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"He totally likes you" Gabi says winking and nudging my arm "No, he doesn't" I say "He was staring at you like a puppy dog!" Piper snorts making me blush. "No he just happened to look at me, he doesn't like me" I say wanting them to shut up, "I think they're just jealous because all the guys like you" Mia says, I can feel my face burning from embarrassment. "Leave her alone" Riley says, taking my arm and dragging us outside away from my so called 'friends' but all they seem to do is embarrass me. We sit under the tree by the cafeteria "You know Matty is really cute" Riley says about the guy before, I just giggle lightly "Why don't you give it a try?" she asks staring at me with her bright blue eyes "He doesn't like me you guys are just imaging things" I mutter, Riley rolls her eyes "What?" I ask, and a huge grin spreads across her face "Why do you find it so hard to believe that someone could like you?" she asks, now I roll my eyes and get up walking away. But Riley runs over to me linking her arm through mine "You do realise that literally every guy in this school drools over you" she says making me turn crimson, I look down at the floor making sure my hair covers my face, Riley just laughs. "Come on I'm hungry" I say changing the subject and going by the line. "Hey Sophie!" I hear someone call I look ahead to see Finn at the front of the line "Do you want to go first?" he asks "Sure" I say pushing Riley with me and going in front of Finn "Thanks" I say before turning around and getting my plate of fries and a milkshake. 'Stop texting me Mr Healy is watching' Piper texts I sigh. I'm in Chemistry but all we do is watch movies as our teacher sits at the front, I normally go on my social media for the whole time and text the girls but I have a weird feeling that someone is watching me, I can feel their eyes boring into the side of my face. I turn my head and gaze outside the window for a second, nothing is there just the usual view but then I catch a dark figure leaning against one of the trees. He's staring directly at me and I can't help but stare back. His eyes an emerald green that swirled with hints of black, his jaw ticking, his face was strong and defined I noticed his t-shirt clinging to his buff body and I could tell he had at least a six pack that I wanted to run my hands over, he was standing casually but he seemed to be tense I could tell. His muscled arms were at his sides, his fists clenching and unclenching but our gazes don't leave each other's, he lifts his hand to run through his dark, thick hair making me want to tug at his hair and brush my lips on his perfect mouth... My shoulder is suddenly shaken bringing me out of my daze over this God outside, I reluctantly rip my eyes from his to be met by an unfamiliar girl smiling widely. She has brought a chair over to sit next to me "Hi I'm Cassie" she says, hugging me - I am slightly startled by her friendliness "I'm Sophie" I say "I know" she says making me laugh awkwardly "Oh! Sorry that sounds really creepy." she says giggling and bringing her hair to one side it's dark and thick. "It's just I've heard people talking about you, you're really pretty by the way I love your eyes I've always wanted hazel eyes but mine are blue but I guess that's alright a lot of nice things are blue like the sea and the sky. Oh no, I'm babbling again! My mom says I talk way too much but dad says it's fine because I talk for me and my brother because my brother doesn't talk much he normally just growls and grunts but when he does talk he's mean" she says finally taking a breath. "Uh-Nice to meet you Cassie" I say "Are you new here?" I ask as I haven't seen her before. "Yeah I started today" she says "Have you joined anything yet?" I ask quickly before she starts talking again "No" she says "Why don't you come to my cheer practice tomorrow? I'm on the team and I'm pretty sure we could use someone like you energetic, excitable. You would be perfect" I say making her smile "Really? Me, a cheerleader?" she says I nod smiling at her she seems nice a chatterbox, but nice. "Do you wanna grab some food after school and I can give you some advice on it?" I ask her "Sure here's my number" she says getting her phone out. We exchange numbers and carry on talking for the rest of class, I look back outside the window but the hottie is gone making my heart drop for some reason. I say bye to Cassie as we leave class and I go to my locker to get my bag and when I get there a guy is next to my locker. As soon as he sees me a smirk appears on his face and he starts walking over to me, I put my head down and try to walk around him but he grabs my waist. "Go away Alex" I say trying to pry his fingers from my waist, but he doesn't listen and places sloppy kisses on my neck making me cringe and try to get away from him. "How could I stay away from your sexy ass?" he says in my ear. Suddenly, he is ripped off of me and I stumble a bit trying to catch my breath from the surprise. I turn around and see Alex on the ground being punched, and his face is bleeding and bruised already but the guy who is hitting him carries on. I recognise the guy he's the one I saw outside the window staring at me, he is growling and shouting curse words at him and threats whilst pounding his fists in Alex's face. I quickly run over grabbing onto the guy's arm which seems to relax him from my touch "Stop" I say quietly as I gaze over Alex's disfigured condition, I gulp and feel shivers of fear go down my spine I take my hand away from the guy's arm and without giving him a look I run down the corridor, scared for my life. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" I say under my breath as I sprint through the empty school, why didn't I just go straight home? In an instant I'm pressed up against the wall, I squeeze my eyes shut knowing who it is. "Please, let me go" I say, I hear him growl slightly as his hand brushes my cheek and he places a bit of hair behind my ear, and I can't help but blush "Open your eyes" he says. His deep voice sends tingles through me as I slowly open my eyes and I'm met with a rock hard chest, my eyes go up and his green orbs meet mine. "Why did you hurt Alex?" I ask him swallowing nervously as his hands go on my waist, I see his eyes flash black he closes his eyes and growls "Is that the guy that was touching you?" he spits with venom in his voice. "Yeah" I say timidly "No one should ever touch you, you are MINE" he says growling as his grip on me tightens as he starts cursing and growling. "Why did you stop me anyway? Do you like him?" he asks as his eyes fly open staring into mine and I see black swirling in the green sea of his eyes. "You were going to kill him" I say unable to take my eyes from his "He deserved it I should of ripped his f*****g limbs off and make him-" "No" I say "No? Why? Is he your boyfriend?" he asks as his eyes scan over my face making me blush "No, no of course not, he's just a bit weird. But he didn't deserve to be beaten up" I say "Yes he did, nobody should be touching you like that" "But you are" "I'm allowed to" he says putting his head in the crook of my neck "Why?" "Because you are mine" he mumbles, I put my hands on his chest trying to push him away from me but he doesn't budge "Get off of me!" I say "No" he says as his grip once again tightens but he looks at me and I can see the annoyance in his eyes "Get away from me!" I scream hitting his chest but he isn't effected at all He grabs me by the wrists and pinning them above my head "Don't do that" he growls warning me as his face is a breath away from mine. I feel fear run through me but I can't ignore the tingles his presence is giving me, "Please let me go" I say scared of what he'll do. He scans over my face and lets go of me he is growling and muttering something under his breath, he kisses my forehead and then leaves. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and I stay there for a few moments processing what just happened.
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