The lost daughter

1068 Words
"I am sorry to inform you, madam, that we could not find any track that your daughter has been at our orphanage, or at any orphanage of this region really. We have looked up all our documents, archives, old photos, even asked our retired employees. Unfortunately, we could not find anything, not a single proof" - said in a shaky voice the headmaster.  In front of him was sitting one of the most affluent and richest women in the country. It was not every day that one could meet such a powerful person. Her reputation preceded her everywhere she went. Yet she looked defeated after hearing the man speaking.  "I understand. However, I ask you to keep looking. I would be very grateful for every piece of information. And you know that I am very generous when I am grateful" - said Miss Stark, before getting up from the chair she was sitting at.  "Of course, of course, madam. Let me accompany you till the main door", - said the headmaster, as he immediately stood up.  "No thank you, I'll prefer to walk on my own. Keep in mind what we talked about and not a word with anyone. My lawyers will be in frequent contact. If anything comes up, please contact us immediately".  "Absolutely madam. This is my top priority" - said the headmaster. Miss Stark walked ahead of him, took her long folding cane, and find her own way out. She carried herself with pride but God knows how miserable and lost she was feeling. All her money, power, and influence had not helped her, to accomplish her only mission and dream in life, finding her own daughter, who was lost years ago. Her bodyguard approached her, but she dismissed him and set down to a wooden chair, under a tree. It has been years of endless searching and still nothing. Her heart knew that her daughter was alive, but where could she be? What has happened to her? What kind of life did she live? Did she suffer? Of course, she did. Alone in a cruel world without her mother at her side.  She remembered her big bright green eyes and golden curly hair. She was such a sweet and smart little girl. Her little girl. She remembered her daughter used to sing when she thought no one was listening to her because she was too shy to sing in front of others. Oh, what would she give to hear her angelic voice once again?  Without realizing it, she was crying. If anyone who would see "The steel lady" crying would be shocked. She hadn't cried in years, neither less in public. Never had she lost hope or motivation to find her daughter. But know she was feeling defeated.  "Are you okay madam? Is there anything I can do for you?" - the sweet voice of what surely was a young girl, interrupted her thoughts?  "Yes, yes I am fine" - miss Stark said,  trying to wipe her tears. "It's okay not to be fine, as long as you find the strength to get back on your feet again. And you sure look like a very strong lady, one of those who motivate others" - the girl added. "A motivational speaker, I see. Thank you, young lady but I'm fine. I'm just having a bad day" "Well, we are in an orphanage after all. Everybody here has a least a bad day, I assure you, but we handle it" - said the girl, smiling. "Sorry if I bothered you, madam, I'll leave you at peace now, just wanted to check if you are alright and if there's anything I can do to help".- she said politely. "Are you an orphan? Do you live here?" - asked miss Stark "Oh ... yes I am an orphan, but I do not live here. I come a few times a week, as a voluntary. Just trying to do my part"  "You were raised here?" - asked again miss Stark "Hmmm no. I was... raised .... well the streets." - she said as her voice looked like broken all suddenly.  "Oh, dear. What about your parents?" " I barely remember my mother. She abandoned me long ago... hmm I'm sorry madam, I really don't want to talk about it. " - she said "I suppose I'm making you cry as well, I apologize young lady" - said Miss Stark. "Oh no, no I didn't mean that I didn't mean to be rude, I'm sorry. It's just.... "  "I understand, no need to apologize" "Are you here looking for someone" - said the girl softly, almost like her words would break her. "Well ...yes... How do you know?" "Ohhh that makes me so happy," she said with enthusiasm "How is that?" "It's wonderful, for someone to finally meet a relative or..." "Or a parent?" "-Yes, a parent! Are you looking for your child?" "My daughter, she got lost 14 years ago" - said miss Stark and suddenly realized that she was oversharing with a total stranger.   "Oh, your daughter is so lucky. I mean... lucky to have a mother that is still looking for her and loves her. I would give my life to have that even for a day" she said in a bittersweet tone.  "What's your name girl?" said miss Stark, suddenly feeling compassion for her.  " Ru...hmm Rose, my name is Rose" - she answered. "Nice to meet you, Rose. I'm Anastasia Stark"  "The pleasure is all mine miss Stark. I really hope you find your daughter soon and you'll be reunited"  "Thank you, Rose, you are very kind."  Miss Stark stood up and once again took her folding cane and put on her big dark glasses. Only then Rose realized she was actually blind and could not see." "Hope we will meet again someday. Goodbye and good luck" she said and started walking toward a black car. Immediately a man in a suit approached her and helped her get in the car safely.  Rose watched the car till she lost sight of it. She felt deeply the pain of the woman and for a moment she wholeheartedly wished she was her daughter, or that her mother was looking for her, just like this woman. Suddenly her phoned ringed and it scared her. She had lost a lot of time and already was late for work
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