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** RYDER'S POV ** I didn't wanna come to school today but my girlfriend being the show-off queen that she is, she dragged me here. Since she promised to show me a good time why don't I start it off right now? After she got out of my car I backed her up against the car hood and kissed her roughly and she knows how I like to be rough so no problem there. There are two reasons why we both are together; 1. It’s convenient, and 2. She is amazing in bed. I heard whistles and hooting coming our way and I knew it's our gang that's here. Our gang has four girls who are Stephanie's friends and six of our football team guys, Owen who is Sarah's boyfriend, Tom is Anna's boyfriend, Michael is Camilla’s boyfriend, Liam is Brianna's boyfriend and lastly Ronald whose sole passion seems to be football cause I have never seen him with any girlfriend or boyfriend, he is also good in his studies. Our first-class is English and since it’s the first day we decided to attend the class. We all wanted to sit the back but only four seats in the back were empty. The guys stood next to this girl who was sitting in the most arrogant way possible and tapped on the desk of her chair as she had her headsets on but failed to get a response from her so they tried again and one of them went to the guy (I think his name is Zane something) sitting next to this girl. The guy was about to get up from his place when the girl stopped him taking off her headsets “Where do you think you are going” she asked. The guy glanced at our gang that was standing around her “The jocks are begging to be seated Zo”. ‘Begging? Seriously? This guy wants to get his ass beaten or what? I gotta butt in before things go out of hand.’ “Dude watch your words!” The girl who didn’t bother to respond to us, glances at us “There are other seats that are empty you can sit on them cause WE are not getting up and next time you guys want to sit somewhere you like you better come in before us or make sure to LIKE the seats that will be available.” “Do you know who you are talking to babe?” I asked leaning on her desk. “I don’t know and I. don’t. care! Better get out of my face if you don’t want it defaced.” She said leaning back on her chair. I looked at my friends smiling and grabbed the collar of her shirt inching even closer to her face “You will not like what I will do to you if you f*****g talk to us like that got it!” “You asked for this asshole” she head-butted me like a crazy girl. I groaned rubbing my throbbing forehead “f**k b***h! What did you do that for?” She gave a triumphant smile “Told you to get out of my face didn’t I! And don’t you ever f*****g dare to even place a finger on me. Now move your fat ass away from me.” Controlling the anger that was bubbling in me “I didn’t know you are a closet freak checking out my ass! You like it?” “You calling me a closet freak is not going to make any difference to me cause you don’t exist to me.” She was now looking down at her book and had her headsets back on. I scoffed looking around with my hands on my hip and pulled on her headsets “You are going to pay for this fireball so you better watch your back.” “Ooooh, I am so scared” she faked to shiver and then scoffed arrogantly. The teacher came into the class forcing me to stop “This isn’t over” I hissed at her and sat in the last chair near the window glaring at this girl who apparently decided to f**k up my mood. My cell phone pinged; it was a message from my girlfriend Stephanie ‘Wanna come to my place tonight?’ Me - ‘Your parents?’ Stephanie - ‘They are going out of town so we have the whole house to ourselves.’ Me - ‘Pizza, beer and lotsa condoms baby?’ Stephanie – ‘You know it, baby.’ After the bell, I went to my locker along with Stephanie to get my books for the Chemistry class I have. Stephanie pulled me closer to her kissing me ‘God this girl is going to be the death of me’. “Can’t wait for tonight baby?” I whispered against her lips. “Meet me in the building behind the football field after lunch baby an urgent matter needs your attention,” she said in her usual seductive tone that she uses every time she is horny and her s****l appetite is monstrous ‘The girl can ride all night long’ Pulling her closer by gripping her waist “Sure baby. I hope you will still have an appetite for some whipped cream after lunch.” She brushed her lips on mine “You know I do baby”. I kissed her breathless before making my way to the Chemistry lab. The last tables were all taken and my jerk of friends were sitting together laughing at my plight as I had to sit next to this psychotic yet shy girl who has been stalking me sending me friend requests from various different profiles online. Luckily before she could talk our chem teacher Mr. Ray Donovan came in “Alright everyone quiet down. As today is the first day of the school year you will be paired with your lab partner whom you will be working with for the rest of the school year.” I was hoping to get paired with one of the nerds of the class, as Mr. Donovan was pairing up people, my hopes started to dim out and the last person that I wanted to get paired with, the one that pissed me off before the start of the very first class ‘Zoey something’ is the one I got paired with.
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