High School Bad Girl [COMPLETED]

YA Fiction Writing Contest

"Zoey Collins" the rebellious bad yet brilliant girl of the school. She doesn't believe in 'Love' nor did it exists for her.

"Ryder Jenkins" the school's most famous quarterback and girl magnet with a much less IQ than Zoey.

Zoey always made sure she was never messed with nor did she ever mess with anyone but if anyone bullied her or her friends she always kicked their a*s and she had just two friends Leah William and Zane Rogers who also shared her brilliance. They were known as the 'Three Musketeers'. Things were going smooth for her till she was to tutor Ryder.

One misunderstanding turned Zoey and Ryder's lives upside down.

Ryder - "Don't ever cross my path ever if you wanna live cause the next time we cross paths I am gonna make you pay for ruining my life b***h!"

Zoey - "Lets see who's gonna be the one who will be paying you asshole and you better pray that I never have to see that face of yours!"

They thought that is the last time they will be facing each other but fate had other plans in store for them.

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** ZOEY COLLINS ** 'Rigemont High is the most famous school for the elite in Boston so it was only natural that my parents had me join this school. Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Zoey Collins and I am in the second year of my high school life, which so far has been uneventful. My parents shifted to Boston a year back. My dad Richard Collins is an architect so his work takes us places and my mom Diane Collins is a licensed Real Estate agent so their work goes hand in hand. I have been successful in making two best friends Leah William and Zane Rogers and they call me 'ZO'. My hobbies pencil sketching, dancing, and photography. ‘So that's about me. ** RYDER JENKINS ** 'Rigemont High is where I have been studying since kindergarten so it feels like home and football is my life apart from sister Kyra. My mom left us when we were kids so my dad Dave Jenkins brought us up alone as best as he could, he is a Software Engineer and has a company of his own 'KYER CORPORATION'. I have a girlfriend 'Stephanie' and we have been together for about a year now she is the head cheerleader and school's hottest girl and I am a star football player so we were bound to meet up frequently at the parties our team was throwing. We made out during one of our team after-party and kind of been together since then. I have lots of friends. I am ok at studies I would say but my teachers say otherwise. So that's about me, Ryder Jenkins. Oh, I forgot to tell you my sister calls me Ry so that's kind of what everyone calls me as well.' ** STEPHANIE REED ** 'Hi everyone I am Stephanie Reed daughter of Charles Reed and Rose Reed. My parents are powerful lawyers with a firm of their own. I am an only child so been pampered a lot. Everyone loves me and I have four BFFs Sarah, Anna, Brianna, and Camilla. We have been BFFs since fifth grade and we are known as the 'Ferocious Five'. All of us have boyfriends and mine is the famous quarterback girl magnet 'Ryder Jenkins' whose father is the richest man on the block 'Dave Jenkins.' ** LEAH WILLIAM ** 'I am Leah William a second-year high school student. My best friends are Zoey and Zane, I know their names make it sound like they are twins and yes sometimes they do behave like they are twins. I have an elder sister named Jane William who is studying at University. My dad is Robert William and is the Managing Director in 'KYER CORPORATION' and my mom is Allison William who is a homemaker. Oh, I forgot to mention, my hobby is my guitar.' ** ZANE ROGERS ** 'With an IQ of 140 I was always referred to as child prodigy being good at everything I did and I was enjoying the attention till all the attention became unbearable as I was always required to be on my best behavior, suffocating me and I turned into someone whom I no longer recognize and being the son of a CEO did nothing to help so I turned rebellious. My mom Katherine Rogers is the CEO of 'ROGER AUTOMOBILES' which my dad started. Dad passed away in an accident when my younger sister Illin Rogers who is ten eight years younger than me was born. I forgot to mention but I also have an elder brother Danny Rogers who is in University the same one where Leah's sister was studying. So that's about me.' **************************************************** ** ZOEY'S POV ** Today is the first of a new school year and dad bought a Harley Davidson Fat Boy in a satin chrome finish in a blue and black colour, although I am not old enough to ride it but dad bought it on one condition that I get an A+ this year, it is not tough for me to achieve an A+ so I agreed to it. The day started on a good note with me getting a surprise from my dad. I met up with Zane and Leah in the parking lot. Zane has a matte black Porsche 911 turbo so he and Leah came together. I turned to my bike and heard a whistle behind me "Wow Zo that's an awesome ride you got there." I rolled my eyes knowing it's Zane. Leah pouted "Zane has a car, you have a bike and me? Nothing, every time I ask my dad to buy me a car he refuses saying I am not old enough, huh!" Zane nudged her and I hugged her saying "So what if they are not buying you one, you can always take either of our rides isn't it so Zane?" Zane shook his head "My car is like my baby and I am not giving her to anyone and I mean ANYONE, not even you Zoey". I glared at him "What happened to 'WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS' Zane?" Zane started to back step "ugh...that doesn't apply to my car...sorry" and took off running from us. We both started running while I yelled out "Zane stop right now or you are going to get your ass kicked dude. We are not kidding." We ran until we lost him in the school crowd and stopped in place, huffing and puffing "Damn it he is fast". Leah sat on the bench "Damn right he is!" We both sat on the bench looking at the crowd of students coming in and my eyes met with a disgusting view of the arrogant playboy almost making out with the head cheerleader in the parking lot "Ewww why don't people get a room!" I said in disgust. Leah looked at them "What's so disgusting Zoey?" and continued, shrugging her shoulders "They are just kissing! Nothing wrong with it, you will know when you fall in love how good it feels to have the guy you love showing so much love." "Ergh...I know nothing about love I agree but I doubt what they have is love. It's more like they are together cause it's convenient, I mean come on, they are practically glued together 'a football player and a cheerleader'? They get to spend more time together so it's more convenient." I say looking bored. Zane, Leah and I chose to opt for a few common classes so we had English as our first period together. We got our books from the locker and walked to our class. I sat in the chair that was last but one row ahead in the middle and to my right, Zane and one row ahead of us sat Leah ahead of Zane.

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