Book 5 - My Possessive Mafia

one-night stand
opposites attract

Angelica is a party girl. She works hard and play harder. She likes her men sculpted, handsome, tall, and most of all easy.

She never like complicated, difficult to handle men. She like her easy going lifestyle. Until one day she met Ivan, her bestfriend's body guard.

She considered him as one of her easy fix, he definately fits the profile and was easy enough for the first time. Well...until feelings were involved obviously.


Ivan never considered himself as a cheap thrill, he likes to be romantically involved with his women.

But his job made it difficult for him to do so. He never had the time to date women, and lured them to his side. Until he met Angelica, the beautiful party girl whom he could not resist.

His dark past, and his job made him a possesive man. And she was proven difficult to handle.


Could their love for each other paved its path to their ever after?

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1. After Hours
This book is a stand-alone, but you will understand the characters better by reading the books in order: 1. The Mafia Entanglement 2. Between the Mafias 3. Romancing the Mafia 4. The Mafia Bride 5. My Possessive Mafia "Amber babe, seriously...Emilie has been busy with her mob boss, come onnnn...pwetyyyy please! I got Amanda pumped and ready...yeah? hell yeah! I'll see you at players in an hour, don't drive we're getting wasted baby!" I was gathering my girls minus Emilie, who had been hibernating with her new boy toy for the last couple of weeks. I was having the lousiest week in my life. I just got pass by my junior for a promotion, though I know it was because of his looks, and I could not compete with that. But I was still pissed, cause I know that I could bring more money to the company, than that pretty boy.  Opening my walk-in closet I pulled out my sexiest dress, it gloved my body just like a second skin. I couldn't wait to get wasted and f**k some random guy, I need to forget about Ryan the pretty boy. Putting on my make up was like a therapy for me, I'm a girly girl that likes to dress up and go out with my friends. I like to balance my hard work with my hard play.  My parents had been nagging me to comeback home, saying I needed a time off of from being a young executive. But coming back to the suburbs and being set up with the sons of my mom's friends from her country club was not my idea of spending the weekend. Dad was not being easy either, as he would try to set me up with some of his still single and much much younger business associates. He could really give me some daddy issues.  Though I like some daddy kinks, but I'm no baby girl that like to depend on men for money and stability. I like to make my own money, I like my independence. "You know you can still make more money from the commission alone, much more than his fixed salary right? you're a crazy sales woman, and think of the responsibilities? You would still be in the office having some conference call ,with the company's over seas business partners right now, am I right?" Amber scolded me, telling me off while pouring all of us more champagne. Damn.. Amber is one of the strongest woman I know, I still couldn't believe that she's a single mom, working and growing her business, while taking care of her son, and then she would make time in her already busy schedule and listen to my sappy story. "I love you Amber..." I pulled her into my massive hug, thanking her for her insights. "Girl, points for you! tall guy with friends coming our way, if you could kiss Amber on the mouth and lip lock for couple of seconds that would seal the deal." Amanda whispered loudly and winking at us from her seat, while drinking lazily. We were laughing as we saw the guys that were truly crossing the dance floor and coming our way, but I kissed Amber on the lips regardless just for fun, making Amanda squealed like a five year old. "Damn Amanda! try to look conspicuous will ya?" we both finally laughed at her. But eventually silenced when a deep sexy male voice cut in on our conversation.  "Ladies...so, is this an all girls party or can we boys join in on the fun?" The sexy dark man oozing with s*x open the conversation. Goddamn! oh I can already imagine me ridding him holding on to his hard pecs...damn!  "Come sit down boys, pardon my girl here...Angelica babe...you can stop drooling now." Amber told me perfectly knowing, that I've just been imagining the man in my dirty mind. Amanda was laughing, while scooting to the middle giving them some more room to sit.  The sexy chocolate goodness, was taking his seat next to me. They introduced themselves, while Amber introduced us. Minutes later I was dancing with Darryl on the dance floor, he was checking all the list on my bed mates requirements. I was creeping my hands higher when he said that they're professional athletes, and were in town for a hockey tournament. He was slithering his hands to my back, and slowly pulling me closer to him. I could feel him, lazily trailing the side of my of neck, and swaying his body expertly to the music. He was taking his sweet time of not kissing me, he was hovering his lips while whispering all the sexy things he wanted to do to my body. I was wet and parched, very parched when we decided to have another drink. Amber had already gone home, while Amanda was busy smooching with one of his friend on the dance floor. "So...can I kiss you now?" His hand was high up on my thigh, while his other hand was cupping my cheek. I nodded my head, knowing that I would let out a moan if I answered him verbally.   His plump lips were actually very soft, I was feeling him molding my lips with his. It was sensually slow, he was good, damn good. His hand was trailing up from my thigh to my waist, then higher up to the side of my boobs, teasing me. His body was covering his touches from our surroundings. I was biting my lip, trying to hold myself from.... And then my phone buzzed, it was my business emergency line. "f**k! sorry Darryl, this is my emergency line." I told him as I peeled myself off of him, he was groaning but he let me go as I find a quieter place to take the call.  I was back to our seats minutes later, he was busy browsing on his phone.  "Look, Darryl...can we do a rain check? a do over another time, I really got to get back to the office, f**k! I can't believe I'm doing this." He was chuckling as he got up and finally pulled me roughly to him and kiss me hard, my hands wrapped around his shoulder instantly, while he lowered himself down for a deeper kiss. Fucking Hell!  "Only if you're sure." He took my phone and type his number in on my phone.  "I will surely regret this...but, yes I'm sure..." I was trailing my hands on his hard muscular chest. We finally parted after another minute for a hot scorching kiss. Pretty boy will die by my hands tonight!  I cursed him on my head while hailing for a cab after saying my goodbye to Amanda, who was apparently getting ready to leave the club with one of Darryl's buddy.  Lucky woman!  ****** Wowww.....Welcome! to Ivan and Angelica's story...❤️ Expect sexiness, hotness, arousal, intense bickering, drama, a pinch of humor and something.. idk ... I'm still at chapter one  Ivan: Wait...what's with the jock? lose him author! Angelica: Ivan chill baby, it's a back story... you will appear later.  Ivan: I'm not liking this story already! 

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