Chapter 1

762 Words
Prologue Mara set out early in the morning with Lydia, her Beta, to visit one of the orphanage homes for homeless werewolves children under her care. On their way back, she felt exhausted, but her thoughts kept drifting to Ryker, her husband of three years. Something about him had been off lately. Slowly, she dragged herself out of the car and through the front door of the house. Usually, several omegas would wait outside and come forward to take her things, but the house was eerily quiet and empty. As she approached the door to Ryker's sitting room, strange sounds were coming out behind the door. "Oh! Ah, ah, ah, Alpha, I want more!!" It was a voice she knew all too well. Mara was dumbfounded and rooted to the floor. Then, what followed made her stomach churn with dread. "Yeah! Babe! Your ass is sweet!" The familiar woman's screams grew louder. "Oh! Yeah! Love it! f**k! f**k! Ouch!" Mara couldn't take it any longer, and burst into the room, her body shaking with shock as she took in the scene unfolding on the sofa. Ryker had his plank, thrusting and driving into Mina's body, while his hands were on her boobs, squeezing them as he rode on. Mina, her half-sister was lying on the sofa, with her legs spread wide open, and her hands snaking his chest. "Oh! Yeah! Alpha! Ah, Ah, I'm cumming. Ah..." Even with the way she banged in, they never heard a thing. "How dare you!!! " Mara growled, her mouth agape and tears burning her eyes. That was when they saw her. Why f****d Mina, her sister, the only family she had in the world? Mara was on the verge of a breakdown. ... A day later Mara jolted awake in the dead of night, her senses immediately alert to the cold metal grip of silver chains around her neck and legs. Disoriented and drained, she struggled to recall how she had ended up deep in the woods. The haunting melody of wolves howling filled the air. As she tried to stand, a black wolf lunged at her from the shadows, knocking her to the ground. Another wolf appeared, pressing down on her back. She tried to shift and fight back, but the silver chains were weakening her wolf power. In the dark, she could still recognize Mina's wolf. "Mina! " She called out, but she heard her sister wolf howling, laughing at her. "So you can recognize me, little sister," she said as she shifted back to her human form, throwing Mara a mocking grin. "Thanks for leading me to my mate. We've been f*****g a lot lately. My mate is amazing in bed, isn't he? I just can't let you live, because you are such a hindrance to my happiness." "No! It shouldn't be you! How I regret finding you. You are a wicked w***e! Do you think you can get away with this?" Mara screamed out louder, her regret consuming her. "Sister, how sure are you? Don't you get it? I have already done so, I have already gotten away with everything including your Beta's death." Mina screeched, mocking her." What? What did you do to Lydia?" Mara groaned, sobbing louder. "She is dead. I killed her myself with just a paw to her heart. Can you imagine how fragile her bone was? They scattered just in a spin of second." Mina said proudly. "Why? My Lydia! "Mara could only scream out as tears gushed down her face. "I want to be the Alpha to father's pack and also marry Ryker. His d**k will serve a lot of purposes. I am a w***e who depends on d**k to survive. I lied to you that I am a slave, how could you believe such a thing, fool..." Mina explained, waggling her tongue. "Danger, finish her up!" Mina howled. The wolf beside her grabbed Mara and pinned her on the ground. "You will regret this. I promised to make you pay." Mara screamed out, hoping to attract attention. She knew it could be so hard to hear from the woods they were in. She could be killed without any trace. "Scream out louder, nobody will rescue you," Mina yelled at her, and shifted into a gray wolf, charging at her. She grabbed her neck with his left paw and then his right paw smacked into her heart, picking out the heart off her body. Mara watched, agape as her heart disconnected and gave up. " If only I could turn back time, I would never..."
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