Chapter 2

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"Hey Max" I smile. I work part time at a restaurant in the centre of town. I have been working here since I was at legal age. I don't need to work, my father is rich and I could have money whenever I like. But I don't like to milk my father's bank account, I would much rather work for my own wage. "Hey Squirt" He smiles and goes back to serving the costumer he is handling. I give everyone a wave and go to the counter to the cash register beside Max. "Hello. Welcome to Kenn's. May I take your order" I smile and talk to the middle aged man holding his daughters hand. He reads his order out to me and I enter them into my computer. I read out the price and out the order on the board for the cooks to make. After giving the man and his daughter their food, my shift was relatively easy. There isn't a large amount of people coming in today since everyone is at work, or school or what not. *** "Skye. Why don't you go home now? It's slow and I am thinking of closing up" Max says and shoos me away from the counter. "Okay. Thank you Max. See you later." I say and grab my things. I love working here. Max treats me like I am his daughter. I get special treatment over everyone, except his wife of course. He and his wife opened this shop when I was little and my mum would always bring me here. "Mum! I'm home!" I call and put my bag on the kitchen counter. "I am in the shower" She calls back, and I can suddenly hear the running water now that the house is silent. I pick the newspaper off the table and quickly flip through it until I get the apartment section. I have been thinking about moving out for a while now, I just haven't found the right place. I know that I could always get a loan from my father if I needed it, but I don't want to use his money. I spot an apartment that isn't too far from work and has an appropriate rent for the amount that I am being paid. After writing down the email to contact the owner, I grab my computer from my bedroom and return to the kitchen, where my mother is making a coffee. "Make me one please" I task her and take a seat at the table with my note. My mother hands me my coffee and takes a seat opposite me and sips at her hot coffee. "What are you doing honey?" She asks, looking at me over the top of my laptop. "I am emailing about this apartment" I smile happily at my mother who has a grin on her face. She is always trying to help me with what I want to do. I know she doesn't want me to leave, because then she would be alone in this house, but she knows that I am 20 and it is time for me to get my own place. "Oh that is great, where is it?" she asks grinning. "It is only 5 minutes from work, and the rent is cheap. I am going to get them to send me photos of the apartment to see if it is liveable. If it's okay. I will be moving in ASAP" I tell her and she lets out a small squeal of excitement. "I hope it is great. I know you have been wanting your own place for awhile now" she says and puts her hand on my shoulder, while she looks down at my computer screen. I send the email attached with all the information that is needed and the questions that I want to know about the apartment. "I am going to head off to my bedroom. Talk to you in the morning" I kiss my mother's cheek and carry my belongings to my bedroom. I drop my things on my bed and head to my bathroom to get cleaned up. After showering and doing my bathroom routine, I head back to my bedroom to check my computer. I know that I probably won't have a reply yet, but I am way too excited about this. Getting comfortable on my bed, I bring my email up and I squeal when I see and new email from the owner. They say that I can move in as soon as i have supplied them with the proper documents and checks, just to show that I'm not some sort of weirdo; and after i get the same of them of course. I don't really want to be moving in with some serial killer that will murder me in my sleep. I reply back telling them I will move in as soon as possible along with the documents so that i can get the ball rolling on the whole process. My computer makes a notification noise and the owner replies with the same documents and they seem to check out just fine, nothing weird there. I send my first check for the apartment and tell them that i will move in as soon as i have my stuff all packed up. I smile at myself and close my laptop and let myself think about tomorrow. I will get my mother to help me pack and I will go over as soon as I am done. The apartment looks perfect. I have been looking for an apartment for so long, and now I finally found the perfect one. I close my laptop and cuddle down in my bed, this is going to be such a big change in my life. I m going to be on my own for the first time in my life, without my mother to take care of me everyday, to keep me company. Its going to be sad leaving her here all alone, but this is such an exciting time in my life that i cant wait to get started. I am finally going to feel like an adult, i am going to have that freedom that i have been wanting.
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