Vampire Heirnes


Amidst the shadows of tragedy and destiny, Laura's life takes an unforeseen turn when her father, driven by a secret legacy, abducts her after her mother's demise. Unveiling a truth hidden for generations, Laura discovers she is the long-lost heiress to a powerful vampire empire. To safeguard her until her rightful ascension to the throne, her father places her under the guardianship of a young man, Jace, who becomes her devoted protector.

Yet, as Laura navigates the treacherous waters of vampire politics and power struggles, sacrifices are made, loved ones are lost, and her very salvation hangs in the balance, leaving her life in constant jeopardy. Amidst the trials, fate takes an unexpected twist as Laura learns that Jace is her destined mate. But with tragedy lurking at every corner, will their love withstand the tests that fate has in store for them? The intertwining of their destinies remains uncertain, and as the story unfolds, the question lingers: How will their tale ultimately unfold?

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The kidnap
"Jenny! Where have you gone? " My mother screamed as she entered my room. She calmly opened the door to see if I was dead or just didn't want to answer her. She then went to my bed and removed the blanket. Jenny didn't come home last night. "I'll make sure she learns her lesson this time," my mother exclaimed as she walked out of my room, grabbed her phone from the couch, and dialed my number. I could sense she was upset when dialing my number, so I answered. "Hello, mum," I said over the phone, laughing. "Who do you think you are, young lady?" "What have you been up to?" "You didn't come home last night," my mother said, without even giving me a chance to respond. I've known her my whole life, and she sputters when upset with me. My mother switched the conversation to a video call, and I saw her frowning face and couldn't stop giggling because she looked cute as she was going to talk. We both heard a knock at the door, and she was mumbling at me to let her get to the door first as she walked toward it. She gasped when she saw a masked man with a gun aimed directly at her head, and he shot her dead without delay. Mom? Are you still standing there? Who is the person on the other side of the door? I asked my mother since I had no idea what was going on. When I realized my mother had been shot, I froze with my eyes wide open as I walked out of the hotel crying. I hung up on my dead mother and dialed the emergency number. "Hello, what is your situation?" I replied, shaking, to the odd lady's question. "My mother! Someone in the house had just shot her, and my mother no longer answered the phone. " I cried as I walked to the bus stop. "Calm down. Where do you stay?" the voice replied, "I am staying"... I hadn't finished speaking when I was pulled from behind and my phone fell on the floor. Before I could make another move, I was struggling. The last thing I remember was someone hitting me on the head. Everything else was black, and I was completely alone. As I opened my eyes and scanned my surroundings, my head ached. I observed three men in black masks and became convinced that this k********g was connected to my mother's murder. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I wanted to cry, but I realized my mouth was taped shut, and I began to struggle once more. My wrists and feet were bound behind the back of the chair, and more tears began to fall. I felt angry and sad at the same time. I'm thinking that's how I'll pass away. I can't die now; even if I don't have a mother, I still have many ambitions to fulfill. One of the men then raised my head and removed the tape from my mouth. I moaned in pain as I spat on him, yelling angrily. "Which one of you murdered my mother and yet dares to abduct me?" I swore I'd kill you all. "  He freed both my arms and legs without saying anything, which relieved me, but the only thing he said before departing was "I'm sorry." I wondered: why is he apologetic? What am I doing here? I yell at him as he moves away from me, and suddenly I realize I'm in a large, deserted hall.

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