Welcome Home

588 Words
My father is someone I miss. I'd always assumed I'd never get to meet my father. I've always tried to see myself as him, even when my mother told me about him, but the problem is that I don't look anything like him. On my planet, many kinds of monsters exist. Humans are the weakest, so we are never respected. I wasn't astonished or afraid when he stated he was a vampire. There is usually a divide between mystical animals and humans in schools and businesses, with the latter claiming that we are useless. .. Perhaps you're pondering what might have happened. I don't know, and I don't have a guess, so I simply assume it's always been this way. As I stepped outside and inhaled the fragrance of the breeze, it felt as though it had been a long time since I had been outside. I smiled as I glanced at my father. I was no longer worried or scared. I walked into the limo and was treated like royalty for the first time. Oh wait, I am one. I chuckled. "Laura, what's wrong?" ..."You don't look furious or mad anymore," Luca replied, making me laugh so hard. "The joy of finding my father is worth it... You have no idea how difficult it has been for me without you." I was sad again, then lost in contemplation, and I could feel my eyes filling with tears that fell freely. My father gave me a large fatherly smile and said, "I never realized you were this tender in the heart... you appear tough and strong and I know you are child." I forced a smile out of my lips and gazed up at him. "Your Highnesses, we have arrived," the driver said As the limo came to a halt, another man in a suit opened the door. Luca stepped out, then extended his hand to grasp mine. "If you may, my princess," he said, with a loving gesture... "Oh dad, you make me laugh," I murmured as I giggled. What I saw next as I stepped out of the car astounded me. It was the most enormous mansion I'd ever seen, and it reeked of wealth. I noticed a lovely garden just next to me. It was vast and full of all kinds of beautiful flowers, and just as I was going to select a rose, my finger was pricked, and my blood began to flow. When I looked at Luca, I noticed his eyes glowing red. He wasn't the only one who had detected my blood. My heart was racing away from me, and as I was injured amid vampires, a young lady around my age came up to me with clothes and wrapped my finger in them. "Come with me quickly, your highness," she murmured... I nodded yes and walked away with her in silence, imagining how I would have died. Is this to say that my father can't contain himself when he smells blood? If so, I'll have to brace myself for more. She led me to a room that smelled like lavender, much like my mother's, and I could tell my father had designed it specifically for her. "What is your name?" I inquired. " My...my name is Arisha, a human, your highnesses," she replied as I walked over to the bed. "My name is Jen... oh sorry Laura, thank you Arisha," I said, I bent her head to acknowledge my gratitude and I smiled. She nodded and walked away.
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