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"Look at Kian, ugh! He's so hot!" Piper says "What about my Nate, he is so cute" Riley coos over her boyfriend "Your brother is so adorable in his uniform" Mia says "Guys can we not talk about my brother like that, it's just weird" I say wanting to cover my ears to avoid hearing anything else they would say about Zac. "Fine, fine what about-" Gabi says scanning over the football team guys on the field "Alpha Jason" she whispers "Alpha?" I ask the girls all look at Gabi and then Gabi starts to stutter "That's his nickname" Cassie says quickly making the others relax, I shrug off their weird behaviour "He's the one standing with Zac and Nate" Riley says pointing him out. As soon as my eyes land on him I gulp trying not to drool over him he is hot, but he's the same guy from yesterday, as in the psychopath that beat up Alex and now Alex has disappeared. His gorgeous face and ripped body has been driving me crazy, I can't get him out of my head not even shirtless Nick Jonas pictures could make me forget him. And now I can put a name to him, Jason, Jason Fontaine. "No, no, no he's my brother" Cassie says "How about we just stop talking about the guys and talk about something more important like what food we are getting?" Piper says "I'm starving after cheerleading" Cassie says "Same let's get froyo" I say. Me and Cassie go to get changed as we are the only ones who do cheerleading, the girls say they want to support me but I know that they are really here to gawk at the football team, which is understandable I do it as well. After changing I drag Cassie with me to go see the guys, "Why do I need to come?" she whines "Because" I mutter, the reason is they kind of scare me I am 5ft3 meaning I'm tiny and I'm skinny, these guys are all at least 6ft and made of pure muscle so they could easily snap me or crush me. Even though Cassie is a few inches taller than me any support is support. "Zac" I say to my brother but he doesn't listen as he is talking to his friends, I sigh and go over grabbing Zac's arm he turns to me "You don't need to drive me home today, I'm going out" I say "Okay, but don't stay out too late" he says seriously making me roll my eyes at his protectiveness, he wraps me in a hug and I am overwhelmed with his sweaty armpit smell. I hear a deep growl come from someone making me suck in a breath as I know it's Jason and someone's probably going to get killed now, great. Zac places me behind him "What was that for?" he asks I hear low mutters and I have no idea what anyone's saying, "My sister" Zac says "Sophie?" Cassie squeals I hear another growl. I clear my throat and poke my head around Zac's arm "Why are you talking about me?" I ask suspiciously raising my eyebrow. They all look at me with weird smiles on their faces apart from Jason who is staring at me blankly, but behind his blank expression I can see a glint of happiness and pride. "Is there something on my face?" I ask feeling really self conscious and blushing, I bring my hands to my face but Cassie just laughs. "No, no you're fine. Come on, I need to tell the girls the exciting news!" Cassie squeals grabbing my hand and skipping as she leads me back to the girls, I laugh at her strangeness. "What news?" I ask she looks back at me biting her lip. Then she throws her hands up in the air "A sleepover, yeah, I'm having a sleepover tomorrow and all of you are invited!" she exclaims smiling widely. "Yay!" I say Cassie laughs and goes to tell the girls. "Go get your bag whilst I tell the girls" Cassie says "Fine, I'll get yours as well" I say "Thanks" she says. .. "Dad, I really need to go I'm sleeping over at Cassie's!" I say as he stands in front of the door with my car keys in his hand, "Cassie Fontaine?" he asks "Yes now can I go?" I plead him "You're not going there!" he growls at me "What? Why?" I ask confused at his sudden outburst considering he doesn't even know Cassie. He opens his mouth to say something but my mom places her hand on his arm "Neil, don't" she says and gives him stern look then she faces me with a smile "Go on darling, go see your friend but make sure you're safe and we'll talk about this when you get back" she says "Thank you mom" I say giving her a quick hug "Bye dad" I say going over to him "I'm dropping you there" he says "What?" I ask "You heard, I know their family very well actually and I just want to ensure my daughter is safe" he says "Dad" I whine "Please you're going to embarrass me so much-" "Either I come with you or you don't go at all your choice" "I don't really have a choice then do I?" "Then it's settled, come on kiddo" he says picking up my bag for me "Bye love" my dad says to my mom giving her a kiss and a tight hug. "Love you" she says "I love you too" he says, it always makes me smile at how much my parents still love each other after all of these years, I can only hope for something like that. They break apart with one last kiss before my dad walks me out the door and we get in my car "I'm driving" he says making me sigh as I am already on the driver's side "Fine, just hurry up" I say not wanting to be late. "Woah, are you sure this is where they live?" I ask my dad as I stare at the massive mansion in front of us, he just nods. As we pull up the driveway and outside their house I turn to my dad "Okay, I can go in on my own now dad" I say opening the door and grabbing my bag, as I step out my dad is next to me, I roll my eyes knowing he won't go so I just keep quiet and walk up to their house, more like a mansion. I ring the bell and step back waiting for an answer, then the door opens to reveal a massive man who looks about the same age as my dad and he looks very intimidating, "Hello Neil, nice to see you again" the guys says to my dad as they shake hands and both give each other a small nod "And you Alpha" my dad says, alpha? "This is my daughter Sophie" my dad introduces me I smile and wave "Hi" I say awkwardly, he nods in my direction. "Come in, everyone's in the main living room" he says as me and my dad go through, dad leads me there making me think he knows them a lot better than I thought. We go to the room which I'm assuming is the main living room, who has a main living room? That obviously means they have more than one but they're only a family of four so why would they need this massive house? I see Cassie, Riley, Piper, Mia and Gabi sat on one sofa talking with a lady who looks a lot like Cassie "Hi" I say making them all turn around and look at me "Sophie! You're here!" Cassie says, "Yeah, this is my dad" I say "Hello girls" he says. The lady runs up to me and hugs me tightly, I laugh awkwardly when she pulls away "Mom!" Cassie says in annoyance at the lady who is her mom, "Hi Mrs Fontaine, nice to meet you" I say she waves her hand at me smiling widely "No need to be so formal, please call me Amanda. It's so nice to finally meet you we have been waiting for so long to meet you" she says, confusing me completely was I that late? .. "We win!" I yell just as Riley scores the winning point in our pool came of volleyball me and Cassie jump on Riley taking us three under water, when we get back up to the top the others are scowling at us "It's only a stupid game" Piper says "Is someone sad that they lost" I tease her "No she's just saying it's a game which it is so no need to get so excited" Gabi says making me, Riley and Cassie laugh. "Come on, let's get some food I think the losers need to be uplifted" Cassie says getting out of the pool "I'm fine with that" Mia says getting out as well. "Come on Piper don't be such a sore loser" I tease her "I am not, I just don't like it when you have to keep on talking about it just shut up" she says, me and Riley both laugh but grab one of her hands each and walk down the corridor with her following the others. "There are cups in the top cabinet" Cassie says "K" I say stretching up but I can't reach them at all, I get on the tips of my toes but still my fingers only brush the bottom of the cabinet. "I'm too small, I can't reach" I whine, in seconds I'm pushed up against the counter making me suck a breath in. I realise it's Jason making me tense because of what happened the other day, he gets a cup for me easily and sets it on the counter in front of me and his hand is gripping onto my bare waist causing tingles to go through me. He brings his head down to my neck as he inhales then I feel his hot breath by my ear "Why are you walking around wearing that?" he asks huskily and growling slightly, my cheeks instantly heat up as he says that, "Uh- I-W-We were swimming" I stutter "You're so damn sexy" he growls in my ear, as his mouth plants a spine tingling kiss on my neck, I bite my lip before snapping out of the daze he has me in. I remove his hands from my waist and escape his hold, my hands clasp onto the cup and I go to the sink filling my cup with water and downing it, trying to get rid of my flushed face. I keep my back to Jason trying to avoid his gaze as I go over to the girls who are sat at the table eating and drinking. I go next to Gabi and take a few pretzels and start talking to the her, after a few minutes of me ignoring Jason he growls slightly then leaves making me feel sad to see the back of him, I wanted him to come back and be with me. As that thought crossed my mind I was surprised at myself even though I'm glad he's left as he always makes me get all hot and bothered and embarrassed but part of me liked it, liked him and whatever part of me that is won't let his perfect being get out of my head. "Ugh" I groan frustrated with myself for feeling like this, I put my head in my hands for a few seconds "Leave me alone, get out of my head" I mumble to myself. I look up realising all of the girls are staring at me suspiciously, and Piper opens her mouth as if to say something but it quickly closes when I speak "Headache" I say stuffing some pretzels in my mouth to try and act normal.
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