My Devil Billionaire

enimies to lovers

People think that billionaire, Pablo Sanchez is a devil. He was involved with different hate crimes, but despite all the allegations he will able to outlaw the law because of his money and power. But, when she crossed-path with the NYPD Detective, Lindsay Jones, he was loved at first sight. He was very vocal about his feelings toward her, he even try to open up about his life to her, his secret, and everything about him, even his twin. He has a shadow twin, he will be out every full moon, and he was the one who did the devil thing. Lindsay laughed when Pablo told about his twin, she even suggests looking for paranormal, not a detective like her. But, Pablo was very desperate to prove that he is telling the truth until she brings Lindsay for one full night to a jungle and shows her his secret twin. Lindsay starts to fall in love with Pablo, she helps him get rid of his devil twin and seeks help from her aunt who happens to work with paranormal activity. They tried to get rid of his evil twin but upon doing so, Pablo gets sick, Lindsay helps him to recover but later they find out that his evil twin brother enters his body and controls him so such evil acts. He even aggressively claims Lindsay that's when Lindsay notices that Pablo he was with was not the Pablo he loves and falls in love with. Lindsay did her best to outcast Pablo's evil twin from him, their pure love prevails, and fight the demons.

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Chapter 1: His Devil Secret

People called me the devil, a demon but they didn't know, I did nothing. I am a billionaire and I did that because of my passion for the cosmetic industry. But, I am not gay.

What people don't understand is that I have a twin, he's the devil, he did a lot of things that people charge on me because I am the only one they saw. How could they see him if he is just a shadow, a shadow who can hurt you, a shadow who can cause trouble and make my image as bad as hell?

I hate being with him but what I can do, as long as I want to go away and get rid of him but every time I did that he becomes more aggressive.

The ring bells.

I was so lazy to get up and look who was at my door but when I heard a lady's voice outside my apartment I become excited. But I step my feet close to the door, I heard the lady's voice again.

"Mr. Sanchez, this is NYPD, can you open your door, we just need to clarify some issues regarding the case that Mr. Holmes filed for you," the lady's voice.

I sighed, I don't have much time with no sense issues that people throwing on my shoulder.

My bell rings again.

"Mr. Sanchez, I know that you were there so please open your door," the louder voice of the lady outside my apartment.

I don't want my neighbor will be bothered because of that lady so I open up my door, besides I got intrigued by how she looked. I shrugged my shoulder when I finally see her beautiful face, at first I was in denial that she caught my attention. She's pretty, no doubt about that.

"Hey, finally, you open your door, huh?" her sarcastic voice came to my ear.

"Miss, I don't have much time to talk to you—" I stopped when she interrupted me.

"I either have no time to talk to you that much, sir, I just want to know what causes the loud noise causing Mr. Holmes to file a case against you," the lady asked.

"Why don't you introduce yourself first before your interrogation?" I suggest to the lady to know her name.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sir, I am NYPD Detective Lindsay Jones," she said. Finally, the lady has a name.

"That's great, it was nice meeting you, Detective Jones," I took her hands for a handshake.

She immediately took back her hands but I holds them tight.

Detective Jones finds me rude but I don't bother. I like her, she's pretty so I squeezed her hand before letting it go. I saw her brows raised, so I give her a sweet smile.

"Mr. Sanchez, I know how rich you are but in the court of law, you must submit yourself," Lindsay firmly said to Mr. Sanchez, she doesn't like his gesture toward her.

"I did, Detective Jones but honestly, I don't know the grounds of Mr. Holmes to file a case against me," I said keeping my coolness.

"Mind if I will check your apartment? According to him, there is construction going on inside your apartment in the middle of the night," Detective Jones said.

I can't help myself not to laugh, who the hell will do construction in the middle of the night? Then later, I realize it was a full moon last night, my devil twin is going his bad thing. That explains why I saw the hammer on the top of my dining table.

"Sure, feel free to check my apartment," I open the door for her to get inside. She look at me like I was going to rape her. "Don't worry, I am harmless," I mouthed then smile.

She becomes more suspicious but later on steps her feet inside holding her pistol on her waist.

"I told you, I won't hurt you, Detective Jones," I insisted when I saw her holding her gun like I gonna pick it up and shoot her. I followed her roaming in my apartment. "Detective Jones do you believe that ghosts exist," I said.

She smirked at me like I was joking. "Don't tell me you believe in that myth?" she laughed.

I nodded and shook my head. "Yes, I did," I answered, and Detective Jones looked at me intently.

Her smirk becomes a laugh and it becomes louder and louder.

"I don't know why you become a billionaire by your cosmetics, you're not even using them?" Lindsay said.

"Well, I don't know why you become a detective, you're not a guy," I replied. Lindsay looked at me intensely so smile at her.

I raised my hands like I was surrendering. Detective Jones was very curious looking around my apartment.

"I told you, I don't know where Mr. Holmes gets the idea that there is construction going on over at my apartment," I declared as Detective Jones still looked around. "Looked, Detective, there is nothing wrong," I insisted and starts to get irritated at how Lindsay looked at me like I was a real criminal.

"I am sorry to bother you, Mr. Sanchez, I am here for my duty," Lindsay apologizes to me. It was okay with me but I just hate being investigated for something I wasn't done, but my twin did.

"It's okay, Detective Jones, my pleasure having you," I said then winked at her. She pouted her lip and give me a grim look.

"I didn't see anything wrong but it doesn't mean that you slip on any charges, Mr. Sanchez," Lindsay told me as a warning.

I take a deep sigh, "Detective Jones, what if I will tell you that I have a devil twin," I said.

"It's not time for storytelling, Mr. Sanchez, tell me where I can find your twin then, maybe he's the one responsible for all of this messed," Detective Jones guessed.

"You can just see him, in the full moon," I answered.

Lindsay swayed her head, disbelief at what he said flashed on her beautiful face.

"Look, Mr. Sanchez, I am not kidding around, have a great day," Detective Jones quickly said to end our conversation. Maybe she think I was joking like other does everytime I mention about my shadow twin.

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