A call from her son

714 Words
Anastasia pov "Take me to my lawyer's office" - I said to the driver and as the car started moving I picked up my phone and called my personal assistant. "Laura cancel all my appointments for today and tomorrow. Call my detectives and appoint a meeting with all of them, as soon as possible"   "Yes mam'" - Laura answered back and I know she was already doing what I asked, losing no time. The talk with that young girl was exactly what I needed. I can't give up. I just can't. My daughter, my sweet Ruxelana is alive and I know it. I will find her, even if it is the last thing I'll do in my life. All these years I have fought, I became a cold and calculated person, I gathered power and wealth, just to find her. I can not and I will not stop now. "Oh, your daughter is so lucky. I mean... lucky to have a mother that is still looking for her and loves her. I would give my life to have that even for a day"  - the word of that young girl came to her mind, giving her strength a motivation to carry on. "Don't worry my sunshine, mom will find you even if I have to search under every rock, in this country. We will be reunited again and I will shower you with all my love and attention, to compensate for every minute I have been away from you" Her thoughts were once again interrupted by her phone ringing. "Anastasia Stark" - she said in a cold tone.  "Mom is me, Massimo"  "My son, so glad to hear your voice". "You have been to the orphanage. I told you that I will accompany you, I'm not leaving you alone on your fight to find your own daughter back".  She could not help, but smile. Since she opened up to Massimo about her past, her pain, and her suffering, they have bonded even more. Not even that but he took an oath to help her find her long-lost daughter and make everyone that harmed her when young, pay for their deeds.  "I know, I am sorry. I took the call and I just run to the orphanage. I should have waited for you." "I know you are upset due to lack of information, but we will find her, I promise you that." - he said in a decisive voice.  His support meant the world to her, especially at that moment. And she knew that when Massimo was determined to get to something or someone, nothing would get in his way.  "I know son, I know. I love you" "There is nothing I would not do for you mother, nothing at all" - he said. "We will talk this evening again, over dinner" "Sounds good"- she said and they both hang up their phones. She didn't give birth to Massimo, but raised him as her own blood, after the marriage with his father. Even when his own father kicked him out of the house, she stood by him and helped him overcame his struggles. She became the mother he never had and she gave to him all the motherly love that she accumulated at years, for her lost daughter. After the death of Massimo's father, he left everything to his wife, not trusting Massimo as his heir. He thought that she would kick him out and keep all the money and companies to herself, but on the first meeting with the board, she named him as CEO.  Not only she trusted him, but also guided him and helped him become one of the most successful businessmen in the country. He gained popularity and power, and also created an economical empire out of their companies, multiplying their wealth. He proved himself to be ambitious and decisive, and when necessary even cruel and ruthless. He had only one weakness in this world, his mother.  When he came to learn about her past and how she lost her sight and her daughter, he became furious. He loved her even more deeply after learning about her fight all these years, to find her daughter and promised to help her. And he would not stop until he full fills this promise. 
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