3. Feisty Bride

1323 Words
Nikolai's POV "Dad, you can't be serious...it's f*****g seven in the morning. It's too damn early, and we have talked about this already. I can find my own wife, you don't have to play match maker." I sighed, as I drink my coffee, while trying to wake myself up. "Son, Mikhail is my best friend, and you haven't even met his daughter. She's beautiful Nikolai. She can gave me beautiful grandchildren. And her family needed our resources, so it's an easy solution, in return you will be assisting her in heading their organization. She will need your guidance, Mikhail is no longer as active in the field as he used to be..." He told me as he took a seat infront of me. "Look, just come with me and Max, we had some business to talk about with Mikhail then you will get to see her. I've met her couple of times already, and she's definitely better than the girls you bring back home." "Okay dad, but after this I'm done, when I said no then it means no. Okay? I'm my own man. This is not like you picking out who's going to be my tutor." I smirked at him. Ah...I can't even remember her name, but she did took my virginity. So yeah, dad did good for me back then. "Well...from your smirk I can tell that I did good. Come on, you're my only son. I will not disappoint you." He got up and called Max saying that it was a go. I could hear laughter from the other line. Damn you Max! We finally arrived at the Vasiliev at nine. I look at the place, it look like he was actually set. I turned to my dad with a questioning look. "He had sold half of his asset for this appearance. He need his people to see him still prosperous enough to maintain his lifestyle. But he hadn't been growing his business since he got shot two years ago. Now, his daughter had just finished college and wanted to replace him, but she didn't know that there would be nothing to replace if she's not wed to you." He looked at me and gave me his victorious smile. This is not good... "Look...I'm not going to be one of those guys that forced their marriage to an unwilling woman. I'm not going to force myself to her." "You're a good man Nikolai, your mother raised you well. She would be proud of you. We will see okay. Let's just get in and see how it goes." He smiled at me, as I parked and turned off the engine. Max arrived minutes later, after we were inside and I was introduced to Mikhail. He look like a nice fellow, but I still didn't get why he would basically sold off his own daughter to another mob family. If Olga heard about this she would definitely flipped. She would never agree on an arranged marriage, she's one of those feminist people. Hell, I'm not even sure if I wanted to go through with this. But my decision was swayed, when I saw her walking in her fluffy sandals and an oversized t-shirt, I kept on wondering was she wearing anything under that, cause I could definitely see the outline of her n*****s. She was saying something to her father, and blushed then gave us her sweetest smile and walked away, I was guessing to get change. Damn! Dad really knows me...She's beautiful for sure...and sexy, damn sexy! She came back out five minutes later looking all business like with her fancy pants suit and her sheer white blouse. I could see her black bra underneath. And her ponytail, I could just imagine myself, wrapping my fingers on it and tugging it. Fuck! Wait...what? This seemed too f*****g easy...I never had anything this easy... "There you are. Alina, please come here and let me introduce you to our business partners. Maxim Andreyev Markov and his second in command Nikolai Alexovich Markov, and this is Nikolai's father, I believe you've met him before, my best friend Alexei." Her father said to her, while I kept looking and studying her features. She was looking a bit unsure at us, she looked a bit nervous. Did she not know about me, about what we were actually here for? "Alexei and I had been talking and discussing about our daughter and son..." Here we go.... "....that we could merge our family business the old fashion way, with a beautiful wedding. Now Alina, as you said previously that you wanted to replace me. Well..my darling daughter now is your time to step up and took charge of the family business by merging our two families, Nikolai here is will take position as your future husband...." She was red, she was gripping her knife and fork. Her fists were white, her dainty fingers looked like they're about to snapped. She wasn't even looking at me, she was channeling all of her anger to her father. Well this is interesting... "He's my what?!...." She finally got up slamming her cutleries to the table. Right...okay then... "What the hell! Father, you said that I could....arrgghh....I'm just not going to....goddamn it! And you!..." She took her knife and hold it to my face, trying to threaten me. I smirked at her. Aww...this is too cute... "...I'm not your anything, just find someone else! I'm done here!" She slammed the knife down and walked away from the table, walked out of the house and slammed the door. She passed Ivan and Demyan, and walked straight to the garage. Then there was an engine roaring sound  from inside the garage. It was smooth and deep, yet loud at the same time. Damn...it can't be... It sounded like like one those Ducati bikes that I used to ride. Wait... Fucking hell! f*****g sexy! Damn! She was on her black Ducati wearing her boots now, she must had changed them back in the garage. Even in her helmet she looked sexy. Dad was on point on this one, he knew how I like my bikes and how I had to gave them up little by little, as I took on more responsibility for the family. "You can close your mouth now son. She will look this way in a couple more seconds." He patted my shoulder and whispered in my ear, making me instantly close my mouth, just in time as she looked back at her father, when he called out her name. I crossed my arm to my chest and smirked at her, trying to look un amused by her outrage, while in reality I was itching to f**k her already. Shit! Not good.... Then she throw her phone while looking at her father. My guess was, she knew about the tracker that we usually put on our family member's phone. I just hope he put one on her bike as well. Then she looked at me and gave me the finger, making me raised an eyebrow at her. Oh...my sexy thing...I will make you beg for my fingers... Then she turned her bike and roared her engine smoothly, and speed off expertly to the main gate. Damn, I'm so f*****g turned on right now. Now, I just need to find away to her pants, I mean her heart...yeah her heart for sure. "So, did I do good son?" Dad asked me, looking amused at himself. I was still looking at her tail lights, while the others had gone back inside the house. "Good one dad, now I just have to convince her. You also know that I don't do easy. So you're good, and on point." He laughed and walked back inside the house leaving me behind, while I was still looking at the driveway, where she was roaring her engine minutes ago. So this is what they call lust at first sight....
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