Chapter 2

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Before Mara's father died, he had told her about his affair with a human woman who gave birth to her sister called Mina. He had made her promise to him on his deathbed to look for her and take care of her. Like the fool she was, she had made that promise and had found her some months before, caring for her and forming a sister bond between them until she thought it was the time to bring her to her husband's Pack, not knowing she would end up regretting everything. Barely some weeks ago, she brought her into the pack. The moment they got into Pack, she sensed something wasn't right, her wolf had cautioned her but she was so stubborn, shutting her up. The shocking thing happened when Ryker saw Mina coming in with her for the first time. She witnessed Mina shift into a little gray she-wolf and watched as she and the howling Ryker were pulled under the mate bond, glued for a moment, while his wolf came out, recognizing each other. After that, she struggled with conflicting emotions. Mina was her dear sister, the only family she had in the world. She didn't want to lose her. She was thinking about asking Ryker to reject her, knowing full well that it would create a rift between them that could never be mended. But Ryker was so busy with the Pack affairs to ever talk about it, and Mina had been such a dear to her since she came to the pack. Her Beta saw a lot and had warned her. "Mina? Flirting with Ryker? No. I know she can't do that. She is my beloved sister, and also, I don't think Ryker will ever cheat on me." she responded, trying to brush off all the thoughts. But her mind never left that matter, it engraved her like a bee to honey, throbbing in her heart. ... A few minutes ago, Mara was brutally murdered with her heart being pawed off her body by her half-sister. Now she stood frozen in the same room two days ago with her hands covering her chest as if she could still feel the pain of her heart. The Moon goddess certainly had another plan for her, and returned her to the day before her demise. She finally came to her senses, seeing the same scene in her previous life unfolding before her. "Nooooooooo!!!" Mara's voice screeched above her lung from where she stood, mouth agape and her reddened but anger-filled eyes glued to her husband of three years, and the sister just killed her a few minutes ago. Her scream stopped their movements on the sofa. "Lydia, Lydia,..." Mara yelled, searching for Lydia to make sure she was still alright. Lydia heard the noise and came upstairs. Seeing Lydia standing alive in front of her, she ordered her, tears streaming down her face. "Lydia, kick that homewrecker out of the pack now!" She had to make her leave. Mina must leave the pack, back to where she came from, away from her and Ryker, before she could murder her and Lydia. "Mara!" She heard Ryker's hoarse voice say, as he stood naked, hand still around the blue-eyed Mina. "I'm sorry, Mara, you know she is my fated mate. The mate bond is pulling us together. But I haven't forgotten the promise we made. You are still my Luna. Please don't send her away from me. My wolf would go mad not having our mate around." His hand was twitching the lady beside him to himself as if she was a dine's worth, an insufficient priceless. The excuse again! The excuse he had made in her earlier life, he was making the same now. Thankfully, the goddess had taken her back to the agony time of her life, a day before her death. The past life was rowdy, she had fretted and ran mad just after he said that, and the shocks from it made her withered like a flower on the hottest sunny day, drained and fragile. She had sulked, begged, and threatened until her voice rusted and her eyes had airways shot out of their socket, still, Mina did stay. "I insisted, I said no!" She grunted louder as well as tried to calm herself down. At this moment, the pack was all by the door peeping their heads, all eyes were glued on her and then to Mina. She cared less, all she did was regret finding her. "Mara! Don't do this, after all, she is your sibling, you will always be my Luna and nothing else. She is just to stay here to satisfy my wolf not Ryker, your chosen mate," he pleaded murky, tears on his face. The tears which could have become sour in her eyes if she had seen them in her former life, but now annoying her. If he only knew that the person he was crying for was a murderer who had venom in her countenance and could end her life before the sun rose the next day, he couldn't have pleaded. "Ryk, before she came here, things were alright, the two Packs are doing well under our cares, mingling together, so you wanna destroy all this over your selfish behavior blaming your wolf?" She grumbled, gritting her teeth afterward. A crunching sound met her ear and she twirled to meet the gaze of Lydia. She was standing, shrugging at the turn of events. Mara discovered the tears already forming between her eyelids. The same thing happened in her past life, she sobbed with her and they wept like babies until no more sight of tears in their eyes. "Try to be considered, Mara. It isn't for me," his voice more crunching, as he ambled towards her. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "Dear, please, I just can't live without her, I may die..." he was cut short by Mina who fell on her knees beside Ryker with a melancholy pitied face, holding the same hand Ryker held. "Sister, please don't do this, you know what I am subjected to in the human world, and also I am new to this wolf thing, it is making me weak, by taking me away from here, you will be killing me... please, save my life," tears shimmered from her eyes as if she was genuinely weeping which could be used against her later. Everything being replayed, In her preceding life, Mara had ranted out, threatened to push Mina out of the pack back to where she took her from, and had slapped her, she never knew it was just a drama to draw sympathy from the Pack people. The people's eyes were now glued to the three of them, waiting patiently for her decision. She just couldn't allow a replay of what happened. Her eyes gazed up, and there she saw the pack Beta, eyes pitted toward her, mouth pouted while his arms folded, she could mind linked him and knew what was going on in his head but she would rather follow his gesture insinuation. Yanking her hand away from those who clutched firmly to her, she said "She must leave!" "I can't, please sister, don't make me, please!" Mina's scream echoed through the whole building, sending murmurs among the Pack members. Even the least Omega has something to say by just looking at the teary Mina. She sniffed occasionally, blowing the mucus from her nostrils. "Mara, you are the best Luna I have ever met because you gave me peace, do you wanna kill that peace just because of this?" Ryker pushed further, standing to face her. "If you want peace, you can happily reject her right now as you promised, that will be even better than her staying here," she snapped, rolling her eyes. Ryker whiffed before groaning, he already knew that he was losing it. He wanted his mate to stay, yet he wouldn't want to offend Mara, she had been there for him and had saved his life once when he and his late cousin went out toward the woods to hunt, unknowing, a rogue was around hiding In the wood, before they saw him, his paw had pierced his cousin body dismantled him. it was a horror for him as he stood shivering. Mara had come with her father's two warriors and heard his screams, she came running to rescue him. The rogue was killed. Since that day, they had been close, since no mate was coming for both of them, they had promised themselves to become each other's mate and reject any other mate until he saw Mina, he was already changing his mind. But he had no choice but to reject her, he pulled Mina up and twirled her to face him. According to the rejection bond, the rejected and the one who was rejecting must stand face to face. Mina, who didn't know this, thought it was some affection and smiled. Meanwhile, Ryker's hand had bashed her right boobs, sending some hotties down her leg. She wanted to continue badly from where they stopped, she loved the way he dragged his d**k into her, twisting and knacking her until her head ran mad. his lips munched hers, making her so wet, the undying pleasure no one had given her all her life. She had f****d countless d***s but she just found a person who fitted her so perfectly. She was a loose person who emphasized d**k as if it was food. She had been a w***e before Mara picked her but she had lied that she was enslaved unjustly by humans. She had of course heard about werewolves. She has two werewolves friends and one of them has already applied as an omega. They had map-up plans, an act of revenge lingering but one person had to go first. "I, Alpha Ryker..."
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