table. Damn Roza, she works wonders for my appetite. She's like my fairy godmother dressed as a house chef. "There you are. Alina, please come here and let me introduce you to our business partners. Maxim Andreyevich Markov and his second in command Nikolai Alexandrovich Markov, and this is Nikolai's father, I believe you've met him before, my best friend Alexei." I had a bad feeling about the breakfast meeting. It appeared to be too intimate for a breakfast meeting. I was shaking their hands but I couldn't shake the feeling that something would go down hill pretty fast. I sat down with them and try to calm my nerves by drinking my coffee. Roza was serving my breakfast and I was about eat when father finally told me. "Alexei and I had been talking and discussing about our daughter and son..." What the f**k?? "....that we could merge our family business the old fashion way, with a beautiful wedding. Now Alina, as you said previously that you wanted to replace me. Well..my darling daughter now is your time to step up and took charge of the family business by merging our two families, Nikolai here is will take position as your future husband...." I couldn't hear anything else, I just look at my father. My heart was pounding hard, I could hear the thumbing sounds in my ears, I couldn't even look at the other men. All I see was red, I was furious with father. My fists were white as I gripped my fork and knife too tightly. "He's my what?!...." I finally got up slamming my cutleries to the table. "What the hell! Father, you said that I could....arrgghh....I'm just not going to....goddamn it! And you!..." I took my knife and hold it to Nikolai's view, trying to threaten him, but it made him smirked at me instead. "...I'm not your anything, just find someone else! I'm done here!" I slammed the knife down and walked away from the table, walkout the house and slammed the door. I passed two guards infront of the house, they must be theirs. I walked straight to the garage, change to my boots then put on my helmet and roared my engine then took it through the drive way. I stop as I heard father calling my name from the porch, then I took my phone and made sure that he watched, as I throw it on the ground, silently telling him that I knew about the tracker that he planted there. I saw Nikolai crossing his arm to his chest as he smirked at me, and raised an eyebrow when I gave him the middle finger. Then I turned my bike roared my engine and speed off the drive way. I am not some mob bride that can be wed to merge a family. I am an independent woman. I can make my own family! Damn you father! I cursed, as I speed off into the traffic. Then I turned left and headed out to Sharon's studio loft. I need breakfast and alcohol, in that order. I was hungry, I didn't even get to have my breakfast. Damn them all!!
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