2. Missed Opportunity

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"What the freaking fudge?!! Fuck.. he's freaking hot! Damn Ryan! I should've just let him drown in his work last night!" I whispered loudly, we were having our girls lunch, where Amanda was insisting that should we have, saying that it was a life and death situation. Crap! it was a deadly situation. Deadly for my s****l life apparently. She was smiling from ear to ear satisfied with my reaction, while Amber kept on zooming in and out his picture on Amanda's tablet. She said that her s*x buddy from last night who was also Darryl's friend, told her about his sports issues where apparently top athletes would go bare and flaunt their bodies for their sport campaign.  "Damn the photographer is too good. I couldn't see his junk! But he looked very well equipped there Ange, I'm sure you feel him up already last night." She was laughing hard to her own words, they're both definitely enjoying my miserable state of s****l frustration. We ordered coffee while finishing on our lunch. Then my phone buzzed, I looked at the screen and groaned. "Hi mom...I'm good, I'm having lunch with the girls...no I can't mom, not this week okay? What? Mmm...okay, right...but I...sure, mmm...no, it's just...I have to...but...okay...okay...I'll be there. Right, love you, yes dad too...yes mom...I'll see you this weekend." I rolled my eyes and end her call. "So! No seeing Mr. Hockey hunk this weekend I assume?" Amanda teased me, making me look at her squinting my eyes and eventually claimed my defeat. "No...guessed not. I need a real d**k! damn... I'll be needing new batteries in no time if fate kept on interfering with my s*x life." I said as I let out my frustration to them, making them let out another laugher. "So, what's with your mom? What made you say yes?" Amber asked while we were drinking our coffee. "Some charity event, she said something about needing me for a plus one for my dad, since mom will be busy, she's on the committee this year...." I was dreading coming home, knowing that there would be series of never ending questions, for my eternal single life.  We finally said our goodbyes and schedule for another lunch, this time Amber said that she would drag Emilie if she has to. I was smiling, totally believe that she would actually do that to Emilie. Four  working hours later I was finally heading out the door. Ryan was still busy having a meeting with the board, I smiled to myself remembering what Amber said. I guess I'm better this way, Ryan look stressed out, while I was strutting and headed out the elevator as my hours were up. The rest of the weekdays went by with no issues, I closed on two more big accounts. That should make me save for the rest of the month. I had been the top marketing and sales person in the past five years, I'm still the top earner of the company. I was selling a promise for those companies, we were in the business of employee training, on all kind of departments where their management thought were lacking in performance. Amber was still amazed at what my company actually do, on how I was actually offering such service with lots of zeros entailed, how other established company would even consider our service were needed.  "It's a word of mouth Amber, my words, how I would explain to them explicitly that they could do better with our help, that their competitors were also using our service and obviously my charisma..." I winked and explain to her one day, as she still didn't comprehend my product, what I actually offer to those named companies.  I stumbled on my work while I was on my internship, I was attending the sales meeting and the CEO was complaining to her sales team, telling them that they need to work harder, and actually reach their monthly goals since the year was almost ending. I had attended their meetings, taking notes for their sales meeting reports for months when I finally couldn't take it anymore, and knock on the CEO's office door. "....afternoon Ms. Marteen, here's the report for the sales meeting and here's my proposal on how the company would make more money and take in new clients."  She was stunned by my words, but told me to sit down while she take a look at my report and the flipped through my proposal. She was looking at me then back to my proposal. Then she was smirking and told me that I was moving up to sales. That was the last time I write a sales report, and that was year one for me as a top sales person.  She would take me to all company functions and luncheons where I would bravely circled the floor and talk to all the companies highest execs, directors, CEO, COO, even owners. I'd give them my card without explaining anything to them, I was just there, peeking their curiosity with my wits and charms until they couldn't take it anymore and finally asked about why I was there. I would never explain directly to them what we actually do, until they finally invite me to their office and present our service and gave them a ridiculously high price.  They would laugh at my pricing, but I would give them my look raising my eyebrow challenging them. That was usually when they went silent. Then that was when I would give the big finish with list of their competitors that had joined us, their would be company's growth, and I would always close by giving them the contract telling them the price was a one day deal only, and tomorrow the price will double, as I mentioned that I was actually looking for their commitment and telling them that there's no second guessing in our system. It was all or nothing, It was all about trust. Ms. Marteen, let me call her on a first name basis, and I was her golden girl. That was until Ryan, the f**k boy comes along and I was passed down for a promotion. And then last night happend, the golden boy was asking for my help. In which I come to his rescue immediately, leaving my sexy hockey player behind. Regrets of missed opportunities comes later, much much later. Damn.... ****** Ivan: Get rid of the other guy author! Angelica: Ivan baby, he's just another male character. You're the leading male in this story. And I love you. Darryl: If you're sure there Angelica.  Angelica: Damn... his voice is smooth as butter.... Ivan: You know that I can read you're thoughts in this book right? Angelica: Crap! ‍♀️
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