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PROLOGUE It's been so many years since Anon survived its worst calamity. The people battled their planet and won. Prince Lucien ventures to earth and builds a life for himself, lost in the subtle and simple beauty of the planet and a pull to it that he cannot explain. Traveling between worlds becomes his addiction, until one day he loses his only way back home whiles saving a female. A mafia princess called Athena. Prince Lucien agrees to be her bodyguard and protect her from a rival mafia group in exchange for her father's help in finding his ring; his way back home. Between his brothers and their mates joining him on earth, fighting Athena's battles with her, and almost being found out by the human government. He struggles with the knowledge that not only is Athena his mate. But Mars, Athena's boyfriend, is also his mate. The youngest prince of Anon, after denying that he yearns for the Ying to his Yang, finds a mate not only in one person but in two people. . . . . THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE BOOK. TO CLEARLY GET THE PICTURE AND UNDERSTAND IT WELL, PLEASE READ THE BOOK ONE THAT IS, THE LYCAN PRINCE'S GIFT. YOU'LL THANK ME LATER. DISCLAIMER: This book contains contents for only 18+. read at your own risk. it is an MXMXF book ( male/male/ female). that's is polyamory or three people in a relationship kind of thing. WARNED YA!!!
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