The Obsessive Male Lead's Fiancee


Arcana Arkwright, the villainess in the novel "Love You Forever" who torture and make the life of the female lead a hell because of her extreme love in the Crown Prince, died in a very sadistic manner, and her head was hanged in front of the palace gates that even the powerful family like them is no match for the Imperial Family.

Unfortunately, the author died in a tragic accident before the novel could finish. Many readers had their own ending of the novel, and believed that the Crown Prince Daniel and Monica will have a happy ending. On the contrary, the avid reader, Loisa knew based from the author's secret messages that the main lead will be the cause of destruction in the Kingdom.

Loisa transmigrated into the body of Lady Arcana, and she faces many challenges along the way. Join her in the adventure as she recreate the flow of time and embark on a journey to save herself and live happily ever after.

"However, He became soft with me and said he does not want to break the engagement at all?!"

What is going to happen now?!

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"I wish to break off the engagement, Your Majesty," she said, straight into the eyes of the King. His red hair truly stands out and you can easily discern him to be the most powerful man in this Kingdom. 'His gaze is too much. This pressure. But for the future of our family, I must do this! Keep it, Loisa.' she thought in her mind while facing the King. He put his fist under his chin, and looked at the lovely lady in the middle. He was sitting on his throne, so he was quite elevated. "And why do you wish so, Lady Arkwright?" "Because I know that Prince Exousia has someone else inside his heart. I see the sincerity in their eyes, and I don't want to be a hindrance to the future King and Queen of this Kingdom." he said and nodded to him. The King gasped at her last remark. "You came all the way here to tell me that?" The reason for this is because the Arkwright Estate is far from the capital. It is located on the far east shore, because of their family business. They own vast land and control the trade on the shores of the Western Kingdom. That is why a good relationship with them and the royal family will greatly support the Crown prince if he ever becomes the future ruler, even if his maternal support is weak. The Arkwright family is a humble family that has been there since the founding of the Kingdom. They preferred to work on the shore, and did not participate in politics. That is the reason why they do not have a noble title. But over the years, their power has been drastically increasing, and the Royal Family is considering them as a threat to power. That is why they propose an engagement to the family, and there happens to be the only daughter of the family proposed the right age to be betrothed. And the noble title of a Count will be given to the current head of the Arkwright. "Yes, Your Majesty," she answered straight while keeping herself together. She knew from the start that this would not be easy, considering all the troubles she had gone through. This was nothing if that meant she could finally be free from what was going to happen in the future. “Hmmn… I don’t get it. Just a week ago you were head over heels over my Son,” he grinned and he taps hid finger in the throne chair. “What could be the problem?” Arcana flinched at his words and clench her fist even more. "I... just don't like the Crown Prince anymore." she looked determined. "You know that it won't be that easy," he says and grinned. "I'll ask you once again. Are you sure about this, Lady Arkwright?" "Yes, Your Majesty," After that talk, she walked outside the palace gates only to see the two people she hated in the garden. The Palace is big and grand and the weather is nice today. Upon seeing him, she felt a shiver down her spine. Loisa's POV “Monica, I promise you that you are the only one that I will love. Even if I get married to that woman, I will never love her,” he comforted her and kissed her head. She blushed hard. Her pink hair really suits her. “Really? I am so relieved.” And hugged him back. 'That person is really handsome. Must be the reason why the real Arcana is head over heels to him.' “What are you two doing?!” and the lower in the Arcana basket fell down on the ground. “You wench dare take my fiancee away from me!” That is what the original Arcana would do. But I stay still and did not move an inch from the sight before me. The reason why I did not do so is because I am not the real Arcana. I am just a pitiful chef from the modern world, and I woke up here a month ago. I couldn't grasp the situation the first time I opened my eyes, and that I am in my fairytale was like dream. I am a chef in a five-star hotel, Stalin Hotel. I am very proud. And I have a crush on our head chef. Even though I know he is using me and is taking my recipe in advance, I let him. But one day during my day off, I saw him with another girl. My heart was broken because that girl knew my feelings for him! She was a chef in the hotel too. That night, I was crying so badly and was drinking beer. And focused my anger on this novel. An excerpt of the novel… "Your Majesty, don't do this to me! I will do anything for you! Please!" she pleaded while crying in pain, and those glaring nobles did not do anything besides look at the pitiful girl with hostile eyes. "Your family, the humble Arkwright family, have been accused of treason because they have the glide bottle in their possession! And do you know what the glide bottle is used for? That is to open the gate of the Spirits!" he shouted and looked at the pitiful state she was in while kneeling down in front of the guests in the Imperial Banquet. "Moreover, you used one of the glides for your sake and tried to feed it to Monica! You wrench!" Prince Exousia told her while she was kneeling on the floor in front of him and the noble guest. Her tears kept falling from her cheeks. "Your Majesty!" she pleaded. "She is the only daughter of the Arkwright family? How pitiful," one of the nobles who whispered in the corner. "They sure met their downfall. Now, every part of the family will be subjected to execution since this is treason and she tried to assassinate the crown princess!" Those are mixed thoughts of the nobles who came to watch the scenario. "N- no! My daughter will not do such a thing!" and her father came to defend her honor. They were not nobles, but they were considered a powerful family, but there is no specific title. "Sir Rudy Arkwright!" the knights got hold of him. "This is a mistake! Arcana will not do such a thing!" he said, and looked at his daughter who was shivering at the moment and was not able to look at him. Arcana looks down at the ground and does not say anything because she did not know how to face her father. All this time she was doing something that would make them lose face, and there was a chance for him to execute her family. "If you do not break the engagement, I will make sure your family will suffer," he said with a straight face back then. And now, he leaned on her and whispered in her ear. In spite of this, the engagement happened. "Arcana Arkwright, the eldest daughter of the traitorous Arkwright family, guilty of defamation of royalty, tried assassinating the crown princess, and her family tried to rebel under the regime of King Exodus Sternal III, has been sentenced to execution," the announcer said. Arcana was executed. Her body without her head was hanged in the palace gates to show the people about her traitorous deeds. “That’s it?!!!!” I groaned in frustration. I went all out and read the chapters only to find out that it was on hiatus. IT WAS NOT COMPLETE. Because the author suddenly died!!! I feel so sad. The same day, my heart was broken, my favorite character, Arcana, died. I was devastated. Arcana did not deserve such treatment. The heavy feeling inside my heart doubled. And to my frustration, I prayed to God... "If I were given a chance to go inside the novel... I will make sure that Arcana will not die! So please . . please God!" And when I woke up, I was already in this world. And inside the body of my favorite character! The Empire that I am in is the Sternal Empire in the novel. Magic and spirits do exist here. I know faintly what is going to happen. Her memories are blurred for me comes every two days. I looked again at the beautiful sight of the couple. But the wrangling pain inside my heart could not be erased like that. But that’s all in the past now. I shook my head and walked away. Arcana does not deserve this! And I do not deserve this! Since I am in her body now... I will do everything in my power to get out of his way and prevent my execution. This family has been good to me. And plus... I am so afraid. I am afraid of death. But then, after returning to my estate, the crown prince Exousia sent a letter to my estate asking me to come to the Royal Palace tomorrow. I bit my lips. I am happy because this means that the Emperor is taking this seriously and he moves fast. I massaged my forehead. It was him who wanted to see me but he wanted me to fly off on my way towards the capital, and it had just been a week since I had returned from there. He said in the letter that he did not want to break up the engagement at all?! As if that was that easy. Damn. I clenched my fist and ignored his letter. He ignored Arcana all this time! It was my time to do so! Even though I know the consequences of ignoring a prince…

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