Bound To Her(Girl × Girl) (lesbian Story)

contract marriage
female lead
small town
enimies to lovers

LGBT - After Breaking Up With Ex (Stary Writing III)

Young . Ambitious and Determined ........Sky Walker ,Sets out on a Mission regretting everything at the end.

Sweet , forgiving and naïve.....Celena Smith had a very simple life , revolving around her mother , friends and work. It all changed when she stepped in and her heavens turned upside down.

Years later Two Rich heiress, unknown to each other, bond together by an arrange marriage that they both can't back from. Imagine one's surprise to find her ex in front of eyes while latter doesn't remember her at all.

There's more at stake then just love/ hate/revenge you see in outer shell. Join the journey of Celena and Sky to uncover their love hate relationship along with family, friends and secret behind those walls that has ears.

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Stranger Danger
Celena Pov : Excited for first year of College Celena hurriedly packed her bags. She decided to wear just a simple white tank top with black ripped jeans. She puts her hair in a messy bun, fix her glasses and a light red lipstick. She is a natural beauty so she doesn't put much effort in her skin. 18 year old this teenager has a very simple life. She's good in her grades, not High not low just perfect to keep her inner soul satisfied. Her mama couldn't be anymore happier when her daughter got 25% scholarship despite not being a honour student but because of her extra curricular activities that celena was good at. She has been part of Rivers High Academy ever since she first learned her ABC's. Every teacher and staff knew the City's Angel, they adored Celena Smith. She helped anyone who's in need with all she could. Her city was small so wherever she went , because of her kind nature, warm words and a brightening smile made her known even to strangers. "Mama I'm getting late for college byeeeeeeee" celena shouted descending from stairs towards door. "Get ur cute little butt on lunch table or no dessert for a week" Shouted Mrs.Smith from kitchen while placing pancakes on plate for breakfast. Celena pouted on her mama's threats coz it always worked, sweets & desserts are her weak point. She crave them, want them, need to have them, to stay positive and think properly. She felt better in any situation by those sugary delicacies. She sat on her table like a good little girl waiting. Her mama kissed her forehead and gave her some pancakes with milk with some fruit packed as lunch box. Celena hurriedly gulped her breakfast , thanked her mama by kissing her cheeks and rushed out of her home to meet her friends. She reached her usual nearby cafe just 10 min walk away from her home where her gang sat in coffee table laughing and having snacks. "Hey guys what's up?? excited for new start of life as adults " she addressed her friends giving the high-fives n bumps. "Yeah can't wait to get bullied by seniors who must be gawking at entry gates for their new experiment tools. By the way took you long we've waiting for 20 min now" said max. "Her mama must have kept her for breakfast bro, we know how Mrs.Smith Pampers her baby so can't have junk food outside. And by the way who even dares to bully such a cute and smart juniors like us. Known by whole town. Our Cutie here is know as Baby of the city" said Sam Pinching celena's cheeks , Max's twin sister. "Can eeww let my peeeks go. Iwt huutss" Celena says in an adorable voice which earn smile from people around table, Celene Shyly waves around to some regular people with bright smile. Sam let go her cheeks and kiss her where it has turn a little red from her action. Celena rubs her cheeks coz it feels warm a little. "Leave my best friend alone you bullies" Suddenly an arm flung around celena while other hand of that person is holding a fake gun which has plastic round bullet on it. A toy which kids play is aiming to teenagers while they giggle at the childish voice. "Amy that doesn't work. Is that how you gonna protect me from danger" celena fake hurts at her bff who's now pretending to blow top of the gun with lips in a dramatic way before placing it in her bag. "Don't worry dorkie. Gun or not i have lots of ways to protect you from anyone , anywhere. Cross my heart on that" Amy winks and kiss her bff's cheeks. "Guys let's go now we're gonna be late for our first day. It's about time" Sam says looking at her watch. All of them start to take their things from table, placing note bills of snacks they had. As celena turned around to leave , suddenly someone bumped into her. She felt cool ice and coffee smell on her. Everyone gasped including the culprit who was now trying to apologize to her rubbing those stains on her clothes which was making things even worse. "I'm so sorry. I was on my way and suddenly you turned around. It wasn't my intention miss please forgive me" Said a husky female voice. Celena grabbed her hands first to make her stop coz she was making things more difficult but she couldn't waste any more time as they were getting late for their first day. "Umm it's okay Please don't worry. Mistake happens, besides i wasn't looking so let's just forget it. I'm getting late bye" she tried to politely dismiss the stranger not even glancing at her because she was now panicking about her condition n what she's gonna do. "Amy" she pouted at her bff who was eyeing the leaving figure of stranger. "Aaaaammyy what am i gonna do. If i go back I'm sure I'll miss first period but I can't go college like this" Whinned celena looking at her ruined crop top. "Ummm don't worry i have brought my practice jersey for volleyball team tryouts. Coach wanted us to enroll in team as seniors so you can use that. He won't mind me giving tryouts in this clothes so go to washroom hurry hurry" she pushed celena towards washroom to clean & change while voicing her thoughts to twins. "Am i the only one who thinks that hot mess did this to our friend in purpose" Said Amy glaring at the walking stranger. Sam was holding celena's bags giving some thoughts on Amy's questions, while Max was eye f*****g the hot stranger with a smirk. "I wish i was the one who she bumps to next time" says max grinning like an i***t. Amy hits back of Max's head and says "Dude be serious. That hot mess just did something bad to our friend on purpose, I'm sure. First she fake apologized , 2nd she didn't even stick around to see how cele is doing and 3rd i saw her walk away with a satisfied grin on her face" Amy huffed in annoyance. "Come on Amy You're just too protective of Our Celey. She's the sweetest person we know. Not just us everyone knows. How would someone even do something to her without any proper reason. You're just over thinking lady Holmes" Replies Max still eyeing the beautiful stranger who's now walking away with another takeaway cold coffee with her cool looking Gucee Bag. "Nobody walks away with smile after doing something like that. I know what i saw" murmurs amy still annoyed at the fact which is only visible to her eyes. "Guys let's run we have less than 10 min to enter class " Says A panicked nerd , cleaned celena and they walk together a little fast to get their first class , first day in time. Stranger Pov: "You wanted to hit her with your bicycle. Why change of heart babe? Did lord of soft heart bite ur ass or something" Chuckles her crime in partner , her cousin Ruth. "Nou i was just giving her a sweet welcome gift, just enough to let her know how I'm gonna make her life miserable step by step. And i just wanted to start by doing something simple so she or her puppets wouldn't get suspicious of me". Replied the hot mess in her cocky voice. "Well that's good. I am impressed actually you managed to get her wet before even making her fall in love with you. But be careful she's baby of the town plus her friends are always around to protect her. You don't want to get a taste of her bff's fist you know " laughed ruth as she knows well about these Famous group of Four who everyone knew. "Don't worry i can handle them. And I'm gonna take my sweet time to hit our moon in all good places. She'll ache, she'll cry, she'll beg for more till she break into pieces. And I'm gonna walk all over them with a proud smile" Says hot mess with a determined look in her eyes glaring her target who's running to her class with her friends. She throws her bag strap over her shoulder and walks towards where celena went. Her cousin following her behind with a creepy smile. "Here i come my moon, to paint your heart with scars" Celena Pov : Thank God we made it in time. Although all teachers are somehow familiar to us I don't want them to think that i have changed as a college student. I just want to learn well, respect all and make mama proud. Me and my friends take our usual seats on the last corner of class. last because I don't like the feeling of someone's stare at me. Even if they're not i can feel their eyes on back of my head. May be that's also a reason why my Grade never jumps to Ace point. My friends help me a lot in my studies so does my mama. I feel lucky in my Small world. I look around and see some new / old faces. So this is what college feels like we leave something behind , we step on something new, It's most important phase of life i believe where we learn useful things that's gonna be part of our identity to world. What we achieve becomes our inseparable part of life. I exhale a deep breath to feel this moment. Our first teacher Mr.Collins enter and begin to introduce himself as a formal procedure to follow. "Good Morning Class, Some of You Might Know me Already, Some don't. My name is Mr.Bran Collins.....but you'll address me as Mr. Collins. I'll be Your Maths Teacher for this semester. I don't care about what you do outside of my class but inside i expect full discipline and attention. Any violation to these two rules you'll get minus 5 on your every test paper and also compulsory detention or maybe a meeting with principal. So i leave up for you to decide either to trust my words or Try Me" he said with a stern voice at last part and there was pin drop silence over class. "Well i take that as a yes. so since it's a first day let's being with introductions first. I see new faces. You may began Ms...? " He motioned from the right first corner of class. Everyone begin to introduce themselves but i wasn't interested at all. I'm content with what I have , my childhood friends so i just smiled and begin to look at syllabus for this semester. Suddenly Amy began to shake my hand under the desk , i eyed her without talking as in to ask 'what' ...she eyed to the middle row of a girl who's back faced me and was about to sit back. All i heard was "Thank You Ms. Walker" and i looked back to my bff, giving her a confused look. She huffed in annoyance scribbling something in her small sticky note that she always carry. "She's the Coffee Girl, Right there in middle" I look back again to the girl in middle and i realized many eyes are on her. But all i can see is her brunette long hair which is braided sideways. She's wearing a jeans jacket and matching blue jeans but i still can't see her damn face. "Aheemmmm , are you done staring at Ms.Walker , Ms.Smith" Mr.Collins said out Loud and i realized everyone's eyes are at me because i was trying to look at icy coffee girl's face. "Yee aa hhh ....ummmm...i mean no...ummm sorry sir. I mean i wasn't staring, i was just thinking about Something important" I stuttered trying to come up with excuse to escape this embarrassment. "Well that something important has already given her introduction . Right now we need yours if you would do the honours" He said in sarcastic way making everyone laugh. Even Max and Sam were trying to hold their laughs while i kept looking down at ground , praying so it could swallow me up. Amy hold my shaking hands coz i am getting nervous and uneasy here. I calm down and get my horses together as i introduce myself trying to get out such simple words right. "My name is Celena Smith. I'm 18. And i like to study thank you" I say fast and sit down. My heart is beating so fast right now because of panic and anxiety of stares that i got earlier. I feel like I can't breathe, i need to leave this class and breathe in fresh air. Nervously i raise my hands and Mr. Collins raise his brows saying "YesMs.Smith" ....."Can i go out Mr. Collins it's urgent" I say then he looks side towards amy , She Mouths him 'ladies problem' nd he nods "Yes you may leave" I give a thankful glance at my bff and rush towards restroom with teacher pass. It's empty and finally i feel calm and collected. It's liberating to have some ' me time ' alone. I close my eyes , took off my glasses and wash my face and get those scary flash of dreams i used to have. I don't know exactly when did i had them but it's in bits n pieces but they are the reason as in why I'm shy and anxious about my surroundings. I close my eyes once again splashing water and those visions get back again 'Ms.smith how do you feel about your grandfather'.... flash ...clicks....mikes ....' what were there last words before their deaths'... flash flash ....'do you know that you were suppose to be on plane with them ?? why didn't you' "I don't know..... leave me alone i don't know .... please...i don't know ".....I drop at floor as my knees give up. I cover both my ears shaking. Why these visuals again , my eyes tears up , they're closed as i sob. I was doing just fine why can't i just forget these visuals i see. Who are they ?? what are these questions they asking me ?? This nightmare just don't go away. Suddenly i feel someone pulled me in a hug. I think it's Amy. I'm glad she's here. She knows about my nightmares and she's always there to hold me whenever I'm scared. She rubs my back , pulling me closer in her arm. I inhale her scent it helps me calm down. But wait....this isn't the fragrance she had earlier. I loose my grip from her and lift my head to look at her face n my heart stops. (・o・) Who's she. She has such a beautiful face. Her brown eyes are mesmerising. As if her eyes are trying to drown me deep inside her. Her toned skin is shining even with this dim lights of washroom. Such thick brows and Lucius plum lips. I saw Smile forming on this stranger's lips then i realized ..... noooooooooooooo (╥﹏╥) 3rd time of the day i embarrassed myself again. I was checking this beautiful stranger In Front of her and worse i got caught. Never in my life i want to bury myself inside mother earth so bad. I deserve it. I have become a Pervert teenager ladies and gentlemen kill me. She must have read panic on my face. And she started to laugh holding my shoulder in place "Hey there ,calm down for a second will you ?? " she says softly looking in my eyes. I nod coz I'm still embarrassed to speak anything. She raise her hands giving me water bottle which i gladly accept. After gulping the much needed relief that i didn't know i needed ,i feel my heart coming down to a normal pace. "Feeling better ?? " she asks offering back my glass and again i just nod. She motions to breathe in and breathe out, a proper exercise to my anxiety only my friends knew which i follow. After a minute she smiles back to me......'damn this girl smiles a lot, maybe she's like me , happy soul'..... i think and began to smile too. "My name is Sky Walker. But you can Call me sky. Sorry i followed you here. I felt responsible for you. You know early morning I ruined your clothes and now i embarrassed you Infront of whole class. I'm So Sorry. I really want to apologize , i dunno somehow I'm being a disaster to you. Please forgive me Celena" She apologizes sincerely and i can feel it. I felt glad that she cared enough to follow me and apologize for something she's not at fault. Things just happens sometimes. "It's okay , none is to blame here. I forgive you please stop apologizing" I tell her and she nods. She raise her hand as in asking for me to hold it which i accept. "Friends ??" she asks. I hesitate because i have never broke my friend circle and it's our Rule too. We were kids when we made this irreplaceable rule that no matter what we stick together, no one's gonna be in if it's not our Date/Love/ partner. I scratch back of my head with a confused look. "Umm Thank You For helping me but i don't trust strangers easily. I'm Sorry. Earlier i hugged you because i thought it's Amy my best friend. Usually she's the one who follows me whenever i have panic attacks. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to you but i just can't accept ur friendship right now" I say in soft low voice because i know what I'm saying is rude. "Aww my bad , It's okay i wouldn't want it that way tho i want something better than that & you look cute when you pout. Don't do that people might have some bad intention towards you CC" She says staring at me with those brown eyes which looks a little bit dark now. Plus she's biting her lower lip which i don't get at all. "what could people possible do with my pout it's not like I'll become a puffy fishy and they'll chop me up" i talk to myself inside my head and she burst out laughing holding sink with one hand . Ooooomaaaigoood (๑•﹏•) did i say that loud instead of my head ?? God how much more embarrassment to come ?? please god forgive me if i had upset you somehow. I cry internally "You're so innocent Celena. My goodness. Your friends are lucky to have you as their friend you know" she compliments and i just nod my head blushing. The loud ring booms across the hall indicating our first class is Over. I glance at this new stranger who took care of me and i will obviously repay her kindness someday, somehow, I know i will. My bff's barge in washroom even max (◍•ᴗ•◍) Yeah my friends can be super crazy when it comes to each other. And they engulf me in a much needed group hug . From my side view i see Sky's figure retreating back and when our eyes meet she winks at me. I avert my eyes somewhere else and i hear her laugh again. And my friends bombard me with questions of my wellbeing. Thank You God For these Treasures in human form. I love Them So Much. Stranger (Sky Pov) I get out of washroom after buttering up my target. She's a easy one. A broken scared Kitty. I can and i will tame her in no time. Well that's a better start than i expected it to be. When i was doing my research on ' The Ms.Celene Smith ' all i knew was She's innocent , a nerd, introvert, Kind and Helpful. But what i saw before entering washroom was such a sight to see. I enjoyed when she broke in tears. Seeing her panic and in anxiety gave my heart such a pleasure that i thought would have later when I'll finally break her. But now it looks like i can make her suffer in much more ways than i imagined. But first thing first , i had to get in her Good Sides to know her even more, worldly research isn't enough for what I'm here for. That's why i went to comfort her even when i didn't wanted to. I learned to deal with panic and anxiety because one of my cousin has it. We were super close and whenever he had panic attacks in middle of anything his nanny would do things , which i caught up soon. Guess things happens for good. I can't wait to tell Ruth about this. I smirked at my upcoming plans to destroy CC and went back to my next class. Maaaaan I'm having a good day even if someone doesn't. (◠‿◕)

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