Chapter 1

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"Get away from me Lilah." After agreeing to let my best friend give me a make over as she has been begging to do for oh so long, I am regretting 100%. "You agreed!" She hisses and restrains me against the hard wooden chair once again so she can continuing dying my hair. My hair is naturally blonde and I like it that way, so she is just toning it to a lighter shade of blonde. My best friend is training to be a hair dresser and needs someone to practice on, i am not really the kind of girl to go out and get her hair done, but i guess i will do that for my best friend to help her better herself. "Alright. Now you just need to leave it for a while and you will be fine" She says and takes a step back and kissing her fingers like she has just finished painting a masterpiece. I role my eyes at my best friend and push past her so I can sit on her bed while I wait to wash my hair out. "Ew. Don't sit on my bed with you hair like that! Off!" She squeals and pulls me off her clean, immaculately well made bed. Lilah has a thing about clean and tidy. All her belongings have to be tidy. She has even come to my house and clean my room because she couldn't handle the messiness, not that I am complaining, when I don't have to clean my own room is a good day. "Where else am I meant to sit?" I ask and look around her room, pretending to look for a chair, knowing exactly where she wants me to be, but not wanting the be there for the life of me. "There" she points to her study desk and the most uncomfortable chair that you could possibly imagine. It is made out of solid wood that is it, no cushions or anything. "That is the most uncomfortable chair in history of chairs" I whine and pout my lip like a child, crossing my arms over my chest to emphasise. "I don't care. Sit" She commands. I role my eyes at her, taking a seat in the wooden chair. "Why did I even let you do this to me Lil?" I ask and rest my chin on the backrest of the chair. "Because I need practice" She shrugs her petite shoulders. Lilah is always changing the colours of her hair, she is always practicing on herself, but she has to start practicing on other people. "Can you believe I am getting placed in an actual salon soon?" Lilah squeals while i slightly listen to the conversation going on outside of Lilah's bedroom door. "I am actually looking forward to it" She smiles. "Wouldn't you much rather be sleeping?" I mumble nonchalantly still only half paying attention to her while I listen to her brother. "I have had enough sleep" she tells me. It's true, we spend a lot of our time together, whether it was here or my place didn't matter, we slept in when I am not working. "SKYE! Stop eavesdropping" She whispers harshly at me, making me jump. "Sorry. Their conversation just sounded so interesting" I whine and try to listen again. But they are gone. "What were they talking about?" She asks, suddenly interested. "Now who's nosey" I laugh and poke my tongue at her like a child; causing her to cross her arms impatiently and raise an annoyed eyebrow in my direction. "They were just talking about girls I think" "And that is interesting how?" she lies on her stomach, resting her chin on her hands. "They could be girls we know?" I chuckle and look at her bored expression. It really didnt turn out to anywhere near and juicy as i thought it would be. "Okay dweeb, you can go wash it out now" she pushes me away from her room towards her bathroom. "Hey loser. You look like a drown rat" Jacob, Lilah's older brother insults me as I exit Lilah's room on my journey to the bathroom. "Hello to you too Jake" I role my eyes and continue walking. I wash the toner out of my hair then wrap the towel around my hair before making my way back to Lilah's bedroom. "Bomb!" I yell and jump on top of her on the bed while she is busy texting away on her phone. "Get off!" she whines and pushes me onto the floor. "Girls, get your asses out of here and go get dinner" Jacob yells as he pushes open the door the bedroom. "Go away Jake" I flip him off Lilah jumps off her bed and rushes away. Leaving me still on her floor. I pull the towel off my head and let my long hair fall down my back. I leave out of her bed room and head down to the dining room. I have been here so much, that I am basically part of the family. I sit beside Lil with a pizza in the middle of the table. Jacob sits across from me and Lilah and Jacob's mother at the end of the table. "Your hair looks gorgeous Skye" Millie says and takes a bight of pizza with a smile on her face. "Thanks mum" I smile and relax back in my chair. I love it here, my second home. My mum and Millie are great friends and the two of us have been great friends from the diapers; meaning Jacob is like a brother to me since I never get to see my own. But that is a story for another time. "Thank you for dinner. I best be getting home" I say my goodbyes to Millie before hugging Lilah quickly. "Good luck with the new job" I release her from a long hug and walk towards my car parked on the street outside their home. "Good luck house hunting" she waves me off. I slide onto my leather seat before starting the engine and beginning my journey home. Called me up one day, said you didn't mind, just called to find out, what you thought already. I sing at the top of my lungs on the short drive back home. "Hi mum" I greet my mother as I walk through the front door. "Back already honey?" my mother questions me, looking away from the television playing bachelor. "I need to get a move on with finding a place to live" I mumble, walking into the kitchen to the paper to look for apartments. She pauses her tv and walks over to me, standing over me to look at the paper in front of me. "Honey there is no rush." "I know mom, but i'm really excited"
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