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Jessica's POV I as I approached my house, I saw our plant pot had been moved to the side. Now I know this seems like a strange observation but that is where we keep the spare keys. Approaching the house with caution I unlocked the door and to my surprise my cousin Mathew and three other men were standing in the kitchen.  There's men were sexy as sin. The best thing about them was that they were identical triplets. They had that typical light skin boy hair cut with the sides and back shaved and hair in the middle not long enough to flop but long enough to want to run my fingers through his dark tendrils. The middle triplet had hazel eyes that looked like they could tell me my deepest darkest desires just by looking at me, it felt as if his eyes had penetrated my body and then some. The one on the left had an ear piercing with a diamond stud and a slit eye brown that made him so much sexier. I don’t know what it is about an eye with a diamond stud but if pulled of well it makes them look even more masculine. Lastly the one on the right had tattoos running up his arms. I really don't know what it is about tats that are so sexy but trust me just by looking at all three of them I was creaming in my panties "Mathew for one why you here, and who are they" I asked trying not to sound breathless as I was talking through a lump that had formed in my throat. Thank you, very much social anxiety. "Basically, my house got flooded so auntie said it was alright to stay here until it’s sorted" Mathew stated like it was a good reason just to show up un-invited not to mention unwanted. Mathew and I had a strange relationship, him being one of the only cousins I have which are close to my age and him knowing how to act like an utter prick. " Okay that explains why your here but not why they are" I said slowly like I was talking to a child all lust subsided due to my annoyance being in his proximity, it hadn’t been forgotten just pushed to the side for a minute. " They're my room mates your mum said it was okay for us to stay" He said once again in his normal condescending tone which made my right eye twitch in anger. Counting down to ten mentally so I didn’t use his pressure points in his neck to force him down to my height of 5’3 so I could damage his face. Breathing out I turned to address the sexy triplets. " Alright, but two rules stay out of my room if you haven’t got permission from me. I'm being completely serious I don't care if my mum sends you in there you ask me first. OK?" I said looking at them thanking God almighty for blessing my with my Carmel skin tone which was just dark enough not to show that I was blushing. "yeah okay" they replied. " rule number two don't touch my Ben and Jerry's ice cream. That's it" I finished. Not a lot of rules but what can I say that ice-cream is like my baby. " I can live with that" Mathew said and there was a chorus of "Yeah's" from the three boys I still didn't know the names of. " Can I ask you a question? " I asked as pointing to the middle triplet to show which one, I was talking to. " Sure" He replied with a small smile. " What’s your names? Mathew’s not good at the whole introduction thing. " I said cutting my eye in Mathew’s direction to which he replied with a laugh. A laugh imagine. " Ohh yeah, sorry about that my names Derek, this is Dante and that's Daniel" He explained pointing at each one as he said their names. "Alright, well my names Jessica, and sorry about the not so warm welcome I wasn't informed that anyone was staying over." I say directing another glare towards Mathew. As he put his hands up in mock surrender. They all smiled at me, well Daniels had more of a smirk on his sinful lips and felt my p***y quiver at the sight. "So, can you show us our rooms please?" Daniel said that smirk promising something erotic and sexy. Am I the only one feeling a bit hot in here, gosh. "Sure follow me boys. Mathew you already know where your room is." I said not even bothering to look behind me to see if they were following. I went down the hallway up the stairs to the rooms next door to mine and opposite. Most people I know love to assume I’m a rich spoilt brat but I'm not really my older cousin is. Since when his dad died my mum was there for him and cared for him, he brought us this massive house as a thank you for my mum practically helping to raise him. He only did it because he's a CEO of some big shot company called Brown incorporate which due to the stock market at the moment is booming. "Well these are your rooms you can pick out of these three" I said pointing at the door. " Thanks" They replied in unison once again. Did I mention the first time how sexy it was when they do that, I felt moisture start to leek out of my p***y and start to coat the inside of my thigh, clenching my thighs tightly together I decided to leave the situation. "No problem" I squeaked out pass the lump in my throat and dash into my room. As I close the door, I hear faint laughter coming from behind the door and I slide on to the floor in pure mortification of course I would embarrass myself like that. Putting my hands against my face and groaning just my luck.
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