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Bound To Her(Girl × Girl) (lesbian Story)
Updated at Dec 2, 2021, 19:03
LGBT - After Breaking Up With Ex (Stary Writing III) Young . Ambitious and Determined ........Sky Walker ,Sets out on a Mission regretting everything at the end. Sweet , forgiving and naïve.....Celena Smith had a very simple life , revolving around her mother , friends and work. It all changed when she stepped in and her heavens turned upside down. Years later Two Rich heiress, unknown to each other, bond together by an arrange marriage that they both can't back from. Imagine one's surprise to find her ex in front of eyes while latter doesn't remember her at all. There's more at stake then just love/ hate/revenge you see in outer shell. Join the journey of Celena and Sky to uncover their love hate relationship along with family, friends and secret behind those walls that has ears.
Short Lesbian Stories / Lesbian Story / G × G / gxg
Updated at Oct 30, 2021, 20:19
**********Mature Content *********** This is an imaginary / real steamy Lesbian Stories. Some of them are real and some are not. If it matches to yours , it's pure coincidence and I'm sorry in advance if it matches your real life experiences. I didn't find lesbian Stories easily on any online book app so i thought why not create mine own. All i wanna say is Enjoy. Cheers ☕?