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"Greetings, My Lady," the maid nodded, "This is a marriage proposal from Count Caztassa," and handed her a white envelope with the family seal, "And this is from Viscount Roszel. Their family business is creating luxury carriages, My Lady. He is a young Viscount and took over the estate because of his brilliant plan and it was said that the former Viscount, his father, wanted to rest from his duties." "Hmmn…" Arcana said and sipped on her tea. Ever since the news of her engagement broke off with the Crown Prince, she has been receiving a lot of marriage proposals which her family greatly. The problem is that… they are all nobles. She also did not return to the capital to talk with the prince and instead reviewed these proposals. Arcana thought it would be good for them to not see each other anymore now that the engagement has been broken, and she is finally free. She yawned after scanning them and looks at her maid. "Any news from my father?" she asked, referring to the business struggle they are having because lately, since her engagement has been broken off, their family has been struggling to find supplies for the Arks they are making, and the suppliers all over the years seem to fear supplying them. Her father told her to not worry too much, but she was worried. "Nothing, My lady, Sir Rudy told us to give you the best food, since lately you, have looked stressed and pale since the engagement. He wanted you to also take a walk in the town to cheer you up---" Arcana immediately raised her hand to stop her maid from saying anymore. "Dahlia!" she pouted, "I asked you to find out about the problem, not something like that," and was embarrassed at how much her father is pampering her right now. The maid chuckled. "That is so like you, My Lady," the maid said and smiled, "It was good to see you smile. You always look straight and have not smile since then, and my Lady always smiled hostile whenever the Crown Prince is mentioned. I'm really happy my lady," Dahlia said and started crying in which Arcana did not know how to react, she hug and console her, and she started crying too. That's because she was just a frustrated cook back then. In her previous life, she was so close to graduating when she read the novel and did not even know if she was still alive back then. When she opened her eyes a month ago, she could not believe it. Arcana Arkwright… the only lady of the House Arkwright with no noble title, but a proud merchant that has been creating arks and ships for the Kingdom. But in the novel that she found, she will be executed just because she loved the crown prince so much. 'But I am not the real Arcana! And I'll do whatever it takes to avoid the death flag.' she thought in her mind, and now she is crying was has the shoulders of her maid whom she loved so much and has taken care of her since she was a child. She is finally free from the shackles of the crazy crown prince. And then she decided to go out that day. Sparkly market and very different from the modern world. The vendor arranged their fruit nicely, and she could smell many chicken and pork skewers being cooked. There are also a lot of fresh fish, considering that they are near the coast. Two guards had been assigned to her, but since she is new here, she did not know that wearing her usual dress in her house would make her stand out too much. She was walking in the middle of the market when a child suddenly passed out. "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" she goes to help the kid. "Hehehe!" the kid snickered. She looked, and suddenly, her pouch had been stolen and the kid ran away. She tried to chase the kid but she was not able to reach her. "My purse!" and the two knights, out of panic, both go with the child, leaving the young lady alone. She was from the modern world anyway, so she had confidence that she could find a way on her own. Or that's what she thought. "Ugh! This place is so big!" she said, and hungry right now. Her pouch contains all of her money, so she has nothing to buy those fresh chicken skewers right now. "I'm so hungry…" she said while walking and her big stomach is really good at doing its job clamoring so hard like that. "Ugh!" and fell down as she bumped into a man wearing a not-so normal style like what she-seen by the commoners right now. "I'm sorry!" the man said and extended his hand to her. His hair was dazzling, like a shining sun so his eyes are so gold that she stopped for a moment. 'Damn, this man is so hot! He was like those actors in the modern world!' "Hey, miss? Are you alright?" he asked, and Arcana flinched. "Y- yes! I'm alright." she said, embarrassed at her actions. He smiled and she blushed. Then what's more embarrassing is when her stomach growled. 'This day couldn't be more embarrassing!' and shouted internally. "Hahaha!" he chuckled and she blushed even more. "What's so funny?!" she asked, agitated. Arcana then took a step back and flip her body, ready to go. "Hmpf! What a rude man!" she said and started walked away when he suddenly grab her wrist. "Hey wait, Lady, I'm sorry!" he said and looked at her with those puppy eyes. "I didn't mean to laugh at you… it's just that…" and touches the back of his nape and blushed too. "It's just that…?" she asked and looked back to him. "…you're too cute," AND THE TWO BLUSHES HARD.   On the other hand, his eyes are shrinking from the scene he had just witness. "So she broke off the engagement and declined my invitation to talk in the palace because she has a lover?" he asked his shadow knight, but it did not answer. "Ha… interesting," he grinned and his fierce eyes glared at the two with an amuse expression.
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