My Day /Sky Way

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Celena Pov : After washroom event amy has been constantly apologising and pouting to me. I already forgave her but still she's feeling upset that she couldn't be there for me. She asked Mr.Collins for permission but Sky rushed before her so he couldn't allow more than 2 students out at a time. Amy has always been closest and over protective of me. A knight in shining armour who always protect us from danger. We've known each other since diapers days. And let me tell you how much this girl love us. Once she pretended to actually trip over just to ruin our school teacher dress with oil paint because she gave C- to sam and max's drawing and twins were crying. I also cried seeing them crying which motivated our dear amy to follow her brave action. Poor teacher ,she couldn't get mad, instead she had take amy to get first aid in medical section. We were just 8 yrs old. And once she beat two boys who made me cry in middle of playground. By the end of fight their clothes were torn, multiple scratches were made and Amy looked like a dragon breathing fire who was trying to reach one of boys hair while wiggling from guards grip on her waist. That was the day when we made promise that we won't add any new friends in our group no matter what. And we were always happy and content in what we have. "I think I'll join cheerleading group what about you guys" Sam asked biting her slice of pizza. "Well i will stick with my sports just volleyball and basketball will be enough. I've already filled the form see , taddaaaaa" Amy smiles waving her form in air. "Umm I will join soccer. That would be enough to keep me busy" Max replies sipping his soda. Now all of their eyes were on me. "I haven't decided yet guys. I'm i think I'll join community help club again" I said scratching my head. "Come on babes they always make you do extra work and besides our club activities are part of our grades so you should do something interesting and different this time Celey" Said Amy. "Something like theatre you know" Suggested sam. "It sounds good, I'll think about it. So what do we have for further day after this lunch break" I said munching on my fruit salad looking at my schedule. "Well we have same periods and after that form submission for tryouts of our club, Guys that hot mess is in our class do you think she has same other period with us too ??" Grinned max like a Cheshire cat wiggling his brows. "Max NO...!! don't even think about it , She gives me off vibe likes there's something wrong with that person. I'm not judging but something doesn't feel good about her" Amy huffed, like she's really bothered by that new student, but she seems nice, at least for me. I looked up and realized they're looking at me. "what" i ask raising my eyebrows. "Awwwww You're blushing ( ꈍᴗꈍ) is it because of hot mess ?? and the cute cute moment you shared in washroom hmmm (**´∀`) " Asked Sam which made my and Amy's mouth open for 2 different reasons. Mine of surprise her because yeah it's clear my bff doesn't like her at all. We can literally see in her eyes now , which is kinda like ( ಠ_ಠ ).....get me what I'm trying to say ? "Do you ?" Amy asked looking towards me with a seriously annoyed face. "Do you what??" I asked because I'm confused what she's trying to say. "Do you like her?? or wanna be friends with her ?? " she asked to which i got a little panicked because i don't want my bff to be angry at me for someone who i just met. So i replied vigorously shaking my head " No I don't like her Amy, I don't. We just met her today, she helped i thanked, that's it. I don't want to be anything with her" Suddenly we heard a tray bang Voice near our table. All of our head turned around to source of sound.........."Dear Lucifer your pops is not making things easier for me today, will you please drag me to hell with you (╥﹏╥)" I prayed inside my head looking at a very unreadable standing figure of Sky who's literally staring at me.....Yeah she heard me loud and clear Thank You. She just left canteen with all eyes staring at her. Max chuckled " If she was a Superman Trust me You would be victim of her laser eyes". "Bro don't make her more guilty" Sam just nudge her brother. Amy held my hands "It's okay celey you don't need to feel bad besides we have nothing to do with her right. We will just repay her somehow for what she did for you today Okay" She tried to comfort me. I just nod my head but inside i felt a little guilty for hurting her. Sky just wanted to be friends and she's a good person. Maybe i should apologize to her later in privacy. Yeah i will. After lunch classes went smooth. We didn't see sky afterwards. I don't know if she has different classes or she just left. After last period when our Professor left , Some seniors barged in locking doors from inside. "Hey Juniors welcome to River High Academy. This weekend we have organised a welcome party for you all. And we hope that you'll all join because if you won't , whatever happens to your college life, your assignment, your sports & grades is not our fault " Announced a big huge hunk who looked like he's the leader of these following sheep behind him. They fist bumped and laughed after he announced the party as if he cracked some funny joke. "Am i clear ?" he asked loud. "Yeeeesss Sir" Answered whole class like they're small primary school kids. "Good. You'll get ur invitation cards by Friday. Make Sure each of you have it. Coz i have all your names and numbers from college register. I'm gonna keep close eye on each of you" He said motioning two fingers on his eyes and Us. "Alright Thank You Kids. See you around" He said and left our class by giving us side glance while he left like a goon. After seniors left our class, we packed our stuff and left college. On our way back home i said " don't you think we should file complaint against them to school president??" Amy chuckled "My dorkie where is ur attention?? That big bull is our current school president, this is his last year. Within this semester he'll pass his position to one of us who's gonna be new president till we graduate get it ??" My mouth formed in an O as i heard the new information. "How do you know him and not me? " I expressed my curiosity. "During high school volleyball match, sometimes we were selected as optional player just incase senior players get injured or something. As i was vice captain of our team our coach selected some best player to fill in. I have been in this college ground quite often so i know some seniors and their famous stories, let's say that" Amy explains and i stare her in admiration. She's really awesome in what she does. " So do you know any hot senior whom i can date ,As you know so much about seniors and their famous stories you know 〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-→" Max teased Amy to which Amy opened her shoes and looked at Max to which he gulped hard. "Take a free advice from ur sis bro and RUN" Whispered Sam and Max instantly ran fast for his life. (^∇^)ノ♪(^∇^)ノ♪ laughter filled our surroundings. Me and Sam kept laughing while Amy chased Max occasionally hitting him with her shoes. He has been annoying her since morning and he knows how to push Amy's button. Haaaaaah...!! i sighed....Maybe My day wasn't that bad at all.... right? Sky Pov : "Ruth let's go" I hold my cousin's hand and dragged her. "wait..!! why ?? we can't just leave like this sky. This is college " She mops. I give her my icy glare to let her know I'm beyond pissed right now. "Okay fine lemme get out pass making a believable excuse. Gimme a Moment. You just collect our things from class" She says and leaves for dean's office. I can't deny that i felt insulted and humiliated when i heard what Celena said even after what happened between us. It did not just hurt my ego but also made me realize that she's not that easy as i thought. She didn't even gave a second thought to drop me off her mind to make peace with her best friend. Okay now i have to plan things even more precisely. First take care of her friends and second find my way into her life. As i was done collecting our things from class and putting them inside our lockers. Ruth came rushing with a pass to exit. "Now will you tell me what happened now? " Huffed Ru while we walk towards gate. " I'm bored and i just realised that just having information about Celena is not enough. So I'm gonna dig something upon her friends too. I can't have her if they're always glued to her Ru" I said seriously. "What.... just that. You could've just asked me . It's not that hard. Come on let's go back" Ruth says trying to drag me back. "Ru please let's just go for today and besides it's first day they're just gonna discuss syllabus with us and bore with introductions, I can fill you on that" I say pulling her out of college premises. She just pouts and leave with me. Just few way away from college we smell cigarettes and alcohol with some boys laughter. Ruth stops me from moving and whispers "Ssshh i think they're our seniors, Plus student president is there too. They're bad news sky lets walk opposite way" she warns but all i see is opportunity. "wait why are they outside ruth. shouldn't they be in college canteen right now ? " I whisper back. "Seniors are allowed to have their lunch outside but they have to be back inside before bell rings that's why they're there" She points to cafe chairs where guys are now chewing gums, maybe to hide their deeds. I take out my phone and walk Infront of them with camera and click their pictures. To which they instantly panic. "Girl what are you doing ?? Who are you ?? delete those pictures. You're messing with wrong people here" Says a huge guy. I Guess he's the President. "I'm just one click away from pressing send button but if you want we can have a talk like civil people boys" I say in stern voice maintaining my calm. They seem to hesitate but comply with my words as they sit on their seats in cafe. I toss my phone to Ruth maintaining eye contact. She gets what i mean and keep pointing phone camera towards us in a distance just to scare them. "What do you want, just Tell me and get over with it" Says huge guy, he sounds impatient. "I don't want much just few requests here and and there once in a while whenever i ask you to do so" I say with a grin. "What request ? we won't do anything illegal let me tell you before hand" spats big guy like all of a sudden he's Mr.Goody Pants. "Put your temper inside ur pants Mr.Hunky if you don't want my friend over there to press those buttons, and now listen to me as I won't repeat and I'm not taking no for an answer and don't worry i give you my words, whatever I'm gonna make you do isn't illegal, immoral maybe but it won't be much trouble" I say and they all keep quite which satisfies me as i continue... "You'll throw a party this weekend for all new juniors.A welcome party but it's not for fun..... Ofcourse you guys can have fun because I'll be paying for all party funds. You'll make arrangements. But You have to bully a certain person there without making it obvious" I say loud and clear. They seem to be thinking , looking at each other as in to agree or not. I just stay calm because i know they don't have a say in this moment. Selfish people don't have a point of view when all they see is only what concerns their well-being. "Okay what - when and who. Tell us what should we do AND ....!! " he exclaims at last I just look deep in his eyes without blinking " We're not ur puppets so we will only accept 5 things that you're gonna make us do. After that promise that you'll delete those pictures, This is our last year we don't want any troubles" "Deal" I say , standing up from my seat. "So now just get back to ur college and announce to your dear juniors about their weekend party they gonna have and oh don't forget to threaten them coz language of Politeness is hard to understand for some people. Make sure you have all their names so our target won't miss the party. All of You ,Give me ur numbers. I'll contact you later to explain ur 1st task for now just make announcement. You're dismissed" I give them paper to note their numbers and make them leave the site. "You're unpredictable Sky, Just like your name. None knows what lies in depth of you" My cousin smiles shaking her head. "Just wait and watch sweetheart. we have looooooong way to go together" I put my hand over her shoulder and move along towards our home. "So after we reach home and have some food. You gotta fill me in about the rest of moon's followers" I say while folding number paper and keeping it inside my bag. My cousin looks at me curiously "Why do you call her Moon ?? Her name's celena right ? " She asks to which i stop and think..... i wonder why...!! "I just know Celena means Moon. i don't know how but somehow i just know it. It's like somebody explained it once when i was small. It's a blurry memory but i remember her warm voice and it was me who asked but i don't remember why i did so....And after coming here to get my mission over on her i just realised she has the same name that i am fond of.... just a pure coincidence maybe but it doesn't matter right..... it's not like I'm ever call her My Moon in a romantic way" I explain and wink at my cousin who just chuckle at my words saying "I don't know if that was sweet or creepy ha ha maybe both. My twisted cousin is somewhat crazy, lord have mercy on that girl who's in her black list" I just smile and say "It's for the best Ru and You know that right..... it's best for all of us. I have to do that no matter what" I say in gentle way so she won't think that whatever I'm doing is just to destroy a life. Ru nods and join hands with mine dragging me with her. "Yeah i know. Now stop thinking and let's just get home. I'm hungry because you didn't even let me eat something" She mops and i smile at her. Only my grandma and she understands me right now. Celena Pov : I enter our cafe and directly enter spare room that is for staff use. I change my clothes in Staff attire and get behind coffee machine to serve....."You're back sweetheart ,how was ur day? " My mom asks me kissing my cheeks. "It was good mama we had fun. But we didn't learned much though it was all introductions , syllabus explaining, filling forms for club activities ,party invitations and my adorable friends with their loooooots of cute fights" I explain while heating up machine for coffee making. We own the cafe that's just in middle of our home and College. Brior Woods is a Small town but here life is pretty simple and peaceful. My mama raised me by herself. Being single mom must be tough for her but i don't question about her life. Although I'm curious to know about my family but mama says she doesn't want to talk about it. It's painful for her. And she said my dad passed away in an accident. We're only what we have to look after. So Yeah I'm 18, Single, happy soul with a loving single mom. A college student s***h part timer in my own cafe by anytime i can pull off to help mom. Although she refuse me lots of Time that i should pay attention to my studies and shouldn't worry about helping her in works but I want to because i know she needs my help even if she never admits that to me. "Honey you shouldn't work here. Highschool was okay but now it's college and your future so you should live your days like a normal teenagers" I sighed , there what was i thinking earlier. "Mama I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love working here and earning my own pennies. So if you think I'm doing this for free you're wrong grumpy lady. Because this strong girl has a mama to take care of at home " I said making puppy eyes at her. "Hoooooo whom did you called grumpy lady now.....say that again" She fake gasped pulling my ears......"Oouch oow mom it hurts I'm sorry please please I won't say that Again" I said trying to hold my ears in place. She left my ears instantly. "Yeah you better not" She warned trying to act stern. "Okay mama you're not grumpy you're an very old grumpy women actually" I teased while laughing and running away from machine n mom to save my life. But right in middle of run while i was looking back i bumped into someone. And there was a free fall of our body in space. I closed my eyes and gripped the person for my dear life as well fell on hard on floor. "Ooouuffff" i heard the person groan , who wouldn't ?? I can literally feel air knocked off her lungs , i just hope my weight hasn't crushed her bones. And there i thought this day couldn't get any worse than it already was for me. Amen ??
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